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Assessment Item 1: Planning Stage

Item Description Responsible Completion Date

Joint Statement A joint statement that Chloe Kramer 03.03.2017
expresses your understanding
of what is required for the ICT
Why has Notre Dame
provided the opportunity
to complete this unit?
Why is it an important
part of your education

Mind Map A mind map that clearly shows Chloe Kramer 03.03.2017
the four lessons, who is
responsible, curriculum
strands etc.

The Project Plan A plan indicating each step Chloe Kramer 03.03.2017
and details what will be
completed by each group
member and by when.

Forward Planning A document providing a Emily Buckby 03.03.2017
Document detailed outline of the four

ICT Tools Statement A statement articulating which Chloe Kramer, 03.03.2017
ICT tools you intend students Emily Buckby &
to use and why you chose Ella Taaffe
them for your curriculum.

Learning Theory A statement indicating how Ella Taaffe 03.03.2017
Statement your curriculum is underpinned
by evidence-based learning
theory e.g. constructivism

Quality Check and double check to Emily Bucky 03.03.2017
ensure compliance with
academic literacy standards.

Submission onto Provide all of the above onto Chloe Kramer 07.03.2017
Teachers Page the teachers page of your
online curriculum site.

Submission of Links Ensure URL is on both the Ella Taaffe 07.03.2017
group page and the
assessment 3 (a) planning link
on Blackboard.

Assessment Item 2: Student Group Activity & Presentation

Item Description Responsible Completion Date
Brainstorm Make a brainstorm that Chloe Kramer, 15.03.2017
decides upon the ICT tools Emily Buckby &
that will be used in in the SGA. Ella Taaffe

Activity Design an activity that will Chloe Kramer, 15.03.2017
engage the students Emily Buckby &
meaningfully. Ella Taaffe

Weebly Make sure your group Weebly Chloe Kramer 17.03.2017
page has all information/links
your students (peers) will

Learn It Upload a brief lesson plan to Ella Taaffe 17.03.2017
your groups Assessment (2)
link in Blackboard prior to the
commencement of the lesson.
Ensure you have included your
Weebly URL.

Use of ICT Design a way of collecting Ella Taaffe 17.03.2017
feedback from your peers on
the effectiveness of the way in
which ICT was used in your

Test ICT Test that the ICT works on the Chloe Kramer 17.03.2017
equipment that you propose.

App Installation Ensure any apps you are Emily Buckby 17.03.2017
using are on the iPads (at
least 48 hours before the
SGA) and where necessary,
know which iPads they are
installed on.

Quality Check and double check any Emily Buckby 17.03.2017
materials that you have
developed to ensure
compliance with academic
literacy standards.

Delivery Discuss who is doing which Chloe Kramer, 15.03.2017
part of the student group Emily Buckby &
activity: Ella Taaffe
How will you introduce
your project and its

Assessment Item 3 (a): Publishing Stage

Item Description Responsible Completion Date
Introduction Page Create the Introduction Page. Chloe Kramer 05.04.2017
Check to see that the web quest
draws students in.

Task Page Create the Task Page. Check Emily Buckby 05.04.2017
that the tasks are set out clear &
all include ICT tools.

Process Page (each Create the Process Page. Ensure Chloe Kramer, 05.04.2017
lesson) the tasks are broken down into a Emily Buckby &
clear sequence & it is easy for Ella Taaffe
students to follow. Ensure each is
underpinned by a learning theory.

Resources Page Create the Resources Page & Chloe Kramer, 05.04.2017
ensure there are references. Emily Buckby &
Ella Taaffe
Evaluation Page Design an evaluation rubric that Chloe Kramer 05.04.2017
enables your students to see
what they need to do in order to
effectively engage with the
curriculum. Review a range of
rubrics to decide on a format for
your rubric.

Conclusion & Reflection Design an activity that Ella Taaffe 05.04.2017
Page encourages your learners to
reflect on:
What they learned and
how they learned it
What the ultimate product
The extent to which they
met the learning
What they did well/not so
well and what they would
do differently next time
How the ICT resources
supported their efforts
Congratulate the students for
engaging with the web quest &
suggest a further learning
pathway for interested students.

Quality Check and double check to Chloe Kramer 07.04.2017
ensure compliance with
academic literacy standards

Submission Submit your ICT integration Emily Buckby 11.04.2017
project URL electronically
through Blackboard