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ID Area Activity Frequency Responsible Tool Gap Comment

1 Time management Project schedule baseline Weekly PM Project schedule
and real timeline of
project work

2 Scope management Scope specification One of PM + Business Business requirements, functional

analyst requirements or design document

3 Scope management Work breakdown and Weekly PM Work breakdown structure, Updated
activities task / activity log
4 Scope management Change management Weekly PM Change log

5 Cost management Project budget baseline One of PM Project budget + cost of changes

6 Cost management Earned value Weekly PM Reporting of actual cost, earned

management value and the cost variance
7 Project integration Status reporting Weekly PM Status report

8 Project integration Document deliverables When needed PM Handover and acceptance protocols
management handover

9 Project integration Issue and problem Weekly PM Updated issue list

management management

10 Communications Project meetings and Weekly / Mothly PM Meeting minutes

management steering committee
11 Project integration Team leadership and Weekly PM Meeting minutes, meeting tasklist
management team meetings

12 Human resource Team acquisiton One of PM Stakeholders register

13 Human resource Capacity planning Weekly PM Weekly plans for allocated resources
14 Risk management Identification and Weekly PM Updated risk register
management of risks
15 Quality Quality management When needed PM Bug / issue reporting, surveys
16 Procurement Procurement When needed PM Contracts with suppliers, controlling
management management of supliers deliveries

Areas (PMBOK struPrincipal tools ID

Scope management Project task list, change re 1
Time management Project plan Microsoft proje 2
Cost management Budget and real cost in exc 3
Project integration Status report; issue list 4
Communications ma Meetings with customer 5
Human resource ma Team structure, capacity p 6
Risk management Risk register 7
Quality management 8
Procurement management 9

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