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Phiosophy and operation of check zone protection

In our system, recently a line tripping occured,which successfully auto reclosed. But in the
interim, Bus differential relay tripped on checkzone.
Can anyone please detail me about the check zone protection philosophy and the condition it gets
operated.How its operation differs from bus differential. Will appreciate if some relevant papers
or links regarding check zone protection are shared.

Rodney Hughes Hang on - bus diff check zone normally can't trip the bus on its
own - both it and one of the zone relays must operate to prove that there is a fault in the
substation on the particular bus related to the zone relay.
The check zone is usually on its own set of CTS on every incomer and outgoer to the sub
whereas the zone relays are associated with each bus section. The check zone is necessary when
it is say double bus or 1.5 CB where the zone CTs are being switched by CB auxiliary palette
So what brand and model of bus diff and check zone diff are you using?
Did the bus zone relay also trip?

ABHISHEK KUKREJA thanks rodney sir...bus diff relay is siemens 7SS52, bus zone relay did
not trip. Actually fault was in 400 kV line which autoreclosed, but bus 2 got tripped on check
zone prot, though bus 1 relay had no events and no tripping.
it is 1.5 cb scheme

Jari Vertanen Rodney already explained most. Checkzone measure incoming and outgoing
currents (and calculate diff. current). Check Z not use apparatus positions. I guess there was
differential current for checkzone, but not for actual protection zone because of swiching status.

Steven Slater In the 7SS52 you cannot get a trip from the check zone on it's own, both the Check
Zone and at least one discrimination zone must operate to initiate a trip command

ABHISHEK KUKREJA steven sir, discrimnation zone means line distance zonal protection?
Burak TAHNCOLU no, discrimination zones are the busbars which are being protected. They
are usually distinguished with disconnector positions and currents (vectorial).

Satendra Bhola Siemens 7SS52 scheme has three separate processores/algorithms to set the
criterion for tripping which at a high level are as follows
Inzone fault as computed by taking all odd samples of digitised diff current by processor 1 +
Inzone fault as computed by taking all even samples of digitised diff current by processor 2 +
Inzone fault as computed by taking all samples of digitised diff current seen by check zone
hence in my view its near impossible to issue bus trip via check zone alone

K Sujita Kumar Achary I am need some clarification that how the autorecloser clear the fault....
and how the bus differential relay is not sense the fault within the time of operations of the
autorecloser...means why it takes more time to detect the fault by 87....