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Integrated energy management

across your entire enterprise

Buildings Industrial Plants Data Centres 1
How do you achieve EcoStruxure: Active Energy Management
Architecture from Power Plant to Plug
enterprise-wide energy Get on the path to permanent enterprise efficiency

savings of up to 30%? As the global community unites to fix

the CO2 mistakes of the last 50 years
Real solutions, immediate benefits
Schneider Electrics response to todays
in the next 10, Schneider Electric has energy challenge is EcoStruxure: Active
a clear view of the energy challenge: Energy Management Architecture from
we need new solutions, new thinking, Power Plant to PlugTM.
and new companies to take us into
an era in which we can truly do much EcoStruxure is not a product but rather an
more while consuming much less. approach that creates intelligent energy
management systems. EcoStruxure
Your efficiency goals
The next step in energy management system architecture allows you to see,
of the future are
The solutions to the energy challenge measure, and manage energy use across
achievable today
are multiple and complex. In most your data centres, industrial plants, and
With EcoStruxure architecture. Only from cases, they rely on a stronger and buildings with guaranteed compatibility
with integrated
energy management
Schneider Electric, the global specialist more efficient collaboration between among your critical energy domains.
the key stakeholders, including facility
in energy management. and security managers, IT managers, And because EcoStruxure architecture
and machine or production managers. is scalable and can be applied to both
EcoStruxure system architecture enables the convergence of Requisite levels of business efficiency retrofits and new construction, you can
five key domains of our expertise: management of Power, Process involve system dynamics across achieve up to 30 percent savings on
& Machine, IT Room, Building, and Security. It acts as a solution platforms and providers like capital and operational expenses across
ecosystem, delivering guaranteed compatibility across key application never before. your entire enterprise, starting today.
areas and leveraging open standards across both Schneider Electric
and third-party offers. It is the only comprehensive, integrated
approach designed for the reality of the digital economy.
Energy price Payback years
0.19 5.0
0.18 ROI improves as
energy prices rise
0.16 Current conditions create
a good time to invest in


energy efficiency.
0.14 3.5
> P ayback time decreased
0.12 25% over 5 years.
0.09 2.0
2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
Example based on a US commercial building project. Source: DOE -US Average Retail Cost of
Electricity 1993 through 2007

2 Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Solutions 3

EcoStruxure system architecture
Control, supervise, and manage total
enterprise performance

Our simple, open approach Enterprise Performance Management Integrated domain management and their control solutions
EcoStruxure system architecture The CEO, CFO, and energy manager
is applied with the needs of future- master business operating cost
ready businesses in mind. Its open, efficiency and track the potential energy Power Management Building Management
architecture is EcoStruxure
scalable design ensures that companies savings at the site and enterprise levels.
compatible with third- architecture
can leverage existing infrastructure The power manager ensures availability, The facility manager ensures a living
party systems, so you combines
investments as well as be equipped Integrated Site Supervision optimizes energy, reduces the energy bill and working environment at the forefront
can leverage existing efficient control
for future technology upgrades. The site manager ensures business (water, air, gas, electricity, and steam), of technology, that improves user
investments. solutions and
This approach enables your energy continuity, user comfort, equipment limits CO2 emissions, and switches to comfort and productivity, and reduces
management investment to yield the security, and energy performance. global supervision
renewable energy. the kWh/m2 consumed.
best returns, no matter which vendor Supervising integrated domains at systems, resulting
>  ower measurement
P > HVAC control
youve selected in the past or which one location, the site manager can in energy savings
> Power quality mitigation > Lighting control
technology best suits your enterprise drive improved performance and of up to 30%.
> Local LV/MV protection and control > Outdoor lighting control
in the future. react quickly in all situations. > Intelligent power and motor control > Sun blinds control
> Renewable energy conversion > Room control

Process & Machine Security Management

Manage any or all of the critical Apply Integrated Site Supervision Take control of your businesss Management
energy domains, with integrated for Buildings, Data Centres, and energy with Enterprise
The production manager runs a The security manager guarantees the
software and applications Industrial Plants Performance Management safety and security of people and assets
productive plant, ensuring efficient
processes and machine performance. and protects the physical environment
He/She optimizes engineering, with integrated technologies.
> Video security
operations, energy consumption,
> Emergency lighting
and maintenance costs.
> Intrusion detection
>  rocess control
> Access control
> General machines control
> Fire and life safety
> Pump and fan control
> Lifts and escalators control
> Packaging control
> Material handling control
> Hoisting control Power IT Room
Management Management

IT Room Management

The IT manager ensures availability of TM

servers and protects critical IT data and
applications with ultra-secured power Process
& Machines Building
and fast server adjustment. He/She Management Management
optimizes energy costs with cooling
and energy reports.
>  DI
Stay in control of your energy
from anywhere in the world > Rack systems Security
with Remote Supervision > Uninterruptible power supply
> Cooling control
> Surveillance

4 Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Solutions 5

Managing an Efficient Enterprise
EcoStruxure architecture delivers the business
efficiencies you deserve
The economics of the planets Our response to the energy challenge
energy challenge Schneider Electrics response to the
Doing more with less is becoming a energy dilemma turns your business into EcoStruxure
familiar mantra at companies around the an Efficient Enterprise. EcoStruxure: guarantees
world, especially when it concerns energy Active Energy Management Architecture compatibility among
use. Managers at all levels are looking from Power Plant to Plug, is our approach disparate energy
for meaningful ways to permanently to creating intelligent energy management management
reduce energy consumption and systems that are simplified, save money, systems.
boost performance for the sake of the and most importantly, reduce waste
environment as well as the bottom line. by enabling guaranteed compatibility
between five critical domains.
And with good reason. Energy demand is
expected to double by 2030, and some The benefits are clear
experts forecast the energy demand EcoStruxure architecture delivers
of the machine-to-machine Internet to optimized systems through compatible
be 100-times greater than the current product designs and open-platform
human-to-human network. We are software. A single software package
learning the hard way that the earths animates, controls, and aggregates
energy generation capacity is finite. You the energy data output from the
dont have to be a scientist or economist components arranged within the
to recognize the simple outlook for energy architecture. These solutions
supply and demand. Simply put, energy emphasize three core principles:
is expensive today and it promises to Your energy expert and green partner > Identify potential savings with increased
become even more costly in the future. Simplicity Our structured process, professional visibility to your energy consumption,
Easy connections between systems software, and worldwide network of electrical equipment benchmarking,
Only Schneider
What is an Efficient Enterprise? means guaranteed compatibility; a energy experts help you generate and estimated ROI reporting.
Meet your Certified Electric integrates
As energy demands escalate from all single, expert, and certified point of both short-term savings and medium- > Invest to reduce consumption with
proven IT architecture
Energy Architect at term energy management plans. With
aspects of commerce and culture, the contact makes projects straightforward proof of profitability through prioritized
collaborate.schneider- to optimize energy
most acute pain point is that due to and uncomplicated. EcoStruxure architecture and our energy efficiency management and management
intrinsic inefficiencies, 33 units of energy services, we help you achieve sustainable planning, optimized tariff management,
systems across
consumed at the point of use require 100 Transparency savings that decrease your operating reduced electricity bill, and reduced
your organization
units of primary energy. It follows that the Accessibility to energy use and video expenses and boost your bottom line. CO2 emissions.
war on waste a focus on negawatts, verification means your energy is visible Our proven methodology empowers > M onitor and sustain savings by
or watts not used will deliver the best and trackable everywhere; intuitive, you to: monitoring energy sources, defining
returns for businesses. Web-based interfaces give you control Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and
from anywhere. observing improvements in real time.
Those returns must come from all levels
of an enterprise to be truly efficient. From Savings
point-of-use components to enterprise- Enterprise efficiency comes from
level energy architecture, meaningful modular solutions, simplified installation,
Schneider Electric has repositioned itself in recent years to providing more
efficiency is a pervasive mandate. and performance tracking for all your energy software solutions, management capabilities and consultancy
sites, and results in up to 30 percent services to customers who want to reduce their energy costs. One of the
But before you can drive business savings on CapEx and OpEx. companys major initiatives in this area has been EcoStruxure
efficiencies and save energy, you have
Jonathan Katz, IndustryWeek
to be able to see it and thats where See pages 11-14 for EcoStruxure solutions
solutions from Schneider Electric come in. in action.

6 Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Solutions 7

Many sites, one vision
EcoStruxure architecture gives
you single-seat control of energy
in key application areas
EcoStruxure enterprise solutions exceed the traditional
boundaries of energy management, power, and process
operations software by uniting business and energy strategies
across your entire enterprise while performing wide-area
analysis of events and conditions. Integrated Site Supervision
Industrial Plants
Key performance indicators and advanced analytics help
you manage energy in financial terms and gain unique insight
into the performance of your business. Stakeholders from
management to operations will be empowered by actionable
energy intelligence to discover opportunities, isolate problems,
and drive cost- and risk-reduction strategies.

EcoStruxure system architecture is composed of unifying

applications that complement and extend the benefits of Integrated Site Supervision
existing energy-related data resources. This can include Data Centres
power monitoring and process control systems, metering
systems, substation automation and SCADA systems,
EMS systems, building and process automation systems, Enterprise Performance
utility billing systems, weather services, spot-market energy
pricing feeds, and enterprise business applications. Data
is automatically acquired, cleansed, and warehoused.
Personalized, browser-based dashboards and innovative
visualization and modeling tools help you accurately monitor,
validate, predict, and ultimately control all energy-related
expenses and risks to reliability.

Integrated Site Supervision


Our Web-based software helps you determine

true energy savings and performance

> Capture and track key

performance indicators.

> Monitor carbon emissions. Remote Supervision

> Estimate utility bills.

> Access crucial information
from anywhere.

Building Security

8 Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Solutions 9

One facility, many functions EcoStruxure Solutions in Action
EcoStruxure Integrated Site Supervision gives
EcoStruxure solutions have made a difference in the efficiency and performance
you even more from efficient components of many respected buildings, data centres, and industrial plants worldwide. This
architecture speaks a language that crosses geographic and operational borders,
resulting in compatibility and significant savings in the most reknowned enterprises.
Making strides toward total efficiency EcoStruxure architecture delivers
There are several ways to approach fully tested, validated, and documented EcoStruxure architecture and the efficiency and savings it delivers are deployable
enterprise efficiency. A common and valid solutions that support integrated site today. See how our solutions helped each of these companies become an
Poor system design
first step is to take action at the site level, supervision. That means that a site Efficient Enterprise!
can outweigh any
where functional managers can oversee manager has visibility to component-
potential benefit at
the installation of components and level efficiency gains and single-seat
the component level.
measure improvements in order to meet control of corrective action throughout
performance and budgetary objectives. an entire facility and across the five
critical domains of Power, Process
For this first step to be, in fact, a stride & Machine, IT Room, Building, and
toward true efficiency and the savings Security Management. > Hesperia Tower Barcelona, Spain
in CapEx, OpEx, and energy it brings,
The 28-storey Hesperia Tower is a very ambitious building. Its design is a model
the site must be equipped for more than EcoStruxure takes multiple, siloed
of energy efficiency and bioclimatic technologies. Made of concrete, aluminium,
point-of-use improvements. Maximum systems and adapts them to an
and natural stones, the building houses 280 guest rooms, a 5,000 m2 (53,800 ft2) system availability
savings can be achieved when intelligent integrated solution, reducing redundancy
congress centre, and a sports centre, and is topped by a revolving restaurant thanks to secured
and energy-efficient devices are not only in equipment, software, and personnel.
under a glass dome. A key objective was to combine the highest level of comfort distribution
installed, but also controlled to use only
with optimum energy efficiency.
the energy that they require.

Customer benefits:
> The bioclimatic architecture will achieve more than 30% energy savings
> The enterprise enjoys +10% productivity thanks to seamless system integration
> The bioclimatic building can rely on renewable energy for more than
50% of its energy needs
> Around 95% availability thanks to the secured distribution system

Integrated Site Supervision

> TAC Vista Building Management System

Power Process & Machine IT Room Building Security

Management Management Management Management Management
> Local LV/MV > Pump and fan > HVAC control > Intrusion detection
protection and control control > Lighting control
> Intelligent power > Lifts and escalators
and motor control control

The advantage of Schneider Electric is the ability to supply a global solution

for all our requirements. We are talking about medium voltage, low voltage,
and a centralized management for the entire building.
Innocenci Novell, Maintenance Director of Hesperia Tower

10 Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Solutions 11

Industrial Plants
> Ford Motor Company United States
Historically, a six-week time delay existed between month-end and utility data
reporting at Ford Motor Company, resulting in missed opportunities for energy
reduction and savings in procurement. Ford turned to Schneider Electrics power
improvement in
management operation to customize its enterprise energy management (EEM)
energy efficiency
software interface to integrate data from all Ford manufacturing sites in North
America, while also communicating in near real time with utility meters to obtain
electricity and natural gas consumption data.

In the first year of this systems operation, Ford reported several success
measures. Schneider Electrics EEM solution succeeded in significantly reducing
time and dollars, eliminating risk, creating benchmarks which continue to aid
million ROI in the first
conservation efforts, and establishing real-time access to data.
year after an initial
investment of $4 million
> Csepel wastewater treatment plant
Budapest, Hungary
Customer benefits:

> Energy cost savings. Accurate and timely consumption data has led to an overall With a capacity of 350,000 m3/day, the Csepel wastewater plant is the largest
reduction in the purchasing cost of natural gas. facility of its kind in the European Union (EU). The plant required a unique
> Proactive decision-making. Schneider Electrics system has significantly partner to take on the full responsibility of process and energy management
increase in
reduced the time it takes for Ford to collect and report energy data. solution implementation on a deadline established by the 1994 Sophia
> Risk mitigation. The new system can reduce financial risk through the use of key Convention and to standards established by the EU.
performance indicators, accurate forecasting, load aggregation, what-if rate
analysis, and stronger energy contract negotiation. According to a client facility representative, The upstream collaboration with
Schneider Electric at the design stage allowed standardization and minimized
the risks all along the project.
design cost reduction
Integrated Site Supervision
Customer benefits:

> TAC Vista Building Management System
> Compliance with European Union regulations
> Energy efficiency
> Flexibility during design
> Risk mitigation
Power Process & Machine IT Room Building Security
Management Management Management Management Management Global Supervision
> Vijeo Citect SCADA
> Local LV/MV > Pump and fan > HVAC control > Intrusion detection
protection and control control > Lighting control
> Intelligent power > Lifts and escalators
and motor control control

According to Allemon, metering and monitoring Power

Process & Machine IT Room
Management Management
projects typically save a company 2% of its > Power quality
> Process automation

energy spend. At this rate, Fords estimated > Local LV/MV

> Pump and fan control

savings is $10 million per year.

protection and control
> Intelligent power
and motor control

12 Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Solutions 13

Data Centre
 chneider Electric Technology Centre
St. Louis, MO USA
The Schneider Electric Technology Centre (SETC) is a 9,290 m2 (100,000 ft2)
facility that serves as a power and cooling showcase and test bed for
Schneider Electric, its customers, and industry partners.
CapEx savings due
to rightsizing with
The facilitys data centre was comprised of more than 500 servers about modular Power &
half of which were virtualized. Our goal was to consolidate and simplify the Cooling architecture
mix of IT vendors, low- and high-density pods, blade servers, and standard
servers (and even some non-rack-based equipment) to achieve substantial
efficiency gains.

Customer benefits:
> This future-ready data centre was planned with scalability in mind
> Built with energy-efficient technologies, including UPS rightsizing,
InRowTM cooling, hot aisle containment, and energy-smart servers
> Connections to economizer and solar panels in place
> CapEx savings: 33% due to rightsizing with modular Power &
Cooling architecture Integrated energy management
> Data centre availability: 99.98% across your entire enterprise
> PUE of 2.86 down to 1.52
Delivering the Efficient Enterprise At the component, application,
Schneider Electric is the only company supervision, software, and service
that is able to provide solutions from levels, our approach enables enterprises EcoStruxure
enterprise level software down to to create the right answers to energy
Enterprise Performance Management integrated solutions
> Remote Energy Management portal
hardware components across the management and business performance deliver enterprise-
five critical domains of your enterprise: challenges, by making energy: wide energy savings
Power Management, Process & Machine >S afe: Protecting people in all situations of up to 30%.
Management, IT Room Management, >R eliable: Limiting financial penalities
Building Management, and Security and avoiding expensive interruptions
Integrated Site Supervision
> Continuum Web Client
Management. As your energy expert in critical business
and green partner, we also offer a >E fficient: Reducing energy tariff
full suite of services that sustains and consumption
your energy management objectives >P roductive: Optimizing machine, plant
throughout the life cycle of your facility. process, and building user comfort
>G reen: Switching to renewable energies
Power Process & Machine IT Room Building Security With EcoStruxure system architecture,
Management Management Management Management Management businesses can anticipate better results As consumers, businesses, and entire
> Power measurement > Rack systems > HVAC control > Video security and improvements in operations through economies become increasingly reliant
> Local LV/MV > Uninterruptible > Access control systematic energy visibility and real-time on technology, they insist that devices
protection & control power supply
control of energy usage. Energy waste in become more intuitive, more efficient,
> Renewable energy > Cooling control
conversion > Surveillance all forms can be captured and mitigated and more intelligent. With EcoStruxure
to achieve improved efficiency. solutions, Schneider Electric encourages
them to expect the same of their energy.

14 Schneider Electric EcoStruxure Solutions 15

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