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Dear Friends,

People who frequently engage in questioning, networking, observing, and experimenting become far more
equipped to combine knowledge into novel ideas. As technological innovation changes the way work gets
done, career success is increasingly determined by a persons learn-ability the desire and ability to quickly
grow and adapt ones skill set to remain employable throughout their working life. Work is creating value
and learning is creating knowledge. Both work and learning require interaction and engagement.

Looking back on this incredibly active and exciting year, we have built opportunities for interaction and
engagement with students, families, and the community. Our faculty-designed curriculum and real-life
projects build student mindsets that are necessary for them to become problem solvers, entrepreneurial,
and resilient. Our students have experiences that are applied, active, and connected. Through our network
campus program and field-based learning, students spread out across the city, spending more than 500
hours tackling social justice issues and infusing their faith as servant leaders to help solve problems at non-
profit organizations. The depth of their work in the community goes far beyond reading a textbook and
taking an end-of-chapter quiz.

Although Holy Family Academy has completed just two full school-years, indicators show our model is
working our ACT Aspire results show that more than 84% of our students are already career ready, and
many are approaching college readiness standards. We are also embarking on our accreditation process,
strategic planning, and have added 13 new classes and 6 new sports.

With a high retention rate for our work study program and 100% of our students matriculating onto the next
grade level, we are in a strong position as we continually grow both funded work study jobs and our student
enrollment. We are grateful for all of our sponsors and supporters, without whose financial support many
students could not afford to attend Holy Family Academy. The pages ahead demonstrate our continued
growth. As we move forward with our mission, we commit to being good stewards of your generosity.


Reverend Thomas G. Schaefer, PhD Lisa M. Abel-Palmieri, PhD

Chair Head of School &
Holy Family Academy Chief Learning Officer
Board of Trustees Holy Family Academy
Holy Family Academy is affiliated with Holy The Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Family Institute, a 116 year-old human services appreciate all the families who put their faith in
agency. Both Holy Family Institute and Holy the administration and faculty at Holy Family
Family Academy are ministries of the Sisters Academy to help their students pursue a life of
of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Holy Family learning, living, praying, and working well.
Institute has been under the guidance of Sr.
Linda Yankoski, CSFN, EdD, since 1988.

The model and patron of the religious order is

the Holy Family; Mary, Joseph, and our savior,
Jesus Christ. When we think about the Holy
Family as a loving family, it recalls our desire
to create communities of love and hope, which
foster and celebrate the oneness of the human

This celebration of loving communities, or

oneness with others, is made real through a
variety of ministries throughout the United
States and around the world. Regardless of
location, the emphasis placed on enriching
families remains at the heart of the mission of
the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth.

At Holy Family Academy, our students

experience the importance of oneness
through discussions about social justice, by
visiting historical locations, interacting with
educational partners in our great city, and by
working side-by-side with students and work
study supervisors from other communities in
the Pittsburgh region.
Holy Family Academy is an affordable and innovative independent Catholic school based
on the belief that every student regardless of race, religion, or economic status should
have access to a quality education. We are a career and college preparatory school for
serious students with academic potential and the ability to work hard.

student to teacher ratio
A diverse student body forms
a community that values and
student zip codes
appreciates differences.

Students receive one-on-one
support three days a week
through the advisory program
work study partners
Classrooms are equipped with
modern technology and each
student is given a Chromebook.
named Learning Hub.

faculty & staff members
Use CWRA+ and ACT Aspire
standardized assessments.
receive financial aid

Transportation support to and
from school, work study, and
clubs & activities
Educational partners host
weekly courses that provide
leading edge, hands-on learning.
afterschool activities.
Holy Family Academy is focused on equipping Craftsmens Guild, Holy Family Academy
students with the knowledge, skills, and students have a voice in choice in their learning.
mindsets that will prepare them for careers All students prepare and present e-portfolios
of the future. We prepare a diverse range of of their best work and design a capstone
students for multiple post-secondary education presentation about their work study. Students
and career training options, through our can further their career exploration efforts by
unique, project-based, learning curriculum. earning Digital Badges that will be added to
Our program is rigorous and requires hard their high school transcript.

Focused on active rather than passive learning,

students also work one day a week in positions
at some of Pittsburghs most prestigious
employers. The work study program is coupled
with a blended and personalized learning
program, where students learn to identify
and solve community problems, become
entrepreneurs, and build character through the
learning hub, our holistic advisory program.

Oral and written communications are woven

into all of our classes as is digital media
production and the use of Google Apps for
Education. We focus on cultural relevance,
offer Spanish and Mandarin language options,
and infuse engineering into our science classes.
With a wide array of student activities and
community learning opportunities, like the
Carnegie Science Center and the Manchester
Holy Family Academy students
Holy into employees
Family Academywho students
are develop
employeesand who
dependable by practicing
are work-ready, and
flexible, living
our dependable
four future-ready mindsets.and living
by practicing
our four future-ready mindsets.

Problem Solver Entrepreneur

Students learn to become confident Self-direction, inquiry, and
and engaged critical thinkers, curiousity lead to passion-
writers, and speakers. Through driven expression. Engineering,
empathy and human-centered computational thinking, and
design, students will identify writing combine as students
and solve problems for explore the financial and
themselves, others, and R EN human needs behind
act as community LVE TR entrepreneurship.
change agents. SO EP
inker Colla

al Th bor

Critic & Speake

r Lead ation &

r ership




& Ju onsibili


al Re



Perse y
Civilit rvice


ce & S e


Resilient Learner Servant Leader
Success along any pathway requires As leaders that put others before
optimism, gratitude, and persistence. themselves, students will be socially
Holy Family Academy students build responsible, have civility, and fight for
resilience through project-based learning, justice. They will be cross-culturally
pushing through set-backs, and a caring competent and embrace diversity. Faith
and empathetic support network. and service are key elements to enacting
servant leadership in our students.
At Holy Family Academy, technology is a key EDUCATIONAL
piece of our innovative approach to teaching
and learning. The school is completely digital, PARTNERS
with most course materials, assignments,
Energy Innovation Center
and resources offered online. All students are
Students explore STEM courses to build skills in
provided with a Chromebook to access content
computing, green energy, and entrepreneurship.
and materials so that project-based activities
are the focus while in class. From freshman
through senior year, students also work on The Citizen Science Lab
building an e-portfolio, which showcases their Students take advanced biology lab courses and
work both inside and outside of the classroom. have access to equipment found in the finest labs
that would otherwise not be available to them, and
STEM Partnerships receive mentorship from Dr. Andre Samuel and his
As a part of our Network Campus Program, lab assistants from Duquesne University.
students spend two days a week actively learning
outside of the classroom through the work Manchester Craftsmans Guild
study program or at one of four educational Students work with master teaching artists and
partners. A variety of online classes by learning explore digital design and fabrication, visual arts
partners like Khan Academy and also such as screen printing and photography, and clay
compliment our electives and core classes. By ceramics. In addition, Visual & Performing Arts are
leveraging partnerships and getting students infused into many of our classes, giving our STEM-
off campus, we intentionally focus on building focused Academy a rich foundation in the arts.
active and experiential learning into our STEM
(Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
program. Students engage in leading edge Carnegie Science Center
design, technology, and research, and have In the Fab Lab, students design products that solve a
authentic experiences that help to define their need and also utilize the Centers exhibits as part of
career goals, enhance their classroom learning, their science classes.
and increase their chance for success in college
recruitment or direct employment.
Amanda Jones is a top academic student
at Holy Family Academy, and a student
full of compassion, quietly influencing
her peers to care for others, and to make
this world a better place for all.

Leading by Example
Amanda Jones has been a student of Holy Literacy teachers noted, Amanda is an
Family Academy since its inception in 2014. outstanding student and an impressive young
Focused and resilient, Amanda challenges woman. She is very thoughtful and what she
herself, achieving High Honor Roll status has to say is always interesting. She is also a
every quarter. Amandas Science teacher was skilled writer, both academically and creatively.
impressed with the quality of her writing and I hope Amanda knows what an amazing young
critical thinking in the lab, stating that She has woman she is.
demonstrated good organization and creative
design in engineering. In addition to her academic studies, Amanda
is involved in dance, music, and theatre.
Amanda is self-driven and motivated to reach Amanda is strongly connected to her heritage
her goals for a successful future. She plans to and embraces the culture of her ancestors; she
go to college to study medicine and become a completed her sixth and final year as a member
cardiac surgeon. Amanda witnessed firsthand of an Austrian Dance Group. Amanda also
the impact that heart disease has on a patient participated in both the school choir and the
and on the entire family, as well. This experience Theatre Club.
motivated Amanda to make a difference in the
lives of those who suffer from heart disease. Amanda has identified certain teachers at Holy
One teacher noted, She has been a pillar of Family Academy that are great teachers and push
strength and courage, and her academics never her to succeed. David DiMichele, Holy Family
missed a beat. Her love for her dad and family Academy Director of Spirituality & Theology
was so evident and moving that I knew she was Teacher, has gained as much from Amanda as
a special, caring, giving young woman, who was she has from him. DiMichele shared, I learned
full of grace. from Amanda to live simply, expect little, and
give much; to fill your life with love, God, and
As part of her Integrated Design Lab course, family, and scatter sunshine wherever and to
Amanda was an integral contributor to her whomever you can. Amandas heart is full of
groups project, which was designing and beauty and hope, and her caring attitude and
building an outdoor classroom at the Hosanna her hope can be a glorious beacon of light to all
House in Wilkinsburg. One of her Cultural of us! She surely shines like the sun.
Math courses offer a personalized, blended- solve real problems. Seven students collaborated
learning approach in order to reach all learners, to develop a better solution for a woman with
from students with severe learning gaps, to cerebral palsy, who needed to improve the
college-ready learners. Our primary goal is to capabilities of her wheelchairs cell phone
offer effective, targeted instruction to assess and holder. The students continued working on the
identify struggling learners, group students for project, even after the end of the school year,
peer-learning, set goals, develop instructional demonstrating interest not only in learning
plans, provide customized instruction as more, but also in continuing to help our client.
needed, and monitor progress. Students also
have the ability to take advanced math courses
through our College in High School Program,
where they can earn college credits at a
significantly reduced cost.

Science and Engineering

Over the course of four years, students proceed
through a science course plan infused with
engineering concepts. In 9th grade, students
take Biology and participate in field-based
study experiences to bring their learning alive
each week. Students in 10th grade take Biology
at the Energy Innovation Center Citizen
Science Lab. Chemistry is offered in 11th
grade, while students have a choice of Physics
or another college-level science class in 12th
grade. Students who participated in the after-
school Mechanical Engineering Program had
the chance to use human-centered design to
Most youth today are experts at playing
video games, but very few know how to
create their own. Game design requires
students to develop skills such as
communication, collaboration, computing
practice, and systems thinking. Game-
based learning is offered both in class
and through the work study program.

Students have the opportunity to learn
about game design through the EDGE
(Explore, Design, Grow, and Empower)
Program. EDGE offers an integrated
game design entrepreneurship track for
students to learn design thinking, media
arts, technology, and computer science.


The EDGE pilot program focused on
improving girls confidence, interest, and
skills in STEM by offering them an oppor-
tunity to imagine what a game design stu-
dio for girls by girls looks and feels like.
The focus was in solving real-world prob-
lems using the four principles of game-
based learning: problem-based learning,
learning by doing, informative feedback,
and progressive growth.
Athletics Clubs and Activities
High school athletics programs teach and It is Holy Family Academys intention to make
develop many great qualities that impact sure that all students feel supported, confident,
student athletes long after graduation. Holy and positive about their student life experience.
Family Academy is a member of WPIAL and One of the best ways to accomplish this is
PIAA and has a growing athletics program with through extracurricular and co-curricular
a no-cut, all-play policy. activities.

Students may participate in a variety of sports In the Academys second year, thirteen clubs
including basketball, baseball, cross country, and two after-school programs were available.
cheerleading, and volleyball, but are required to The clubs themselves are getting bigger and
meet academic standards before participating better, just like the school. We continue to build
in any athletic activities. As our school grows a more robust student council and look forward
and we work to meet the needs and desires to what the student leaders will accomplish.
of our student population, we will seek new The school choir has also more than doubled in
opportunities to offer our students. size since last year. Students are already excited
about other opportunities that will enrich their
time at Holy Family Academy.


Fall Offerings Winter Offerings Spring Offerings
Girls Volleyball Boys Basketball Boys Baseball
Girls Cross Country Cheerleading

Holy Family Academy is proud to be affiliated with the following athletic associations.
WPIAL PIAA NFHS NJCAA NAIA NCAA College Bound Student Athlete
Students of all faiths are welcome at
Holy Family Academy. The religious
formation program will prepare all
students to experience the presence
of God and to celebrate, pray, and
witness on a regular basis.

Faith and Prayer Advisory

The basic values, beliefs, and principles that Holy Family Academy prides itself on
guide Holy Family Academy are grounded in innovation and a personalized approach to
the Catholic tradition, and in the principles education, consisting of looking at students
and values of Holy Family Institute. At Holy holistically, developing their strengths,
Family Academy, we view life as coming from and preparing them for their unique post-
God. We affirm the dignity of each person secondary path, implemented through the
and the oneness of the human family. Respect Advisory Program known as the Learning
and nonviolence for life in all of its forms is Hub. Each Holy Family Academy student is
fundamental to our way of living. matched with a small advisory group of their
peers and a faculty member mentor. Through
We provide education in the tradition of the these advisory groups, students work through
Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth and create activities that build leadership, empathy,
a family-friendly environment through faithful problem solving, and resiliency, explore careers,
listening, recognizing God in the everyday, and receive coaching and academic support
developing loving relationships, and spirituality from their mentors. During Learning Hub,
and prayer. We invite administrators, teachers, students continue to assess their interests, skills
staff, students, and families to be innovative co- and values, while adding selected works that
creators in establishing this spiritual learning reflect the four mindsets to their e-portfolios
environment. on Canvas. Towards the end of sophomore year,
students work with our Director of College &
We are committed to promoting academic
Career counseling to plan their post-secondary
excellence and Christian morals and values,
and to demonstrating, through our students
personal engagement in service projects, Gods
love and care for the poor and others in need.
Our service projects are based on social justice
and Catholic social teachings. Our students are
called to be change agents by making the world
a better place.
Program Overview
The Holy Family Academy work study program Each student is matched to an organization
is unique in Pittsburgh, but is inspired by and a designated supervisor, as well as a Career
established programs in many other US cities, Coach, who acts as a mentor outside of the
such as Boston, Cleveland, Philadelphia, New work environment while serving as the primary
York, and Los Angeles. Students work one contact for the students work supervisor. Our
day each week at some of Pittsburghs premier staff also visits each work environment and
employers, completing tasks and projects student supervisor throughout the school year
typical of entry level positions. The professional to review the overall work experience in person.
setting provides the students with experiences
that reinforce the future-ready skills introduced
in the classroom, including communication,
delivering quality work, collaboration, and
decision making.
Students earn four credits towards graduation
while exploring career options and building
self-esteem, self-confidence, and optimism.
Sponsoring organizations, in turn, are
developing Pittsburghs skilled workforce, while
creating a diverse pool of future applicants
for themselves. Families also benefit from the
tuition underwriting provided by the program
because Holy Family Academy assesses tuition
based on a familys ability to pay.
The Academys Work Study program is
an essential component of preparing
our students for the future and bridging
education to employment gaps for the
regions employers.

2015-16 Work Study Partners

The following organizations generously support Holy Family Academy by hosting one or
more students in the work study program. We had a total of 54 partner organizations.

Accenture Ernst & Young Mentoring Partnership

Allegheny County Dept of FedEx Ground Mercy Surgical Dressing
Human Services Giant Eagle, Inc. Group
Audubon Society of Hefren-Tillotson Mine Safety Appliances
Western PA Highmark Peoples
Burleson LLP Holy Family Institute Pittsburgh Steelers
Calgon Carbon Holy Family Manor PNC
Carlow University Jewish Family & Children Point Park University
Carnegie Science Center Services Providence Connections
Catholic Charities Jones Lang LaSalle Ronald McDonald House of
Catholic Charities Free Jubilee Kitchen Pittsburgh
Health Care Clinic Junior Achievement Rosedale Technical College
Catholic Diocese of Just Harvest Superior Petroleum
Pittsburgh K&L Gates Triumph Church
Childrens Museum La Roche College United Way
City of Pittsburgh Leukemia & Lymphoma UPMC
Cohen & Grigsby Society Wilson Group
Community Kitchen Macedonia Church of
Pittsburgh Pittsburgh
Creehan & Company Make-A-Wish
Dollar Bank Manchester Craftsmens
Duquesne Light CAP Guild
Duquesne University Marc USA
Eaton Massaro Corp
Saint Joseph the Worker
Holy Family Academy awarded $5,000 The event was attended by representatives of
scholarships to four high school students, to 33 Corporate Work Study Partners, 23 student
be used upon graduation for further education finalists, and the four student awardees and
or training. The scholarships were awarded at their families. The work study experiences teach
the annual Saint Joseph the Worker Luncheon, students the dignity of work and prepare students
held on June 1, 2016 at the Energy Innovation with valuable skills including communication,
Center. Latasha Batch, Executive Director, delivering quality work, collaboration, and
Best of the Batch Foundation, was the keynote decision making. To qualify for scholarship
speaker. consideration, students need to perform very
well at their work study assignments. They also
Scholarships were awarded to 9th graders need to be strong citizens of our school, and
Sara Jays, whose work study was at the Ronald have solid grades and attendance, and submit
McDonald House, and Cody Staudt, whose an application.
work study was at Dollar Bank, and 10th
graders Shauna Henning, whose work study
was at the Childrens Museum, and Adarian
Williams, whose work study was at Hefren-
Tillotson. Shauna Henning was also a recipient
of a $5,000 scholarship in her freshman year.

The grants were available through the Saint

Joseph the Worker Fund, which supports
scholarships and financial aid, and helps keep the
core academic program robust. Contributions
to the Fund allow the Academy to address
priorities in areas of greatest opportunity, giving
the school the means to respond to changes in
the economic and educational landscape in
ways that best serve our students.
Students benefit from the schools
unique focus on career development,
its outstanding connections within
the local business community, and its
ability to prepare those businesses to
serve as mentors and coaches.

A Summer to Learn, a Summer to Earn

Sixteen Holy Family Academy students had the clerical duties, sat in on a court hearing,
distinct opportunity to participate in the Learn attended police training, and was described by
and Earn Summer Youth Employment Program her supervisor as one the best interns she ever
this past summer, a collaborative effort between had, including college students. Based on her
Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board, The summer experiences, Ariana is now interested
City of Pittsburgh, and Allegheny County. The in becoming an attorney.
program employs youth between ages 14-21
in a host of different career pathways, ranging Laura Salle, who oversees the Learn and
from technology to the trades. Earn program, said Holy Family Academy
was a strong partner in the Learn & Earn
Holy Family Academy students consistently Summer Youth Employment Program in 2016.
performed high quality work, which was Holy Family staff consistently modeled best
echoed by their supervisors, who noted that the practices in employer recruitment and youth
students added value to the companies where engagement, and students benefit from the
they worked. All students performed admirably, schools unique focus on career development,
such as sophomore CJ Austin, who worked in its outstanding connections within the local
the IT department of K&L Gates . CJ, who did his business community, and its ability to prepare
work study at K&L during the school year, was those businesses to serve as mentors and
eagerly welcomed to work there in the summer, coaches.
where he handled active help desk tickets. CJs
supervisor Marlon Woodard saw this exposure
as a launching pad to a career in information
technology. CJ has been so impressive at K&L
Gates he was treated to lunch at The Capital
Grille by the Chief Information Officer.

Ariana Scott, who worked in the personnel

office at the City of Pittsburgh, performed
A program of the Holy Family Academy legal entity; not a part of Holy Family Academy high school

Established in 2011, Holy Family International universities and museums, and opportunities
College Preparatory Program is a premier, co- to attend musical performances and sporting
educational high school boarding program, events. The students also share their culture
designed for international students seeking by coordinating an annual Chinese New Year
admission into top United States colleges celebration, with traditional food and student
and universities. The program provides musical performances; International Program
warm hospitality, academic support, cultural alumni often join in the celebration. In addition,
enrichment, and English Language support. more than 75% of the students participate in
This year, 51 students were enrolled in one of school-sponsored athletics, clubs, or musical
seven private high schools, all located within performances.
minutes of our campus, including: Bishop
Canevin, Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic, A key element of the International College
Quigley Catholic, Seton LaSalle, Sewickley Preparatory Program provided to all students is
Academy, St. Joseph, and Vincentian Academy. English Language Support (ELS). All students
During the last four years, the program had 63 are assessed for language fluency by the ELS
graduates with an outstanding record of 100% teacher utilizing WIDA testing, and attend
college acceptance. weekly classes based on their needs to enhance
their written, listening, reading, and speaking
Holy Family International provides a caring, skills in English. The students English fluency
family-style living and learning environment scores improved in all areas, ranging from 12.5%
that supports the academic, social, cultural, improvement in reading to 60% improvement
physical, and emotional needs of the students. A in writing. The students academic success
goal of the program is to build bridges between is highlighted by fact that 47% earned High
the students Chinese culture and American Honor status and another 10% earned Honors,
culture. As such, a rich variety of cultural in highly challenging and competitive high
activities are coordinated for the students, schools.
including tours of Pittsburgh, visits to local
The boarding program provides a
caring, family-style living and learning
environment that supports the
academic, social, cultural, physical,
and emotional needs of international
high school students.

A Bright Future
Winni, a 2016 graduate of Quigley Catholic
High School, is a true example of an
international student who fully embraced both
the educational and cultural opportunities
of attending high school in the United States.
Winni came to Holy Family International as
a freshman at Quigley Catholic High School
in the fall of 2012, with high expectations for
herself. Winni consistently was a High Honor
student, and was inducted into the National
Honor Society in her junior year. She was
selected for the Quigley team competing at the
PA Junior Science Competition at University of
Pittsburgh and Penn State. In her senior year,
Winni was elected Treasurer of her class.

Winni also participated in many social

activities offered by her school, including being
a member of the softball team, supporting other
school sports as a cheerleader, and expressing
her dramatic talents in the schools musical

Winnis achievements paved the way for her

acceptance at Lehigh University, where she is in
her freshman year. She continues to be a happy
and engaged student who is a positive role
model for the other students. She made many
friends at Quigley Catholic and at Holy Family,
who, she said, will always be a part of her life.
Student Community Service
Holy Family International ensures that required 2016 GRADUATES
community service is achieved, coordinating
opportunities that offer an enriching and Holy Family International works closely with
fulfilling experience for the students. In addition students in the college application process, helping
to developing an appreciation of serving them develop their personal statements, reviewing
others and giving back to the community, college choices, and keeping the students on task
the community service program provides to meet the application deadlines. The entire 2016
opportunities for the international students graduating class has continued their education at
to learn about the Pittsburgh area. This past a four-year college in the United States. We are so
school year, the International Program students proud of our graduates, who are studying at the
provided a total of 767 community service following universities:
hours for the following organizations:
CHENG Hao Walt, Robert Morris University
University of Pittsburgh GAO Liwen Serena, State University of New York at
National Hemophilia Foundation
Pittsburgh Academy of Chinese Culture LI Bowen Riven, Miami of Ohio University
and Language LIANG Chenwei Vivian, University of San Diego
Holy Family Manor LUO Huiyi Charlotte, Duquesne University
Holy Family Institute MA Siyuan Subrina, Bentley University
Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank REN Ziming Rex, State University of New York at
Yanlai Dance School Buffalo
Downtown Pittsburgh Beautification WEI Wenjing Winni, Lehigh University
XIA Zhenxuan Wayne, University of Arizona
Greentree Farmers Market
Xu Jie Jack, State University of New York at Buffalo
YANG Ruining Brandy, Boston University
YU Xia Aaron, Ohio State University
ZHANG Zhihao Allan, Pace University
Holy Family Academy and Holy Family International College Preparatory Program
Fiscal Year Ending 6/30/16

Government $23,748
3rd Party Reimbursements $2,269,129
Grants & Contributions $3,259,246
Other $28,631
Total Revenue $5,580,754

International College Preparatory Program $1,482,751
Holy Family Academy $3,257,447
Total Expenses $4,740,198

Accounts Receivable $423,460
Grants Receivable $85,311
Cash & Cash Equivalents $2,672,288
Property & Equipment (net) 0
Prepaid Expenses & Other $16,588
Total Assets $3,197,647

Accrued Expenses $2,195,400
Accounts Payable $42,673
Refundable Deposits 0
Total Liabilities $2,238,073

Holy Family Academy Net Assets
Total Unrestricted $388,577
Temporarily Restricted $570,998
Permanently Restricted 0
Total Holy Family Academy
Net Assets $959,575
Financial support from the community for Holy Family Academy was strong in 2015-16, as
many organizations and individuals made charitable donations.

Educational Improvement and Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credits (EITC/OSTC)

Fiscal Year Ending 6/30/16
The following organizations supported Holy Family Academy through EITC/OSTC funding,
which is an important source of revenue for Holy Family Academy. Due to the generosity of
these companies, many families are able to send their students to Holy Family Academy, who
otherwise would be unable to do so. We appreciate your support.

1st Commonwealth Bank Marc USA

Bridges & Company Mascaro Construction
Bryn Mawr Trust Mitsubishi Electric
Carcolory Corporation Nantucket Enterprise Holdings
Centimark Corporation Northwest Savings Bank
Chadwick Service Company PNC Bank
CS McKee Reddinger, Will, Gallagher & Dickert LLC
Dollar Bank UGI Storage Company
Enterprise Rent A Car UPMC Health Plan
Hefren-Tillotson Waste Management
Huntington Bank

Generous financial support was also provided by the following organizations.

Allegheny Foundation PNC Charitable Trust

BP Products North America Earl Knudsen Foundation
BNY Mellon Foundation Richard King Mellon Foundation
Bayer Foundation The Pittsburgh Foundation
Cahouet Family Foundation The Sprout Fund, HIVE Fund
Duquesne Light Co. Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board
Grable Foundation United Way of Allegheny County
Heinz Endowments Falk Endowment
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Nazareth Family Foundation

Lisa M. Abel-Palmieri, PhD, Head of School (ex-officio)

William T. Cullen, Vice Chair/Secretary
Douglas H. Descalzi
Anthony R. Petroy, DM, Chair
Mujib Rahman, Treasurer
Reverend Thomas G. Schaefer, PhD
Kenneth P. Service
Michel P. Therrien, STL, STD
Sister Linda Yankoski, CSFN, EdD, President, Holy Family Institute (ex-officio)
8235 Ohio River Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15202


8235 Ohio River Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15202


CODE #72


Photography: John Altdorfer, except pages 18-20
Yankoski &
29th Annual Drive for HFI Golf Classic Blount