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Topic 3 Thailand is unique in Southeast Asia for never having been colonized by a Western

power. Compare and contrast Thailands modern history in this regard with the experience of
colonization or two other Southeast Asian countries, in terms of the impact on culture, economics
and political structure.

Colonisation is a process of stronger countries took control of others that lost the
battle ,weaker, than them. Back in the day, western europeans are very powerful. They
spreaded out all around the world in every continent. In 1511, the Portugal, Netherlands
and Spain s power was spread in Southeast Asia region.The reason they came to
Southeast Asia is because Southeast Asia region was very rich of resources that could in
westerndemands. In 1599, Spain started to colonised the Philippines. By the late 18th
century, europeans countries had came to Southeast Asia and took over almost all
countries in southeast Asia before world war II began except Thailand. Being under
western power would cause consequences on culture, economies and political structure.
The Philippines and Singapore were colonies of western country that cause remarkable
effects on their countries.
In 16th century, Spanish settled down in the the Philippines, as their colony. Later
on, U.S took over the Philippines. So, the Philippines cultures were influenced by both of
the countries. The name Filipinas was named to the island after the king of spain. The
Spanish catholic missionaries came embraced Filipinos. The majority of Filipino were
becoming christian.Until now, among Filipino we will commonly see people who are
christian. By this reason, Filipino culture and society were also remodelled. They put math
and science into the education system.

British not just took advantage of its colony but it introduce education system
infrastructure and bring up British came and establish port in the country. Singapore
became a centre of trading with a port that allow other countries to trade with others
conveniently. Singapores port has been recognised as one of the worlds most important
port.Becoming the centre of India-China trade, make the economic of the city growing .
Architecture is another thing Singapore was influenced by British such as Queenstown,
Raffles Place, Dover, Cecil Street. Town planning was also done by British military.
Singapore adopted Westminster model as a system of government. English are common
in Singapore. They use English as a universal medium of communication. Culture is
Singapore are so diverse because of many ethnic groups, the British did not interfere a lot
of them. As a result, we can se so many different cultural believe and

Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that have never been conquered by
any powerful country. Due to the fact that Thai kings were always fight for our country
freedom moreover to preserve Thai cultures and traditions. The only reason why we can
still be the nation that full with sort of old traditions is because our ancestors protected it for
us. However, we loses some chances of being developed with higher technology that
country with money and high quality of education have. One obvious thing that we can see
is a lot of Thai people do not know how to speak english which is now a universal
language. But as time passes, we are learning new things all the times.
There are both good and bad side about the colonisation. Within the bad thing
there still be good things in it. Sometimes, it seems like an advantage but there still be a
disadvantage hide in it.