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Houston Baptist University

Department of Education and Kinesiology

Lesson Plan Format

Subject: Written Expression Grade Level: 2nd Time Estimate: 45 min

Unit: Letter Writing Topic: Santa Letters

Goal(s): TLW understand the parts of a letter.

Objective(s): TLW write a letter to Santa telling him what they want for Christmas using
proper letter formation.

TEKS: 2.19 B--Students are expected to write short letters that put ideas in a
chronological or logical sequence and use appropriate conventions (e.g., date, salutation,

Materials/Resources/Technology needs: Santa letter paper, Poster paper with letter

components, magazines, paper will common toys with picture and spelling

Instructional Procedures
Focusing Event:
The class will have a discussion about when they think they would write a letter and to
who they would write it to.

Teaching/ Learning Procedures:

1. The teacher will have a poster paper and discuss the different parts of a letter and
where they belong on the paper.
2. The students will then get notebook paper and begin to write their letter to Santa.
This will be their draft.
3. After they have written their draft and had the teacher look at it they will write
their letter on Santa letter paper and then they can color the boarder and pictures
around the letter.

Formative Check (ongoing or specific):

As the students are working on their draft the teacher will walk around and make
sure the students are using correct grammar, punctuation, and parts of a letter.

Reteach (alternative used as needed):

The students can write a letter to their parents thanking them for everything they
do and how much they appreciate them.
The students will share with the class one thing they want from Santa.
Assessment/Summative Evaluation:
The teacher will check the students letters and make sure that all letter parts that
were learned are present in the letter.
GT: These students must not just list what they want from Santa they will ask at least one
question to Santa that they are curious about.

Special Ed: These students will be given magazines and they will cut out a couple of
things that want from Santa. The teacher will then write a list and the students will make
that list into a sentence and copy it onto their letter paper.

ESL: These students will be provided with a list of common toys students want with a
picture and how the toy is spelled. They will also be provided with sentence stems to help
them get started writing.