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Software Engineering

Quiz Chapter 04

Question No. 1 [15 points]

Match each description/example below to the SINGLE MOST APPROPRIATE TERM among
the following. (Note: terms may apply to none, one, or more than one description.)

system goal
B. user requirements
C. system constraint
D. system requirements
E. domain requirement
F. system attribute
G. external requirement
H. process constraint
I. operational specification
J. form/template-based specification
K. interface specification
L. scenario
M. Software Requirements Document (SRS)


K, D, E, G, A, F, I, E, C, A, M, A, H, K, G, H, J, B, L

_________ Detailed descriptions of system services and constraints that may serve as the basis for a

________ Example would be: "The deceleration of the train shall be computed as:
Dtrain = Dcontrol + Dgradient
where Dgradient is 9.81m/s2 * compensated gradient/alpha and where the values of
9.81m/s2 /alpha are known for different types of trains.

_________Example would be: "The system shall be fully compliant with all mandatory Family
Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) standards for privacy."

________ Example would be: "Should integrate easily with customers other systems."

________ Example would be: expected mean time to failure.

________ Example would be:

BIG := A[1]
i := 2
while i <= N do
if A[i] > BIG then BIG := A[i] end_if
i := i+1

_________ Example would be: "At least two fully functioning rocket thrusters are required to reach
escape velocity at 14.5038 psi."

_________ Example would be: "system response time for this function under full operational load shall
be < 2 seconds"

_________ Usually suffers from not being verifiable.

__________ Official statement of what is required of system developers; it should include both user
and system requirements.

__________ Example would be: The system should be easy to use by experienced controllers and
should be organized in such a way that user errors are minimized.

___________ Example would be: "The development team is required to utilize the Extreme
Programming (XP) development paradigm.

___________ Example would be:
pre-condition: N 1
post-condition: there exists an i in [1,N] such that
BIG=A[i] & for every j in [1,N], BIG A[j] & A is unchanged

__________ Example would be: "The system is required to meet UK CENELEC standards EN
50126, EN 50128, and EN 5023 before being approved for deployment."

__________ Example would be: "Use of the Eclipse IDE is mandatory."

__________ Example would be:

_________ Statements in natural language plus diagrams of system services and constraints,
written primarily for customers.

____________ Examples are:

t0: The user enters values for input array A. The values are A:[12, 9, 6, 80,-2]
t1: The user executes program MAX.
t2: The value of variable BIG is 80.

Question No. 02 [10 points]

1. List as many difficulties as you can which are typically encountered with requirements elicitation?

Refer Notes.

2. Consider a system required for keeping track of biometric attendance of the students as they
enter and leave the campus building:

(a) Write at least 4 proposed functional user requirements for this system.

- As student exit the building, they need to give thumb scan to record their presence in the service.

(b) Write at least 4 proposed functional system requirements for this system.

System requirement:
- Several scanning devices with local storage will be in the hands of designated attendance takers.
- These devices will record and store into a list every student scanned for attendance.
- As student exit the building, thumb impression will be taken by one of the devices.
- After all students have been scanned, the devices will be returned to the HoD office.
- Each device will be connected to a computer via a USB port, and the list of IDs transferred and to
merged into a single file.
- The attendance file will be scanned, and attendance marked for each student in the list.

(c) Propose a simple non-functional requirement for this system.

Non-functional Requirement (could be many):

Each scanning device will be able to capture attendance of 100 students a minute.