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Building a successful IT industry, first group of Linux/Open Source
developers & evangelists
How to measure Mauritius IT
success ?
● Profits of IT companies
● Salaries
Other (Proposed) metrics
● Visibility of Mauritian talents
● Number of University graduates with CS/CA,SE
& other programmes.
Comparison to Singapore
● Github comparison (366 vs 9645)
Google Code-in (2016 edition)
● Mauritius : 13 registered students (2 finalists)
● Singapore: 391 students overall & 185 students
from a single high school (Dunman high school)
We need to act NOW
● Put your code on github and state your location
● High school students: Publish your coding exercises
on github.
● Create a blog on wordpress/blogger. (sorry,
facebook is not a blog)
● Take part in Google code-in (Talk to on
● University students need to talk to :)
What did do ?
● Trained high school students for Google Code-in: 13 registered students
from College du St Esprit
● Hackathons: Operation S.A.D, Operation W.T.F, Operation P.B &
Operation C.R (2017).
● Commits/Pull requests to various Open Source projects: Linux,
OpenBSD, OpenSSH, NetBSD, MariaDB, net-snmp, FreeBSD,
DragonflyBSD, pfsense, opnsense, OpenSuse, RedHat (Fedora), pam-
ssh-agent, Windows open source apps, Tor, Drupal, webkit, tarsnap,
Arduino Libs, uclibc/uclibc-ng, tcpdump, libarchieve, firejail and others.
● Codarren & Selven who contributed code/pull requests during IETF 98
hackathon (AMT multicast & CAPPORT groups).
● Award for “most remote, remote participant” during IETF 98 Hackathon→
over 9000 miles away.
Questions ?
● I'll be around, and we are friendly !
● public Facebook group:
● Twitter: @hackersdotmu
● Email:
● Website:
● Official members have an email