Lesson Year: 10 Group: Total No.

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Subject: Basketball
4-5 Lesson: Give and goes Ability: Period:
Duration: w/c
To be able to perform both the skills and moves in the give and go
To clearly know and understand how to perform this skill and where it is used in Basketball
Activity Description Objectives  Teaching Points  Differentiation
Student The pairs chosen last lesson To be able to lead the group through - listen to and follow instructions of  Ask students how they could make
Warm Up lead the warm up heart raising exercises. those leading the warm-up warm up easy / harder / intense
Student Students arranged in a circle. To understand the importance of - Hold stretches for 8 seconds.  Get pupils to incorporate
Stretches Students lead through series of stretching at the start of the session. - No bouncing. stretching with Objects used within
stretches To be able to demonstrate stretches Basketball
relevant to Basketball
Give and 1. In pairs give and go To be able to perform both the skills - Teammate has back to basket  Use weak / non – dominant hand
goes and moves in the give and go - Defender looks where ball has gone to shoot and dribble on. Improve
2. In pairs - Dribble, give , go , To clearly know and understand how - Use a pass to a team mate who is their technique and ability to drive to
lay-up or shoot to perform this skill and where it is being marked as well as yourself the basket using both hands and score
- B then gets rebound used in Basketball - Use a dummy, feint, teammate,
3. In 4’s – Pass and Cut in drill, screen to lose opponent * VIDEO THE GIVE AND GOES
then, give and goes - Accelerate away
4. In 4’s –2 Stationary def. ATT - Teammate passes ball to player
Pass and Cut in drill, then, give - Catch ball on run
and goes - Cut to the basket and drive to it
- Perform lay or jump shot it another
opponent is in way
5. 3 V 3 games in D’s with - Use passes only  Allow dribbling
passing only – no dribbling - Use angled running, dummies and  Pupils are only allow one / two
allowed teammates plus other players as steps with the ball
- alternate def & att screens to get rid of defenders  Attack / Defend for 5 minutes
Games 6. 5 V 5 Full GAME - but still To incorporate screens within - Teammate stands still Pupils play Half court zone and Man
no dribbling in opponents third competitive game situations - Arms arm crossed / folder upwards – to – man defences on full court
- Incorporate screens in To know and understand the laws that - They are standing one foot either games
attacking play govern screens in Basketball side of an imaginary line that a
To be able to use the screens within a defender wants to take to get to an
competitive game of Basketball, attacker that is dribbling, moving
correctly and safely with the ball or without the ball
- The teammate must remain still and
does not move across the defenders
- The attacker drives to the basket as
the teammate provides a pathway
- The defender cannot get to the
attacker as his teammate is screening
- If defender makes contact – foul

Cool Down The 2 students chosen to lead To understand why you Cool Down - listen to and follow instructions of  Ask pupils questions why a Cool
the cool down do so and do rhythmical movement after those leading the cool down down is essential after exercise
exercise - complete exercises and stretches
Equipment Basketballs, Baskets, Cones / Markers, Bibs, Whistle, Stopwatch, Chalk, Peer evaluation Sheets, TV, Video, Camera, Digital Camera

ICT Assessment Citizenship Peer Evaluation Literacy Numeracy Pupil planning
Analysis of perf. Evaluation Feedback Q&A Mathematics Art English Science Technology
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- check the working areas and equipment used with the session is safe to use - Re-Check that the Baskets are safe to use and pass safety requirements.
- Stretch muscles thoroughly when stretching - NO CONTACT ALLOWED
- must keep eyes open and looking up at all times

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