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The information you need

to make smart energy

management decisions
SEMS Energy Awareness
for small to medium-sized buildings and facilities
Step by step: your path towards
Today, energy efficiency is a priority for building owners, operators, and
occupants. Are you making the right energy decisions for your building?
To be sure, you need to understand how your building is performing.
Todays energy management systems can do this and much more.

Meter Visualize

Reliable information Intuitive dashboards

Automatic gas, electricity, heat and Get graphical display for energy
water metering directly in each area or consumption, temperature and other
by usage to get the detailed energy- environmental parameters. Access to
performance data you need. Get real electrical distribution key parameters.
time data acquisiton for environmental
parameters and electrical distribution.

Act Understand

Right energy decisions Associate information to

You can now implement concrete building usage
improvements to increase rental property Continous automatic metering ensures
yields, lower building operating costs, and real-time information to respond quickly
achieve measurable reductions in energy to malfunctions and wasted energy. Real
consumption and carbon footprint. time electrical distribution monitoring
enables you to improve operation and

Your energy
data at a glance!

Energy management efficient for today and tomorrow

Energy regulations are more and more stringent. When it comes to managing
risk and hedging against tomorrows higher utility rates, measuring energy
performance is the only way to lock in future savings today.

energy savings
- Va l i d

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ed - D
u m e nte

SEMS Energy All Schneider

Awareness Electric TVD
solutions include
tested, validated,
Schneider Electric now offers a system tailored to meet the unique
and documented
needs of small to medium-sized buildings and facilities. Schneider
Electric Simple Energy Management Solutions are designed to
products, and
provide easy-to-understand information about a buildings energy
consumption. The data generated serves as a solid framework for
making smart energy management decisions to enhance building Tested: Proposed
configurations have been
energy performance and business competitiveness.
tested and results approved
by Schneider Electric
independent or certified labs.

Validated: All solutions live

up to Schneider Electrics
global solutions values
of safe, reliable, efficient,
Benefits for facility Benefits for property productive, and green
managers, property developers and owners: as proven by testing on

managers, and building @ Increase property value

platforms that reproduce
various customer
tenants: @ Facilitate resale
environments over the
@ Save on energy costs by reducing @ Increase rental occupancy and yield
entire solution lifecycle.
consumption and cost per kWh @ Go green and show it by
The lifecycle mangement
@ Involve building occupants in energy- communicating specific data
of each component is
efficiency measures
@ Adjust building systems settings and
implement power factor correction Documented: In addition
@ Identify the most profitable cost saving to Schneider Electric
investments and track their efficiency customer support,
@ Negotiate better utility contracts and customers benefit from a
eliminate billing errors complete set of user guides,
@ Lower your carbon footprint
training, and services
@ Achieve compliance with energy
to ensure they achieve all of
regulations and produce data for
the benefits they expect from
energy-efficiency certifications
@ Get advice from our energy the solution.
management specialists

Start saving now with
energy dashboards and
real time monitoring
Identify energy waste and consumption drifts
Utility energy bills often get paid without a second look. Waste or drift is
often detected months after it happenedif ever. SEMS Energy Awareness
gives you at-a-glance energy consumption data so you know where you
stand at all times.

Customize your dashboards

SEMS Energy Awareness is designed to let you select your own set
of dashboards:
@ By energy type: gas, electricity, heat, or water
@ By consumption period: monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly
@ Comparison: month-to-month, week-to-week, or day-to-day

Capture building environmental parameters

You need to monitor building environmental parameterslike temperature
to pinpoint drift and adjust systems like HVAC for greater efficiency:
a great way to save without investing in new equipment.

Communicate on energy savings

@ Save preconfigured reports for easy tracking
@ Give authorized stakeholders password-protected access to reports
@ Make your periodic energy reports more compelling with dashboard

Export energy data to spreadsheets

In just a couple of clicks, you can create energy data tables
for use in spreadsheets, where you are free to manipulate the data
as you choose.

Drill down energy usage

Energy dashboards help you keep an eye on energy consumption
on a daily basis and identify drift. Interval energy data is the key to
getting the in-depth usage analysis you and your energy services
provider need to:
@ Identify opportunities for savings
@ Correct anomalies like high consumption when buildings are
vacant or utility contract penalties for overconsumption

Improve Operations & Maintenances

View the main electrical distribution parameters from your office or
remotely, and send personnel on-site only if needed.
@ Real-time readings give you your installations current status
@ Minimum and maximum values aid in troubleshooting and
facilities management, help avoid nuisance outages, and provide
valuable data for capacity investment decision-making
@ Power factor monitoring allows you to understand any utility
penalty, to correct issues, and to make decisions on power factor
correction and harmonic filtering investments

A simple and flexible
How it works

Your electrical contractor installs the energy meters,
communication module, and the EGX300 gateway.

The solution can be configured in just a few clicks

for both Modbus and pulse meters.

Building occupants can then create additional

dashboards as needed, simply and easily.

If you already have an EGX300, a free software

upgrade will give you access to a range of new
features. Simply download the new software and
start saving now!

Customer @ Information


@ Energy
per period
Web @ Period over period
@ Energy
Building interval data
@ Temperature
Firewall @
Internet and other
over time
Ethernet TCP/IP
@ Electrical
distribution real
time values
Main low voltage SIM
distribution board interface

ZigBee Integrated
Gateway gateway server

NSX PM5350



Floor panel board SIM SIM

interface interface
module module


PM3000 iEM2010


Subscribe now to StruxureWare
Energy Operation Online
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You are just a step away from the enhanced features of StruxureWare
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StruxureWare Energy Operation Online is a web-hosted energy management

service. It offers you advanced energy management features and frees you from
the constraints of traditional energy management solutions. StruxureWare Energy
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it into relevant and easy-to-understand energy dashboards.

StruxureWare Energy Operation Online ensures:

Advanced energy Sustainable Peace of mind

management functions development certified
@ Personalize dashboards @ Determine your @ Schneider Electric
@ Relevant and complete information CO2 baseline is responsible for
@ Validate utility bills @ Establish targets data storage and
@ Identify and quantify cost savings @ Monitor your back-up
opportunities improvements @ Multi-site solution
@ Multi-site solution: aggregation, without IT
benchmarking infrastructure and
@ Benefit from Schneider Electrics issues to address
expertise in the field of energy @ Easy to use,
management no training or
particular skills

No additional equipment required
How it works

You dont need to install any additional equipment to get all of

the benefits of StruxureWare Energy Online. Simply subscribe!
Then go online and connect your EGX300 to Schneider Electric

Some customers may elect to transfer data through

GSM by adding a GSM modem.

Your data is directly and automatically sent to dedicated secure

servers hosted by Schneider Electric. Users do not need to
intervene. Schneider Electric handles backup and protects the
confidentiality of all data.

Users simply receive the dashboards and reports they need in the
format and at the frequency they request. The e-mailed reports
can be scheduled automatically to facilitate the estimation of
energy bills or to compare consumption data between different
locations or time periods, for instance.

Customer Schneider Electric

Energy experts Storage Applications


Ethernet TCP/IP

Main low voltage distribution board interface

ZigBee Integrated
Gateway gateway server

NSX PM5350


Water Gas

Floor panel board SIM SIM

interface interface
module module


PM3000 iEM2010


The latest technologies
for products you can count on
Smart A broad range
Interface of meters
Module (SIM) Schneider Electric offers
The SIM acquires analog a broad range of meters,
and digital inputs. from kilowatt-hour
SIM modules allow meters designed for
blended architectures metering active energy
combining wired consumed by a single-
EGX300 and ZigBee wireless phase electrical circuit to
iEM3000 and PM3000
integrated instrumentation.
SIM wireless meter families providing
gateway instrumentation offers high-performance
server an easy-to-install measurement capabilities.
Schneider Electric
solution for existing
The EGX300 is an sites presenting wiring meters are designed
Ethernet-based device challenges due to for a wide variety of
providing a simple, building infrastructure or applications in both the
transparent interface meters located far from industrial and service
between Ethernet-based the building. sectors.
networks and field
It requires only a web
browser and Ethernet Compact NSX
network to log and
display real-time data circuit breakers
and energy dashboards. The Compact NSX
A GSM option can range allows increased
be added via a GSM energy availability,
gateway: Digi Connect optimized energy
WAN cellular routers consumption, and
which provide secure simplified operation of
high-speed wireless electrical installations.
connectivity. Digi Integrated measurement
Connect is also ideal functions and data
when wired networks availability enable the
are not feasible or when Compact NSX range to go
alternative network beyond simple protection,
connections are making it a full-fledged Your existing Compact NS
required. management resource circuit breakers can quickly
aimed at improving and easily be upgraded to
electrical efficiency. Compact NSX models.

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