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Reliable solutions powering

the Oil & Gas industry

Comprehensive energy management
for every link in the Oil & Gas value chain
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Table of contents
Making energy safe and reliable worldwide Page 4

EcoStruxure Active Energy Management architecture Page 5

Reliable solutions for the Oil & Gas industry Pages 6 to 7

Energy management solutions for large Oil & Gas operations: Pages 8 to 13
> Energy Management and Control Systems (EMCS)
> Electrical houses for offshore and onshore solutions
> Integrated security solutions

Midstream: Pages 14 to 15
> Pipeline management solution

Upstream: Pages 16 to 19
> Onshore: digital oil field production solution
> Offshore: seabed electrical distribution solution

Services to improve and optimize your installation Pages 20 to 21

Global Oil & Gas engineering capabilities Pages 22 to 23

Making energy safe
and reliable worldwide
Trusted solutions customized to meet
the demands of your ever-evolving world

As global energy demands grow and environmental and safety regulations increasingly
impact electro-intensive industries, energy-efficient Oil & Gas operations are playing a
key role in the worlds future energy mix. All Oil & Gas players face not only the global
resource but also ever-present challenges, from raw material prices to the rising cost of
energy and a decreasing number of skilled employees.

But now, with conventional reserves depleting, upstream operations face an even
bigger task: increasing recovery rates, exploring new frontiers, and taking risks in harsh
environments, all of which require ingenious and bold energy management solutions to
sustain efficient and safe operations.

Constantly improving your performance

In Oil & Gas, as in all electro-intensive industries, savings made through efficient energy
operations balance out up-front investments in the long term. Only with a constant
goal of increasing the quality and the continuity of your electricity supply and your
productions performance can operations reach their full potential and ensure safety
and regulatory compliance. The percentage of
the worlds energy
Schneider Electric: The Global Specialist in Energy Management has the renowned that will still be
industry experience and focus on innovation to help you achieve your performance provided by fossil
potential. Thats why we can partner with you to offer custom-engineered solutions fuels in 2030.
with proven technology, ensuring optimized levels of availability and efficiency while
protecting your processes and operations at every stage.

Best-in-class products, solutions, and services

Schneider Electric offers pre-tested architected solutions built on best-in-class
products and services, including the industry-leading product lines of Gutor and
Pelco. No one is better able to ensure optimized energy management through:
> Guaranteed continuity of service
> Improved processes and performance
> Optimized power quality and operational costs
> Increased equipment life

Active Energy Management Architecture
from Power Plant to Plug TM

EcoStruxure architecture represents Schneider Electric approach that brings

together five key domains of our expertise from Power Plant to Plug (point of use).
Those domains include the management of:
> Power
> IT Room
> Process & Machine
> Building
> Security

Integrated architecture optimizes

CapEx and OpEx

up to
The architecture acts as a solution ecosystem, offering guaranteed compatibility
across key application areas and leveraging open standards across both
Schneider Electric and third-party offers. And by taking multiple siloed systems
and adapting them to an integrated solution, you can reduce redundancy in The energy savings you can realize
equipment, software, and personnel. through EcoStruxure architectures
Using our solution architecture approach enables Oil & Gas players to create efficient control solutions and
the right answers to specific operational and performance challenges by making global supervision systems.
energy safe, reliable, productive, efficient, and green through control solutions and
global supervision systems.

EcoStruxure architecture integrates

five key domains of our expertise,
helping you reach the efficiency goals
of your Oil& Gas installation.

Reliable solutions for the Oil
Introducing 6 solutions to improve your energy efficiency and

Digital oil field
Manage Oil & Gas
production from the
well to the field with
four integrated offers
that increase efficiency
and reduce mechanical
failures and downtime.

E-houses for
offshore and
onshore, Floating
Production Storage
and Offloading
units (FPSO)
Complete and
modular E-house
design delivering
compact, efficient,
and cost-effective
power substations.

Seabed electrical
A cost-effective,
modular solution
with high reliability
for onshore to 60 MW
subsea processing
located at up to
3000 m deep.

& Gas industry
Complete pipeline
management solution
that helps increase
safety, enhance
reliability, and increase
operational performance
and profitability.

5 6
Energy Integrated
Management and security solutions
Control Systems Supported by an open
(EMCS) but secure telecom
Complete power backbone, with high-
distribution solutions performance CCTV and
for large Oil & Gas efficient access control.
sites (refineries,
petrochemical, and
LNG plants) based on
IEC 61850 standards.
Proven energy management
for large electrical
Enhance reliability and availability with
our Energy Management and Control Systems

Energy management solutions for large Oil & Gas operations

Energy Management and

Control Systems (EMCS)

Due to the physical size of operations and often extreme conditions, the Oil & Gas industry is challenged
daily with maintaining energy reliability and availability.

This is especially true if youre operating a large site and when subject to variable captive generation, grid
connectivity, and fluctuating electrical requirements depending on complex processes.

Improve your system performance

Our Energy Management and Control System, PACiS, is deployed in
more than 800 operational installations around the world, and is built with

a 100 per cent tested and validated architecture featuring a reliable, fully
redundant network, including:
> Full IEC 61850 protocol compliance and simultaneous support
for Modbus TCP
up to
The reduction in commissioning
> Electrical network protection, control and monitoring with Sepam, time possible thanks to our
MiCOM, and TeSys ranges intensive simulation testing.
> Steam and power generation integration and energy
balance management
> L egacy device integration as well as additional intelligent
electronic devices
> Best-in-class medium and low voltage switchgear, plus distribution
transformers to configure the system with proven reliability
> Factory acceptance tests simulate operations

More available energy

to power your operations
This high-performance solution reduces both power outages and downtime, with
energy reporting capabilities to help you improve production using less energy.

Additionally, youll enable:

> Improved continuity of service with complete energy monitoring
> Streamlined decision-making thanks to online simulation
> Enhanced energy quality to ensure a longer life for equipment and assets

Electrical house:
secured power
for large sites in
any environment
Compact, modular electrical house
is the fastest way to ensure uptime
and safety

Energy management solutions for large Oil & Gas operations

Electrical houses for offshore

and onshore solutions

Offshore platforms, FPSO, refineries, or petrochemical plants are the last place youd want an unplanned
shutdown due to loss of power or equipment failure. Not only could it bring production to a halt, but it
could also compromise personnel safety and result in heavy profit losses.

Building a turnkey power solution to fit

performance and safety requirements
Schneider Electric has the skills and tools to offer tailor-made electrical
houses to fit your specific needs. From feed and conception to installation and
commissioning, our engineering teams have the specialist design tools to ensure
up to 20%
The space you can save with
the best fit for your electrical architecture needs.
a Schneider Electric solution.

Customizable, pre-fabricated and pre-tested, these complete and modular
packages comply with market-leading constructor requirements and include:
> All the necessary switchgear, from MV and LV distribution
to control equipment
up to
The reduction in delivery time
> Motor control centres, variable speed drives, intelligent relays possible with our electrical house.
and energy meters, and dry transformers
> Batteries, UPS, and complete HVAC, fire and lighting equipment

Faster delivery, maximum reliability

By leveraging limited footprint and restricted topside space issues, our electrical
house solution can also guarantee the shortest delivery time of a fool-proof
package. Once on site you can completely manage your electrical houses supply
to your sites operations as well as its availability and power quality. Optimized
maintenance schedules and expenditure will follow.

And, youll also gain:

> Simple upgrades, increased scalability, and reduced maintenance costs
> Security of people and assets for operations in high-risk environments

Enhance safety and security
for people and plant
End-to-end solutions, from monitoring
and access control to intrusion detection

Energy management solutions for large Oil & Gas operations

Integrated security

Oil & Gas sites represent several safety and security challenges beginning with preventing equipment
damage, theft, leakage, and intrusions, and avoiding emergency shutdowns. At the same time, you also
have to ensure safety for employees in terms of operational hazards, fire and gas protection, and process
risk containment. Add to this escalating threat of terrorism, and the security solutions you need must
cover a broad spectrum of risk.

Improving the efficiency of

security processes
Our comprehensive solution is a one-stop-shop for your security needs,
covering plant and non-plant buildings, industrial processes and industry-
specific needs, such as offshore operations telecom backbone, including:
> High-performance CCTV, with explosion-proof and thermal cameras Complete
> Video monitoring, motion detection, and intrusion access control
> Hazardous area monitoring with infrared cameras for safety and security
peace of mind
with centralized security and
an integrated safety system.

Complete information management

Supported by an open but secure telecom backbone, our integrated security
solution offers access to third-party technology partners to roll out complete
communication networks. Best-in-class equipment from TAC and Pelco together
with end-to-end engineering ensures a right-sized system that will meet your
needs, reduce life cycle costs, and lower your total cost of ownership. This
integrated solution helps your site reach its full security potential, providing:
> A proactive system to keep your plant safe and secure
> Reduced risk to people and assets in case of poor operations or external acts
> Minimized interruptions to oil and gas deliveries as well as production

Ensure safe, reliable,
and efficient pipeline
Solutions for pipeline and energy management


Pipeline management

Amid increasing demand, higher energy costs, potential security threats, and both regulatory and
environmental pressures, the primary concern of pipeline operators remains the same: Ensure safe
and reliable pipeline operations 24/7, all while improving asset integrity and operational efficiency.

An integrated, open, end-to-end solution

Our reliable midstream solutions are tested, validated, and designed to
manage your energy costs as well as your remote assets. This proven
architecture includes:
Oil & Gas specialists globally
> Energy management and efficiency

> Pipeline SCADA with advanced pipeline management applications
> Telecommunications and integral security and safety
> Station power, control, and safety
> Process and energy monitoring and measurement Service and project engineers

Global engineering centres

Improve your performances

With our innovative energy management solutions, you can start realizing
reduced transportation costs by operating your pipeline in the most energy-
and cost-efficient way. And, our advanced pipeline applications including
accurate leak detection enable you to operate safely.

Additionally, youll enable:

> Improved pipeline management, safety, and reliability
> Seamless integration of your power, process, and security
management systems
> Reduced project risk and total installation cost by partnering with

Optimized onshore
production and efficiency
Improve oil field production
with optimized power management


Onshore: Digital oil field

production solution

Onshore production is a key element in the upstream mix and extending recovery gains on active
reserves takes the pressure off exploring and exploiting new sites. Yet, optimizing existing fields and
increasing their recovery rates without increasing production costs remains a major challenge.

More than just oil production

Optimizing your energy management will make your oil field as efficient as

possible, by reducing electrical and mechanical stress on machinery, and
anticipating production problems. Schneider Electric solution combines four
complementary offers:
up to
 ell pump optimization, providing control and protection for artificial lift The improvement in energy
efficiency possible for onshore
equipment, pumpjacks, roadpumps, and motors installations.
 rocess automation, including advanced remote control and monitoring
(RTUs) and SCADA data acquisition to streamline processes, reduce
maintenance, and limit risks to personnel
> E lectrical distribution, increasing energy availability with integrated power
up to 70%
fewer mechanical failures with
quality analysis and protection schemes
our digital oil field solution.
> S afety and security management, using data and video remote
monitoring, leakage detection, overflow levels, overheating as well as
access and intrusion protection

Improved oil fields at lower costs

With these integrated, scalable solutions, reduced operational expenses and
optimized oil field production are finally possible. Additionally, with the help of our
proven industry experience, youll enable:
>U  p to 30% improved energy efficiency for onshore installation
> Increased continuity and quality of electrical power supply
> Improved site safety and security, reducing downtime
>R  educed maintenance with up to 70% fewer mechanical failures
In fact, field management costs are often twofold. But, by ensuring that the
installed equipment functions both continuously and for as long as possible, well
outputs are increased and the overall profitability of the oil field is enhanced.

Proven, reliable seabed
electrical distribution
Extended availability for long tie-back
and deep water applications


Offshore: Seabed electrical

distribution solution

By transferring topside platform installations to the seabed, Oil & Gas operations can move into
deeper waters and harsher environments, including arctic conditions, and still stay remotely
connected to surface power generation.

Powering the processes and ensuring

secure operations
Our subsea energy management solution uses a flexible, modular, and
extendable architecture that is well-proven and tested, with its associated risks
fully analysed. This helps limit maintenance interventions, securing your upstream
up to 40%
The operating cost reduction
operations with support from both active redundancy and condition monitoring. possible with our subsea
And now, with a suite of services to guide your project from design to operation,

Schneider Electric can help you transform even marginal sites into profitable,
high-yield assets, enabling:
 p to 30% increased recovery by enabling compression/boosting flow at
up to
well heads thanks to increased deep-sea pressure The potential increase in flow and
recovery with Schneider Electric
 ptimal availability and reliability through a fault-tolerant power solution.
distribution network
 educed operational expenses through maintenance-free design and
unattended process infrastructure
 apital expense savings by reducing or eliminating costly topside installations

Improve your productivity with a

compact design
Our subsea solution is focused on providing your subsea processing site with
the required power distribution, from surface to seabed. And, as The Global
Specialist in Energy Management for oil & gas, marine, submarine and other
restricted-space environments, Schneider Electric will help extend recovery from
existing oil and gas reservoirs, as well as gain access to new sites up to 3000m
deep and more than 100km from shore.

With our complete, type-tested electrical distribution solution, we can improve

any sites installation and productivity through our compact and modular design,
customized to meet your needs.
Services to improve and
optimize your installation
Ensure a safe, reliable, and efficient energy supply

Optimizing capital expenses, minimizing downtime, reducing maintenance

costs these needs are common to every Oil & Gas installation. And in such
an energy-intensive industry, its no wonder that energy management only
grows in importance with each passing year.

With our suite of services and extensive electrical expertise, you can now
achieve your efficiency goals, all while reducing CO2 emissions, ensuring
regulatory compliance, and increasing your teams competencies. You
can even improve your installation itself with our four-part installation
improvement plan (MP4) that includes critical safety issues.

Peace of mind throughout the

installation life cycle More than
From installation to operation, maintenance, upgrades and end-of-life issues, our
installed base services draw on our experience as an energy specialist, so you can
focus on your core business.

The extension of switchgear

lifetime thats possible with our
Our installed base services include: ECOFIT service.

including consulting,
technical training,
and MP4
End-of-life issues
Asset management
including SF6
recovery and
with recurrent contracts
technical training

Modernisation On-demand
for replacement, maintenance
upgrades, and featuring repair, spare
ECOFIT retrofits parts, and diagnosis

Advanced services for Measure Energy audit
energy management & measurement

When it comes to sustaining efficiency over time and

ensuring optimized energy costs its critical to take
an active approach in measuring and monitoring your
usage. Only then can you maintain, and even improve,
those savings in the long-term.

Our advanced services and energy efficiency

solutions include:
> E nergySTEP efficiency consulting, to give you Passive energy efficiency Active energy efficiency
customized energy-saving solutions with their
estimated ROI
> H osted Managed Services with on-site monitoring
>O  n-site proactive system maintenance, support Optimize through
and improvement automation & Monitor,
Fix the basics maintain, improve

Continuous Improvement Approach based on the DMAIC principles

(Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control)

Global and local Oil & Gas
engineering capabilities
Best-in-class solutions and services close to you worldwide

Global Oil & Gas centres

Global solutions
engineering centres
Local engineering and
services centres
Specialised engineering units
(SCADA group, Gutor, Automation)

Specialised Engineering
Global Solution Local Engineering
Global Oil & Gas Centres Units (SCADA group,
Engineering Centres and Services Centres
Gutor, Automation)
Africa > Abidjan, Ivory Coast
> Alger, Algeria
> Cairo, Egypt
> Johannesburg, South Africa
Asia/Pacific > Djakarta, Indonesia > Beijing, China > Beijing, China > Brisbane, Australia
> Gurgaon, India > Seoul, South Korea > Newcastle, Australia
> Sydney, Australia > New Delhi, India
> Singapore, Singapore > Perth, Australia
> Shanghai, China > Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
> Shanghai, China
> Sydney, Australia
> Tokyo, Japan
> Victoria, Australia
Europe > Stafford, UK > Grenoble, France > Barcelona, Spain > Coventry, England
> Milan, Italy > Lattes, France
> Moscow, Russia > Leiden, The Netherlands
> Samara, Russia > Luton, England
> Moscow, Russia
> Wettingen, Switzerland
Latin America > Buenos Aires, Argentina > Mexico City, Mexico
> Caracas, Venezuela > Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
> Lima, Peru > Sao Paulo, Brazil
> Mexico City, Mexico
> Santiago de Chile, Chile
> Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Middle East > Beirut, Lebanon > Dubai, United Arab Emirates
> Dubai, United Arab Emirates > Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia
> Izmir, Turkey
> Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
USA/Canada > Houston, USA > Nashville, USA > Calgary, Canada > Calgary, Canada
> Denver, USA
> Houston, USA
> Kanata, Canada
> West Kingston, USA

Schneider Electric works with your local business to ensure
a customized, high-performance solution that can manage
your energy and maximize production.
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