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ASSET Connect

The next level in Critical Environment

Operational Efficiency
is the potential efficiency gain from
optimized Data Centers and Critical
Operational Efficiency of Your Critical Environment
Any critical environment is at the heart of an enterprise. In todays competitive market, it is important for the
critical environment to undergo constant upgrades to cater to the changes. And, while doing so, one needs
to increase its operational efficiency, maximize its availability and uptime, reduce CAPEX and OPEX and
create an energy-efficient infrastructure. To make this a reality, you need to be connected to your critical
Environments environment at all times.
Todays critical environments, facilities and Data Centers, are both dynamic and constantly evolving. With
business needs placing greater demand on technology for a competitive edge, Data Centers are constantly
accommodating new, consolidated and virtualized servers, to meet both application and storage needs.
Like the business itself, the Data Center is constantly in a state of flux, and is dependent on support systems
and operational efficiencies to provide constant and consistent performance. With the success of the
business itself relying on the integrity of the Data Center, failure is not an option.

5 simple questions to gauge if your Critical Environment is headed towards

optimal performance:
>> Are you monitoring your environment effectively?
>> Can you predict asset performance in your facility?
>> Are you committed to operational efficiency and continual improvement in your facility?
>> Do you have the time and expertise to operate your critical facility?
>> Can you evaluate and optimize your infrastructure over its entire lifecycle?
Why Do you Need an Effective Operations and Management Program?
An effective and efficient critical environment Operations & Management (O&M)
ASSET Connect
program is essential because: Schneider Electrics critical environment lifecycle Pla

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The ultimate goal of ASSET Connect is to provide real-time, Where am
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Much of this is a direct result of critical environment infrastructure capacity, assets, and How do I
Data Center
Life Cycle
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management program >> Energy costs represent the largest

>> High levels of facility automation portion of OPEX, and the rising cost of of Data Center outages
and equipment performance data energy, directly impacts the TCO. and downtime are
ASSET Connect offers 4 levels of services to enterprises
have created new opportunities for directly attributable to
enhancing reliability while reducing human error
costs, when the environment is - Uptime Institutes
properly managed.

In cases of Data Centers, businesses today are often either wholly dependent on their Data Center or
the Data Center IS their business. Increasingly software-defined Data Centers (virtual machines, virtual
storage, and virtual networks) and workload movements combined with short IT refresh cycles make for a
challenging environment to manage. The potential impact on system availability and business continuity
can be so severe that each operational task must be carefully evaluated in terms of its net effect on
availability. Connect
Mitigating these challenges requires careful coordination and planning. Most existing infrastructures will
not be able to handle the increasingly high technology and performance demands, and may demonstrate ASSET ASSET
inefficiency in the near future. Predict Operate
With continuous improvement, focused on 24/7 real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance, automation
& control processes, and change management, a potential 10 to 30% efficiency gain in new Data Center or ASSET ASSET
critical environment can be realized.
Monitor Commit

Navigating the Path to improved Operational Efficiencies

You may have numerous plans for your business and critical environment to, some of which could be: ASSET Monitor
>> To configure and scale your environment to accommodate your business inevitable growth. An intelligent, real-time, remote monitoring and condition management solution
>> To improve energy efficiency to reduce operating costs. ASSET Predict
>> To optimize maintenance schedules and plans to handle system upkeep without causing Provides predictive failures and corrective actions by leveraging analytics. Provides incident resolution
downtime. management including engineer dispatch

Whatever your challenges are, Schneider Electric can help you make timely, critical, business and ASSET Commit
operational decisions. Schneider Electric's ASSET Connect suite of services combines the expertise Benchmarks and baselines your current environment, provides data analytics specific to your environment,
and manufacturer level knowledge of Schneider Electric with detailed performance and condition data and implements a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
from your equipment as well as insight into your business needs that is gained through consultations. ASSET Operate
Aligns facility operations and maintenance to optimize performance, reliability, and efficiency, leveraging
people, processes, and technology to minimize risks, reduce OPEX, and maximize uptime. Facilitates onsite
activities in conjunction with 24/7 onsite resources against mutually agreed upon KPIs and improvement
ASSET Monitor Customized Web Portal: Web-based Asset and Incident
Driving critical action to optimize asset ASSET Predict allows web-based access to a comprehensive
performance asset list, incident status, resolution tracking, and report
ASSET Monitor is an intelligent, real-time condition summariesvia PC, and/or smart device. Information accessible
management solution that collects real-time information from via the web portal includes the ability to view:
critical systems. Through 24/7 monitoring, ASSET Monitor A detailed asset list, covering make, model, physical location
ensures early failure detection, increasing asset availability, within the facility, geographical location, criticality, and
eliminating unnecessary maintenance, and reducing both warranty condition
downtime and costs. The status of incidents, and track incident resolution status
as well as the parties involved in handling the incident
24/7 Event Monitoring and Alert Notification Report summaries of different assets and incidents
Based on real-time data, ASSET Monitor identifies a fault
or alarm, and provides notifications based on a predefined
hierarchy. Critical equipment like UPS systems, batteries ASSET Commit
connected to UPS systems, Precision Cooling systems etc. are
monitored, to check across different levels of severity. Transitioning the operational model from
reactive to proactive
Alarm Management and Event Reporting ASSET Commit offers dynamic management and control of
Constant reporting ensures that you are always connected to your critical infrastructure, allowing you to develop a proactive
your Data Center and keenly aware of its status and health. The maintenance environment by predicting and correcting critical
comprehensive report provides critical data on: issues.
Timing and sequence of incidents, along with the
notification protocols followed Critical Environment Assessment, Baselining and
Equipment performance, for a holistic view of the operating Benchmarking
conditions of the components of your critical infrastructure ASSET Commit baselining is the result of a comprehensive
In addition to reporting, a web portal provides you with real- assessment, audit, and survey of your critical environment,
time access to ASSET Monitor data, showing health, usage providing insight into both physical and operational strengths
data, white papers, and more. and weaknesses. Baselining allows a clear roadmap to be
defined based on the Data Center Maturity Model from The
Green Grid, supported by recommendations quantified by
accurate cost, savings, and ROI information.
ASSET Predict
Event and incident predictionbecause Customized, Advanced Data Analytics
prevention is better than cure Data analytics involves the collection and analysis of asset
conditions to ensure that each asset provides optimum
ASSET Predict encompasses all the benefits of ASSET Monitor performance across the value chain for the entirety of its
along with providing real-time resolution of incidents, and lifecycle. Condition information is drawn from devices, systems,
combines this with data analytics to predict future incidents. and processes, ensuring maximum performance without
compromising business continuity.
Incident Management, Failure Prediction, and Resolution
ASSET Commit provides critical input to help you manage
Through a remote managed service based on the alarm
your inventory, optimize IT, increase usage effectiveness, plan
monitoring platform, ASSET Predict allows for swift and efficient
for both current and future capacity, and optimize energy
responses to events and incidents. For minimal impact, the
issue will be resolved remotely using both remote management
capabilities and designated on-site resources.
Continuous Improvement
Schneider Electric's Services Bureau manages the complete
ASSET Commit's Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) is
response system, covering third-party contractors, site
designed to evaluate performance against organizational goals.
attendance, reporting and escalations, to ensure complete
CIP ensures the implementation of an improvement plan, which
operational functionality on-site.
can be managed and/or executed by Schneider Electric. Among
All data gathered is used for predictive modeling, by the key focus areas of CIP are sustained performance, SLA and
understanding the current health of the environment and using KPI improvements, Data Center maturity planning, and change
the model to set thresholdsallowing incidents to be predicted management.
before they pose a threat to your critical infrastructure.
ASSET Operate Schneider Electric Services Bureau
Ensuring alignment with IT best practices for Delivers the edge you need to make timely, business critical and operational
optimized facility performance, reliability, and decisions
efficiency The foundation of ASSET Connect is Schneider Electrics Services Bureau, established to deliver world-class
ASSET Operate is a comprehensive operational approach, operational efficiency and legendary reliability in critical environments. Housed in Bangalore, India, it is a
designed to align the operation and maintenance of business- dedicated, secure facility servicing the greater Asia Pacific Region.
critical environments with IT change management standards,
for optimum performance, reliability, and efficiency. From The Services Bureau offers pioneering skills, tools, processes and services to ensure that your critical
maintenance scheduling, to on-site vendor management, to infrastructure ecosystem achieves optimal performance. Our Certified Critical Environment Technical
full-time facility operations and management, our experienced Experts, ITIL-certified professionals, and Business Analysts have expertise in designing, installing, operating,
staff, proven methodology and ASSET Operate tools and monitoring and supporting infrastructure solutions for enterprises globally.
process consistently deliver both high system availability and a
reduction in your total cost of operations, saving you time and The three building blocks of the Services Bureau are:
keeping you focused on your core business.
Asset Operate combines the benefits of ASSET Monitor, ASSET Critical environment technical experts
Predict and ASSET Commit along with: ITIL certified professionals
24/7 onsite resources. Business analysts
Root Cause analysis.
Energy Management. Technology
Environmental Safety management. Monitoring platforms, that enable 24/7 monitoring and alarm management, support multi-vendor
Capacity Planning. environments, and consolidate data in a customer web portal
Audit compliance. Software tools, to enable incident management, environment performance management, and utilization
and capacity management
Carbon footprint reduction.
KPI Reporting. Data Science
CMMS (Computerized maintenance Management System) Schneider Electric's data science turns Analytics
Implementation. data into information, and assists in more
SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and MOP (Method of informed, effective, short- or long-term What best can happen? Optimization
Procedure) planning and management. action, offering a better understanding of
Vendor Management. what is happening, what will happen, and What will happen next? Predective
Upgrade & Retrofit what could happen. The Services Bureau Modeling

Competitive Advantage
delivers additional value through data
White space management ( Change, capacility, operations, What if trends continue?
analytics, encompassing: Forecasting
cost & Energy)
Data correlation and prediction Why is this happening? Statistical
Data aggregation, disaggregation
Performance evaluation and
benchmarking Alerts What action is needed?
Resources and activities planning and Query
scheduling Drilldown What is the cause of the problem?

Condition monitoring, diagnostic, and Ad Hoc

Reports How many? How often? Where?
Decision support through simulation Reports What Happened?
Context-dependent control
Degree of Intelligence
*Source - SAS
Delivering Value through Schneider Electric Advantage

Data Services Bureau Customer Value

Power Management
Software Data
Virtualisation, Data Science,
DataCenter Software Aggregation & Analytics
Billing Management
Software Data Domain
Engineering Expertise
Security Systems Process &
Mathematics Advanced
Asset and
Advanced Energy
DC Assessment Computing Efficiency
Analytics with
Preventive Mapping Predictive
Maintenance Data Modelling
Trending etc Cost
Third Party Data Transformation Reduction
across the
Site Visits Normalization Infrastructure

Services Bureau
To deliver world-class Operational Efficiency and Legendary Reliability in Critical


Make the most of your energy
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