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Accompanying Statement to Annual CPNI Compliance Certification

BroadSoft Adaption, Inc.

In compliance with 47 C.F.R. 64.2009(e), I, Mary Ellen Seravalli, acting on behalf of

BroadSoft Adaption, Inc. (the Company) and solely in my capacity as Vice President and
Secretary of the Company and not in any individual capacity, hereby certifies that the Company
has taken the following actions:

Employee Training and Discipline

Trained all employees and personnel as to when they are and are not authorized
to use CPNI.

Instituted an express disciplinary process for unauthorized use of CPNI.

The Company considers CPNI to be Company confidential information and treats

it as such.
Sales and Marketing campaigns

Management approves all sales and marketing campaigns, to the extent such are
Record-Keeping Requirements

Established a system to maintain a record of all sales and marketing campaigns

that use their customers' CPNI, including marketing campaigns of affiliates and
independent contractors.
Ensured that these records include a description of each campaign, the specific
CPNI that was used in the campaign, and what products and services were offered
as a part of the campaign. The Company had no marketing or sales partnerships
that require use of CPNI in the previous year.

Made certain that these records are maintained for a minimum of one (1) year.

Opt-in is the default status for a customer.

CPNI is entered online by either the Customer or an authorized agent on behalf of

the customer and is password protected and some items encrypted.

Customer Authentication Methods

Instituted customer authentication methods to ensure adequate protection of

customers' CPNI. It is only available online to the customer and Company account
maintenance functions who must first present a valid account name and password.
The password is one of their choosing when their account access credentials are
established and the customer may change this at any time. Access logs are
maintained for at least one year.

Customer Notification of CPNI Changes

Changes to the Customers account access information; mailing address, email

address or contact information will generate a confirmation email that is sent to
the original address of record.

Notification to Law Enforcement and Customers of Unauthorized Access

Established a protocol under which the appropriate Law Enforcement Agency

(LEA) is notified of any unauthorized access to a customer's CPNI, in compliance
with 47 C.F.R. 64.2009(e). No actions were taken against databrokers within the
last year.

Ensured that all records of any discovered CPNI breaches are kept for a minimum of
2 years.

Summary of Customer Complaints regarding CPNI

In compliance with 47 C.F.R. 64.2009(e), set forth below is a summary of customer

complaints received within the last year:

1. The Company has received no complaints as a result of improper access by employees.

2. The Company has received no complaints as a result of improper disclosure to individuals

not authorized to receive the information.

3. The Company has received no complaints as a result of instances of improper

access to online information by individuals not authorized to view the information.

4. In addition, the Company is aware of no processes pretexters are using to attempt to access
CPNI, or what steps other carriers are taking to protect CPNI.