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Student Name: Vasiliki (Maria) Hatzitolios Date: Friday, March 3, 2017

Age Group: Grade 4

Purpose: Purpose:
Reason for developing The purpose of creating this activity is to
therapeutic experience. This address my supervisors concerns about the
could be in response to an child learning English as a second language
observation, discussion with falling behind in their new geometry unit. I
the site supervisor, etc. created this activity to support the child by
Observation working one on one with him which I was
- Document what you saw and notified is the type of support he needs.
- Document non-verbal
communication (i.e., body
language, facial
expressions and voice tone)
- Document in detail: who,
what, where, and when
- Documentation should be
written in past tense,
objective, and in anecdotal
Discussion Document the
discussion between you and
your site supervisor that led
to the planning
Therapeutic Experience The purpose of this activity is to continue in
What are you planning in supporting the English language learner in
response to your purpose? learning about 3D shapes and how we use
- Label your experience (e.g. these shapes in the real world and where
Painting with cars). we find them.
- What are your 3 therapeutic Therapeutic Objectives:
objectives? (eg. Sense of
1. The child will practice his English
normalcy, control,
independence, etc) language reading skills by reading
about the different 3D shapes that
Describe the experience: are present in the outside world
- Who will be involved in the 2. The child will practice his English
experience? writing skills by writing the name of
the objects he finds on the computer
and what type of 3D shape they are
3. The child will practice his oral
communication skills while
communicating with me in English
throughout the process of this
Who will be involved: The child and I will
work one on one during this activity
Where will the experience take place:
The experience will take place during the
- Where will the experience
childrens math period
take place?
- List the materials and Materials: computer, paper, glue, names
resources you will use of 3D shapes, scissors
- Describe the implementation Implementation:
of the experience, with a 1. I will explain to the child that we will
step by step description be continuing our learning about 3D
- Describe any precautions you shapes
needed to take with the 2. I will remind him of the activity that
activity, or any restrictions we did yesterday
that existed, effecting the 3. I will then explain the activity that we
child(ren)s ability to will be doing today. I will explain to
complete the task the child that we will be using the
(Precaution eg. Child has a computer to research different types
type of blood cancer, so of 3D shapes that we find when we
he/she has to be careful not walk around outside
to get a cut; Restriction eg. 4. We will then print some of the images
Child has an IV in his/her that we find
dominant hand, limiting 5. Then we will create a matching
use of the hand) game. On the paper there will be
names of the different 3D shapes on
different sections of the page, the
child will then paste the image that
we printed into the correct named
6. The child and I will then review each
shape and the number of faces,
sides, and shapes that the images we
printed out have
Precautions: I did not have to use any
precautions for this activity