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MEMS & NEMS Packaging

1. General Description using metallized through silicon vias (TSV)

Today micro and nano systems could be performed.
(MEMS/NEMS) are integrated in almost every
high tech or smart product. Miniaturized
acceleration sensors help to prevent injuries
during accidents or even prevent accidents by
car. Other MEMS devices help to monitor
medical parameters, allow low cost
telecommunication, print crystal sharp colour
images and so on. While the devices
themselves have matured significantly over the
last decade to become commonplace
products, packaging of these tiny sensitive
components and systems has not been
addressed thoroughly. Hence the packaging
plays a significant role for the manufacturing Fig. 2: Mechanical & electrical bonded chip
costs at least. We develop solutions for exactly
these packaging problems starting with zero For packaging levels one and two several
level packaging on wafer level up to module or technologies and certain equipment is
board level packaging. Different concepts are available within our labs. Surface modification
being worked on that imply the covering of the and dicing of different substrate materials as
micro mechanical structure by using different well as chip and wire bonding are main topics
bonding methods first and the interconnection of our work. Either as single technology step or
and wiring of electrical signals as well. One as complex process flow every packaging work
main goal of our work is the development of and characterization could be offered as
packaging methods for any micro machined service.
structures with low temperature approaches,
which provides a hermetic protection of these 3. Equipment
structures against environmental conditions. Cleanroom labs, class 10 up to 10.000
Mirra and IPEC 472 for CMP
(150 mm and 200 mm)
Deposition by PVD, CVD, ECD
Screen Printer R29 Spectrum
Suss Spin Coater RC 8
Suss Spray Coater Gamma
Suss Cleaner CL 200
Suss Bondaligner BA 6/8
Suss Substrate Bonders SB 6/8e
(100 mm up to 200 mm)
Centrotherm High Temperature
Horizontal Furnaces
Disco DAD-2H6TM and DFD6340
Fig. 1: Multi chip integration to a flexible substrate
FEK Delvotec 5450 Wire Bonder
Tresky T-3002-M Die Bonder
2. Technologies used
Micro Chevron Test, Blade Test
Beside anodic or silicon direct bonding, also Tactile and Non-Tactile Profilometry
eutectic bonding, glass frit bonding, adhesive
Light, IR, SE, and AF Microscopes
bonding and laser assisted bonding are
applied to package sensor and actuator 3. Contact
components as well as electronics at wafer
Dr.-Ing. Maik Wiemer
level. Together with our Back-End of Line
Phone: +49 (0) 371/5397-1474
department also 3D integration technologies
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