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Great things come

in small packages
the new tiny
O8 photocell.

Position sensors
Accurate detection,
flexible installation and
efficient configuration Extremely reliable background

with IO-Link suppression.

Far reaching:
Range up to 80 mm
even colour-independent.

Detects tiniest components,
even if they have dark or shiny

Available as cable version or
pigtail with M8 3-pin and 4-pin

Easy configuration or range
setting via IO-Link.

Reliable detection of tiny objects

The O8 guarantees accurate detection of
tiniest, narrow and flat parts, even if they
have dark or shiny surfaces.
This is supported by extremely reliable
background suppression.

Best optical performance

Despite its miniature dimensions, the
sensor has a range of 80 mm.
It detects reflective objects of different
colours without any difficulty, even against
constantly changing backgrounds, as is
e.g. the case on robot arms.
The O8 is predestined for applications
where space is at a premium.
For industrial

Quick mounting and configuration reduce the time needed for mounting.
The new O8 has a very compact housing The indication LEDs are especially bright
that is reinforced with particularly sturdy and clearly visible from a greater distance.
metal around the fixing holes. Thanks to IO-Link, the range can be set
The 45 cable entry is space-saving and conveniently to the nearest millimetre for
very useful for applications where space is a multitude of applications.
at a premium. Complicated distance adjustment between
the sensor and the object is not necessary.
The optional quick mounting accessories
Another advantage of IO-Link is easy
make it possible to fix the sensor with only
sensor replacement by saving all para-
one M3 screw and thereby considerably
meters. The new O8 type sensors are also
available with preset ranges.
Their reliability and precision far exceed
the benchmark of conventional sensors.

Range Connection Order no. Order no.


Diffuse reflection sensor with background suppression, PNP 14,4 8,1

IO-Link 1.1 NPN
3-wire DC
15 2 m, PVC cable O8H200 O8H201
15 0.3 m, PVC cable / M8 connector, 3 poles O8H202 O8H203
15 0.3 m, PVC cable / M8 connector, 4 poles O8H204 O8H205

30 2 m, PVC cable O8H206 O8H207

30 0.3 m, PVC cable / M8 connector, 3 poles O8H208 O8H209
30 0.3 m, PVC cable / M8 connector, 4 poles O8H210 O8H211
50 2 m, PVC cable O8H212 O8H213
50 0.3 m, PVC cable / M8 connector, 3 poles O8H214 O8H215
50 0.3 m, PVC cable / M8 connector, 4 poles O8H216 O8H217
80 2 m, PVC cable O8H218 O8H219
80 0.3 m, PVC cable / M8 connector, 3 poles O8H220 O8H221
80 0.3 m, PVC cable / M8 connector, 4 poles O8H222 O8H223

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