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What od the UN and NATO actually do?

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

- Group of countries to defend each other against military and political threats from non-NATO
- Contribution of troops and supplies for some joint military actions
- 28 members; US, Canada and most of Europe

UN United Nations

UNICEF United Nations Childrens Fund

Provide Humanitarian and developmental aid to children and mothers in developing countries.

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Spread knowledge and preserve culture through international collaboration. They establish
literacy program and protect World Heritage Sites

WHO World Health Organization

International Public Health

OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

Group of countries to protect their common interest in the Oil Market. They meet on practices
to ensure that the market stays stable and their oil profits remain high.

Laws of War

Protect non combatants like women and children

Meant to protect Civilians, prisoners of war, the sick and wounded
Civilians cant be targeted by soldiers and their food and water shouldnt be poisoned
The prisoners of war must be kept alive and not be tortured
Soldiers must allow doctors to rescue and treat people from both sides.
No Landmines, chemical weapons and bombs
United Nations

Divided into 6 main parts

1.) General Assembly

Made up of the member states
Debates issues on security and diplomacy

Security Council
It exists to prevent conflict in a large scale
They promote peace through diplomacy or sanctions
Five permanent members: Russia, France, China, the UK and the US winning powers in WW2
The Permanent members have veto power (Constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal
made by a law-making body
The decisions are carried out by the UN peacekeeping force which has 100k soldiers
Only power in the UN that can issue binding resolutions to other states

3.) Economic and Social Council

Works to Improve standards of living and support human rights.
Helping Developing Countries
Works with WHO and High Commission for Refugees to make it happen

4.) International Court of Justice

Judicial arm of UN
Where International law violations are debated and prosecuted.

5.) Trusteeship Council

Created to help developing territories and dependencies become independent countries.
Council was suspended in 1994 after helping 70 countries gain independence

6.) Secretariat
Internally, administrative workings of the UN
Theyre the ones who compile reports, communicate between the different councils and are
headed by the Secretary General

Republicans focus more on creating a better environment for business opportunities. They want to
lower tax cuts to the rich for more businesses and employment. Against many welfare practices. Wants
strong military. Lower Taxes and Smaller Government

Democrats believe in the power of the government to create a just and equal society. Advocate stricter
government regulation on big businesses, and larger participation in the social safety net (welfare). Lets
the wealthy members of society pay a higher percentage on their income than the poor and middle
class. Oppose discrimination and poverty. Separation of Church and state and stricter gun laws. For
strong military but diplomatic cooperation and collaboration over military force.


Is when a population collectively owns and controls the means of production, and distribute the
end result proportionally. In practice, the state controls and the distribution is in the form of
underlying social welfare to satisfy everyones basic needs

Social Democracy

Equal rights and opportunities

State-run welfare system
Capitalist Economy

Marxists Leninism

Dictatorship of the proletariat

Benefit to state= benefit for people


Everybody should have freedom to do what they want as long as they respect the rights of other
Minimalist Government
Social Freedom
The only function of the government is to protect it from being defrauded