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Introduction to Hempel China
Introduction to Hempel China Introduction to Hempel China

Hempel global business
covering more than 80
countries and regions.

Established in Copenhagen,
Denmark in 1915, Hempel
group has had a successful
100-year history.

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Introduction to Hempel China Introduction to Hempel China

Hempel has 28 factories, is a
More than 150 stock points
world-leading coatings supplier for strategically located around
the Decorative, Protective, Marine, the world, wide geographical
Container and Yacht markets. coverage enables us to serve
our customers with prompt
delivery of our products.

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Introduction to Hempel China Introduction to Hempel China


Hempel North Asia headquarteris locatedinShanghai.

There are three production facilities located in Guangzhou,
Kunshan and Yantai, eleven sales offices located in Beijing,
Dalian, Qingdao, Hongkong, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen,
Wuhan, XiAn, Tianjin and Chongqing, eleven stock points
strategically located in China.

Today, Hempel China is a market leader in the supply of high

quality coatings in the Marine, Container, Protective and
Decorative markets.

About Hempel
Established in 1915, Hempel is a world-leading coatings
supplier for the Decorative, Protective, Marine, Container and
Yacht markets. Hempel has 28 factories, 51 sales offices,
4 main and 8 regional Research and Development centres,
and more than 150 stock points strategically located around
the world.

Mission and Vision

By combining our excellence in sales, supply chain and
customer-centric product innovation & support, Hempel
delivers trusted coating solutions.

Through increased customer focus and improved operational

excellence, Hempel is known as one of the most customer-
centric coatings company in the world, committed to delivering
brand promise of trusted solutions.

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Hempel (China)
to Hempel
China Co., Ltd. Company Profile Hempel (China) Management
Co., Ltd. to

Marine is the core area of Hempels business, Hempel The main series of marine paint products include:
China is themarket leaderin supplying high quality
coatings to marine newbuilding and maintenance market
Underwater hull
in China.
Fouling release
We have supplied coatings to more than 2000 newbuildings Anti-fouling
since 1992 which include the first VLCC built in China, Anti-corrosive primers
over 140 product tankers, ro-ro carriers, bulk carriers, and Ballast tank
container vessels. Cargo holds
Cargo tanks
Hempel provides protective coatings for all parts of any
type of vessel, including in the phases from newbuilding Decks, topsides and superstructure
to subsequent repairs and fromoffshore repairsto Potable water
docking repairs. Seastock

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Hempel (China)
Introduction Management
to Hempel China Co., Ltd. Company Profile Introduction to Hempel China


Hempel China is one of the market leaders in the supply The most important markets for industrial protective
of high quality coatings to the heavy duty industrial paints include
market. In China, the most important segments include
port machinery, bridges, power facilities, offshore, Oil & Gas
petrochemical, civil structures, wind power, storage tanks, Upstream
pipelines, chemical plants and petrochemical refining. FPSO, FSO, FDPSO, semi-Submersible, jackup,
drilling ship, fixed platform, oil field service
mobile Vessel, deep water subsea equipment
Resources and facility and pipeline etc.
With over 50 years of experience in the upstream and Downstream
downstream oil & gas industry, and suitable coating Resources Refineries, petrochemical plants, liquefying and
specification for mining and metal processing, we can supply gasification devices, tanks and pipes (for oil,
reliable and robust protective coatings for every aspect of natural gas, drinking water, sewage, etc.),
your business. LNG devices

Power facilities Mining and Metal Processing

We protect every part of your power plant no matter if you are Mining equipment, primary processing, smelters
working with oil, gas, coal, wind, nuclear or renewable energy. and refineries, transport and ship loading,
coal chemical etc.
Infrastructure Wind power Facilities
A world leading supplier to infrastructure projects, Hempels Onshore wind power facilities, offshore
protective coatings can be found on millions of surfaces wind power facilities, wind turbine blade
around the globe, from bridges, cranes, roads, engineering coatings, etc.
machineries to railwayengines. Conventional power plants
Coal-fired, gas-fired and oil-fired power plants,
Power hydropower stations, etc.
Renewable energy generation
Biogas, biomass, exhaust heat and tidal power
generation, etc.
Nuclear power plant
Non-nuclear radiation areas(steel structures,
pipelines), BOP, sea water cooling tower, etc.
Cranes and Port Machinery
General industry
Line production(engineering machineries and
Road marking

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Introduction to Hempel China Hempel (China) Management Co., Ltd. Company
Introduction to HempelProfile


Most of the worlds containers are manufactured in China.

As one of the Chinese container coating industrys first
suppliers, Hempel China has accumulated a wealth of
experience and knowledge that ensures we can provide
container owners and manufacturers with the best products
and protection.

Hempel Chinas excellent R&D team is quick to develop

innovative paint products that are adaptable to newbuilding
and maintenance market needs. Currently, the innovation and
environment waterborne coating developed and produced by
Hempel has become one of the worlds best performing and
most environmentally friendly container paints.

About 1/5 ofall new containers havebeen painted with

Hempel coatings.
Hempel has supplied coatings for more than 20 million
TEUs in China.

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Hempel (China)
Introduction Management
to Hempel China Co., Ltd. Company Profile Introduction to Hempel China

Civil & Intumescent

Based on advanced coating technologies and 50 years Hempel Coating Delivery System
practical experiences gained from the Chinese coating
Civil Buildings Residential, Apartments, Villas, etc...
industry, Hempel can offer a range of refined coating
solutions for the construction industry, including high Commercial
Hotel, Office Building, Super High-rise Building, etc.
performance premium products such as exterior & Buildings
interior wall paints, floor coatings, anti-corrosive coatings Railway Stations, Schools, Hospitals, Sports Stadiums,
for structural steel, and fire protection coatings. These Public
Airports, Cultural Venues, Conference and Exhibition
products offer reliable protection and decoration for civil Center, Large Entertainment Facilities, etc...
buildings, commercial buildings, public buildings, and Industrial
industrial buildings. Industrial plant, Warehouse, etc...

Hempel China has provided quality products and

professional services to building projects totalling several
hundred millions of square meters. Hempel China has won
the extensive praises of many customers and becomes
a professional, reliable partner to the construction
leading developers.

Hempel Coating Delivery System

As one of the leaders of the global coating industry, Hempel
think, apart from providing the construction industry with
all round product series, that it has the responsibility to
implant the concept of trust and spirit of devotion held by us
for the past 100 years into Chinese construction industry.
To implement this idea, Hempel is committing to build,
consolidate, and nurture a professional resource platform
involving individual coating applicators, coating contractors,
and vendors.

The purposes are to establish a reliable coating delivery

system, and guarantee the premium quality of delivered
coating projects to the end-users such as owners and general
contractors, manage quality assurance of the entire coating
process, optimize costs, and improve coating efficiency.

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Introduction to Hempel China Introduction to Hempel China

Technical R&D

Service Hempel Group is committed to being at the forefront of the

coatings technology and is willing to invest in the Chinese
market to ensure our customers can get the best products
to suit local requirements and needs. Through our high
standard of research, development and training, Hempel is
able to continuously offer new products and solutions ahead
of our customers needs.

The R&D centre in China is one of the four main research

and development centres in the world. The dedicated
team performs analyses and research at all stages of
Hempel Groups service aim is: You can get high-quality, paint formulation for the Marine, Protective, Container and
reliable and accurate technical support and services Decorative markets in China.
wherever you are, and can ultimately get greater return on
investment in coatings.

Hempel has more than 290 experienced technical service

representatives in China, of which 120 are FROSIO-certified
and 40 are NACE-certified. Their role involve recommending
suitable coating specification, providing on-site guidance and
supervision of coating application, submitting project-related
reports, and conducting return visits and coating inspections
Hempel never compromises its high standards and strict
during a project.
quality requirements. Most of the raw materials required by
our three production plants are imported. All raw materials
are tested and approved by the Group before use.
Hempels technical service process:
Pre-sale consultation: Training for client and coating application In addition, all plants have achieved ISO9001 certification
company; recommendation of coating system; project design and and all our quality control procedures fully comply with the
budget; contractor evaluation. Hempel Group. We can assure our customers that they will
On-site supervision: Consultation on construction conditions, receive the same high quality Hempel products anywhere in
surface treatment and coating application process; on-site the world.
participation in inspection.
Project reports: Construction progress reports; final project
reports; environmental impact report.
After-sale return visit: Suggestions for regular maintenance/
repair; frequent reviews; regular project reviews. Safety and Environmental Policy
Hempel China is fully aware of and accepts our environmental
responsibility. Through our policies and actions, Hempel
China works actively to reduce the environmental impact of
our operations.

Hempel China implements and complies with local laws

and regulations. In addition, the Hempel Group has its own
internal guidelines based on international standards, such
as the HSE Production Standard, that supplement local
regulations when these are deemed insufficient.

Our three production facilities have been certified according

to ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001. ISO 14001 standard
is designed to protect the external environment, while
OHSAS18001 protects internal employees safety and health.

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Introduction to Hempel China Hempel (China) Management Co., Ltd. Company
Introduction to HempelProfile

Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR)

J.C Hempel, the founder of the Hempel Company, believed

that a company had a responsibility, not only to its
employees and shareholders, but also to the society in
which it operates. This principle forms the basis of our CSR
work today.

Hempel has chosen education of children in need as a focus

area for our CSR work. Hempel Foundation supports 266
school within 18 countries where including China, India,
Cambodia, Indonesia, Guatemala, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina,
South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Mozambique, Nicaragua,
Somaliland, Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, etc., more than 55,000
children received high quality education towards a chance for
a better life.

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Hempel North Asia HQ:

Hempel (China) Management Co., Ltd.
10th Floor Haitang Plaza,
No.299 West Jiangchang Road,
Zhabei District,
200436 Shanghai, China

Tel: +86 (21) 3588 6788

Fax: +86 (21) 5298 1088
WeChat: HempelChina


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Yonghe District, Economic 215321 Kunshan, Economic Technology 370 Kwun Tong Road,
Technology Development District, Jiangsu Province. Development District, Kwun Tong, Kowloon,
511356 Guangzhou. Tel: +86 (512)5744 0886 264006 Yantai. Hong Kong.
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* Note: Tianjin 1-Decorative sales & Technical Service office; Tianjin 2-Protective & Marine sales office. EN: 2016-03