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Energy Efficiency
Develop a common attitude
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Up to
30% EE*
*Energy Efficiency

Schneider Electric Distribution network For you 30% energy saving is achievable
current technologies expertise with todays technologies.
Up to 40% of the potential savings
for motors are realised through
Drives & Automation.
Up to 30% of the potential for savings
in a building lighting system can be realised
via the lighting control system.
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Why have Schneider Electric adopted the Energy
Efficiency attitude?

Energy Efficiency is the quickest, cheapest and cleanest way to reduce our energy 
consumption and achieve greenhouse gas emission reduction to meet Kyoto targets.
Its also a fast growing demand on the part of everyone in the market. Schneider Electric
has made the commitment to be your energy manager, your energy expert and your 
green partner!

Ambitious Energy Efficiency actions are feasible NOW: in most existing installations,
we can target up to 30% energy savings using existing offers and technologies.

Schneider Electric is the best-in-class EE partner.

We can all achieve more while using less.

Make the most of your energy

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Energy Efficiency:
a common concern!
Under the Kyoto Protocol, industrialised countries
have agreed to reduce their collective emissions of
greenhouse gases by 5.2% by 2012, based on
the level of emissions for 1990.
Today electricity is the major contributor to greenhouse
gases. Up to 50% of CO2 emissions attributable to
residential and commercial buildings are from electricity
Moreover, as domestic appliances, computers and
entertainment systems proliferate; and the use of other
equipment such as air conditioning and ventilation systems
increases, electricity consumption is rising
disproportionately to other energy usage.
And this trend is here to last unless we do something!
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Leading the way in EE...

Schneider Electric provides integrated solutions for the residential,
commercial, buildings and Industry & Infrastructure markets. Now,
you can build a long-lasting energy strategy for growing performance
and profitability while preserving the environment.

Save more than the planet. Make the most of your energy
Schneider Electric has a comprehensive offer for residential, building, energy and infrastructure
markets with Energy Efficiency solutions that help you turn energy savings into growth!

Our four step approach is a way to target successful energy efficiency projects:
- Measure energy use to identify potential savings areas
- Install low consumption equipment and systems
- Improve long term use by developing automation management, consulting, training
and tracking resources while maintaining high equipment performance.
- Continuously analyse energy savings thorough maintenance, supervision and monitoring.

Schneider Electric has made the commitment to be your

energy manager, your energy expert and your green partner!
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Metering and
Standard Metered Distribution Equipment
The requirement of Part L of the Building Regulations to account for
90% of energy use by end use category has led in recent years to
submetering of lighting and power circuits being the accepted norm.
Schneider Electric have developed standard solutions to this requirement with simplicity
in mind for the designer, ease of installation for the contractor, and efficient operation for
the end user.

Schneider Electric offer a standard range single and three phase MCB distribution boards with
integrated metering. For compliance with Part L a split metering offer has been developed
to allow separate metering of lighting and power
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PowerLogic systems
The first step in any energy saving programme is to measure
consumption. Without accurate baseline consumption data, and
ongoing monitoring it is not possible to measure energy savings
resulting from installation of energy saving equipment, and it is
not possible to identify inefficient pieces of plant or equipment.

The PowerLogic range from Schneider Electric includes a broad

selection of metering devices, current transformers, communications
interfaces and analysis software. With such a comprehensive range
of hardware and software, there is a product to suit every installation.

Typical energy savings achieved from installation of submetering

and analysis software are in the region of 10-15% - achieved purely
from monitoring energy use, identifying inefficiencies in the building,
and taking simple corrective actions.

The installation of submetering allows users to comply with the

part L stipulation that 90% of each fuel used in the building must
be accounted for by end use category. Installation of PowerLogic
equipment also qualifies for the enhanced capital allowance scheme
as part of a component based aM&T system.

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Before reducing costs,

know what you spend
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Energy saving
Low Loss Transformers
Energy consumption is becoming increasingly important in todays
competitive market and so by using low loss distribution transformers
as an alternative to traditional transformers, it is possible to greatly
reduce your energy costs.

Transformer efficiency may be improved by optimising power factor, achieving an adjustment

factor within the Building Registration Part L as an incentive for building operators.

Schneider electric offer low loss transformers of various types and ratings:
Ratings from 315kVA to 2.5MVA, Free breathing of hermetically sealed,
ground mounted or unit substation and mineral oil filled of Midel fluid filled

Total cost of ownership for a low loss transformer over a 20 year installation life is in the region
of 30% lower than a transformer with standard losses. Typical applications of low loss
transformers are new build / replacement installations in commercial and industrial buildings.

Energy Saving Lamps

The most recent additions to the Building Regulations Part L demand
that new domestic lighting installations must include low energy
lighting. Fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps meet this
requirement and offer operational energy savings of up to 80%
over a conventional incandescent lamp.
It is anticipated that there will be significant developments in lamp technology, with
a focus on energy efficiency. Schneider Electric is at the forefront of these developments
and already offers a 50,000 hour rated LED lamp which consumes only 1W in operation.

Saving energy & money is made

easy with Schneider Electric.
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Power Factor Correction

The quantity of electric motors, induction heaters, and fluorescent
lighting installed in commercial and industrial buildings has increased
significantly, reducing the power factor and the efficiency of the
electrical supply.
Utilising power factor correction reduces the reactive current drawn from the electrical
supply, reduces/removes reactive power charging, reduces CO2 emissions, reduces kWh
consumption and creates greater supply capacity through more efficient energy use.
In carbon emission terms, 95kg of CO2 is saved for every kVAr of PFC installed.

An additional incentive for building operators is an adjustment factor of 0.025 in calculation

of the Building Emissions Rating within the Building Regulations Part L for optimisation of
the power factor to 0.95.

General lighting accounts for approximately 20% of
global electricity consumption. With this enormous
existing installed base, there is much scope for
retrofitting efficient control technologies in order
Lubio is particularly to benefit from the associated energy cost savings.
suited to retrofit on
large lighting loads Schneider Electric offers Lubio, a lighting controller suitable for
that are switched on
retrofitting and offering up to a 36% energy reduction over the
for long periods of
time e.g. car parks
previous installation. Implementation of Lubio voltage regulation
and warehouses. technology enables you to reduce your lighting costs whilst
maintaining safe lighting levels in the lit area.

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products and services on 0870 608 8 608
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Control products
Control & Command products
One of the simplest ways of reducing electricity consumption
is to use equipment or lighting more wisely. In its simplest form,
manually switching equipment off is one way to achieve this,
however guesswork and human intervention can be taken out of
the equation with the implementation of simple control systems.
Schneider Electric offer a broad range of control and command products that facilitate
automated switching of loads based upon the individual requirements. The Control and
Command range includes a variety of time switches, presence detectors, light sensitive
switches, time delay relays, impulse relays and contactors.

With this menu of control products, it is possible for simple control schemes to be easily
designed and implemented for almost any application requiring time control, presence
control or ambient light level control.

Clipsal C-Bus
Clipsal C-Bus is an intelligent lighting control system designed to
meet the needs of any modern commercial or industrial lighting
scheme, with maximum energy efficiency, flexibility of installation,
and future proofing.
The system is fully programmable to minimise energy use by employing time schedule
switching, occupancy switching, dynamic light level compensation and scene setting.
The most efficient lighting schemes are those that provide only the light needed, in the place
it is needed, and at the time needed C-Bus closes the control loop to make this a reality.
The C-Bus system is particularly well suited to todays modern commercial office environment,
with often changing layouts and requirements for modifications to the lighting scheme. With
C-Bus, any input unit can be re-programmed to perform a different function, as the needs
of the building evolve over time.

Typical energy savings achieved by closed loop

on/off/dimming control based upon occupancy,
light level and time schedule are between 20-30%.

The most efficient light is one that

is turned off when not needed!
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Altivar Variable Speed Drives

In a conventional pumping or ventilation installation, the
electric motor is directly supplied by the line supply and runs
at its rated speed.
With an Altivar variable speed drive installed in line with the motor, there is no need for a
mechanical damper and flow variation is achieved directly with Altivar variable speed drives.
Testing has proved that where Altivar variable speed drives are applied to centrifugal pumps,
fans or rotary compressors, energy savings of up to 50% are regularly achieved, for
a speed reduction of only 20%.

Designed specifically for the HVAC market, Altivar 21 offers ratings from 0.75 to 75kW
and IP40 or IP54 versions to suit typical indoor and outdoor installations. Altivar 21 features
communications interfaces with popular BMS communications protocols. Altivar drives are
suited to both new installation and retrofit applications, and are designed with simplicity
of installation in mind.

Altivar 21 variable speed drives appear on the Energy Technology List and are eligible
for the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme

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Nationwide support on one number -

call the Customer Information Centre on

0870 608 8 608

Schneider Electrics local support
Schneider Electric is committed to supporting its customers at every stage of a project. Our 180 sales engineers, the largest
dedicated sales force in the UK electrical industry, operate from 4 customer support centres.
Our sales engineers are skilled at assessing individual requirements and combined with the expert support of our product
specialists, will develop the most effective and economical answer taking relevant regulations and standards fully into account.
To access the expertise of the Schneider Electric group, please call 0870 608 8 608. Each customer support centre includes
facilities for demonstrations and training, and presentation rooms fully equipped with audio visual and video, providing
excellent meeting facilities.

Merlin Gerin is a world leader in the manufacture and

supply of high, medium and low voltage products for the
distribution, protection, control and management of
electrical systems and is focused on the needs of both the
commercial and industrial sectors. The newly launched VDI
Network Solutions offer provides flexible, configurable
ethernet systems for all communication needs.

Square D is a total quality organisation and its business

is to put electricity to work productively and effectively,
protecting people, buildings and equipment. Its low voltage
electrical distribution equipment, systems and services are
used extensively in residential and commercial applications.

Telemecanique is a UK market leader and world expert in

automation and control. It provides complete solutions, with
its range of components, Modicon range of high technology
programmable controllers (PLCs), multiple fieldbus and
ethernet communication networks, HMI, motion control
systems, variable speed drives and communications software.
In addition, it offers power distribution through prefabricated
busbar trunking.

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