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Lilia Rodriguez

111.1. Implementation of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Mathematics, Elementary,
Adopted 2012.
(b) Knowledge and skills.
(2) Number and operations. The student applies mathematical process standards to understand
how to represent and compare whole numbers, the relative position and magnitude of whole
numbers, and relationships within the numeration system. The student is expected to:
(B) read, write, and represent whole numbers from 0 to at least 20 with and without objects or
Student will participate in different centers involving different activities that will help them with
recognizing numbers 0 to 20.

Math - Problem Solving : Counting Numbers

Teacher Name: Lilia Rodriguez

Student Name: ________________________________________

Use of Student always listens and Student typically listens and Student sometimes listens and
Manipulative follows directions and follows directions and uses follows directions and uses
s only uses manipulatives as manipulatives as instructed manipulatives appropriately
instructed. most of the time. when reminded.

Mathematical Explanation shows Explanation shows Explanation shows some

Concepts complete understanding of substantial understanding of understanding of the
the mathematical concepts the mathematical concepts mathematical concepts needed
used to solve the used to solve the problem(s). to solve the problem(s).
Mathematical Uses complex and refined Uses effective mathematical Some evidence of mathematical
Reasoning mathematical reasoning. reasoning reasoning.

Mathematical 90-100% of the steps and Almost all (85-89%) of the Most (75-84%) of the steps and
Errors solutions have no steps and solutions have no solutions have no mathematical
mathematical errors. mathematical errors. errors.
Lesson Proficient Developing Unsatisfactory

Focus Overview the Vaguely explains Less than 75% of students

lesson, 85% of the lesson, 75% are engaged, no hook
the students are of students are
engaged engaged

Instructional Clear, Accurate, Vague, Some Unclear, Inaccurate,

Delivery Organized Inaccurate, Unorganized Information,
information uses Organized no modes of learning, less
3 modes of Information, uses than 50% of students are
learning, visual, only 2 modes of engaged
kinesthetic, learning, 60% of
auditory. 90% of students are
students are engaged
Guided Practice Relates to Somewhat Does not relate to
instructional relates to instructional delivery, less
delivery, 90% instructional than 60% of students are
engaged in team delivery,85% are engaged in team
conversation, engaged in team conversation, formative
formative conversation, assessment
assessment formative
Independent 80% of students 60% of students Students are not able to
Practice can show can show show understanding of the
understanding of understanding of lesson, clearly ties to the
the content, the lesson, guided practice
clearly ties to the clearly ties to the
guided practice guided practice
Closure 85% show 50% show Less than 45% of students
understanding of understanding of show understanding of
content, and content, and content, and students
student can students can cannot summarize lesson
summarize somewhat