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V-Sky FRP roof panel provide the perfect green roof
solution to meet your building lighting

Translucent panels provide the perfect green roof solution to meet

your building lighting requirements; substantially reducing the
amount of artificial illumination and electricity needed to light the
inside of your building.

Fiberglass roofing panels are more dimensionally stable than V-Sky for long lasting gutter solution
competing materials such as PVC or Polycarbonate. Fiberglass
roofing panels can be used over a much broader temperature
V-Sky gutter and downspout system was developed
Light Emitting Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic
range without concern of warpage, excessive expansion and
contraction or cracking and brittleness commonly associated with
specifically for FRP-clad buildings in environments which PRODUCT INFORMATION
can destroy painted metal and vinyl systems. While rain
these competing products.
washes corrosive materials off wall and roof panels,
significant amounts of these materials may actually
Translucent reinforced corrugated fiberglass skylight panels
accumulate in gutter sections. Gutter and downspout
are ideal for:
system components have to withstand even worse
Residential awnings over patio decks and windows
corrosive conditions than ordinary FRP panels.
Pergola and gazebo coverings
V-Sky gutter is specifically designed with versatility in mind,
Restaurant and commercial canopies and walkways.
this gutter will suit most field conditions. The continuous
Barn skylights & other agricultural building sklyights
flange mounts under the roof panel thus eliminating the
Factory building skylights & other industrial buildings
need for separate eave flashing. Connectors, inserts, and
Metal building skylights
adapters conveniently fit snugly together.
Warehouse skylights, etc.


Strength where it's needed most
FRP Panels do not perform the same as steel panels and therefore
Performance and aesthetics
should not be designed to the same requirements. Steel panels are
Quick and easy installation
generally 20 times stiffer than an equivalent FRP Panel of the same


Description: The product shall be Zelltech V-sky Glass
Reinforced Polyester Sheeting
Surface Coating: TOP: DuPont Teijin Melinex Film
UNDER: DuPont Teijin Melinex Underside Film
Resin System: The Resin System shall be............[HPRS, 50FR,
25HTH or other]
Save Energy Anti Corrosion Longest Lasting
Product Certicat'n: To AS/NZS 4256.3 : 1994
Reduction of electricity in lightings Produced with a high quality A protective barrier on both exterior
compared to those who turns on isophthalic halogenated and interior surfaces that is fused Production
the lightings for approx 8 hours on polyester resin. into the resin/fiberglass matrix to Manufacturing
the daytime working hours. give the panel even greater Standard: To ISO 9001 : 2008
protection against degradation.
Prole: The Prole shall be........................
Weight: The Weight shall be........................[1800, 2400,
3050, 3660, 4880 or other g/m2]
Colour: The Colour shall be........................[CLEAR,
Installation: To be carried out in accordance with the
Ruspert Coating Australian/New Zealand Design and Installation
of sheet roof and wall cladding products
This screw is used to fasten V-Sky panels to AS/NZS 1562.3 : 1996 and Zelltech V-sky Roong
steel grits and purlins. Contact us for special Products Co Ltd Installation and Maintenance
fastener availability. procedures


Imprint: Reproduction of this brochure in whole or part, the copying or imitation of any illustrations and the imitation of the layout is strictly prohibited. The technical US Tech.
descriptions and dimensions in this brochure, also those imagery and drawings, are-non-binding. Copyright PT. Cellcius Indoperkasa. Cellcius Skylite Fiberglass 2015. All
rights reserved. Design by Mark Design.
We bring the sun
to your indoors..
Zelltech V-sky fiberglass reinforced plastic
roofing and gutter provide the perfect green roof
solution to meet your sustainable building
lighting and energy saving requirements.
Quality Product is
Why pay for what nature provides for free? Why pay for the
a result of Quality Process
best light that you can have... The Sun

V-Skys translucent reinforced plastic roofing panels substantially

reduce the amount of artificial illumination and electricity needed to
Fully Automated Process
Corrugation Proling light the inside of your building. V-sky has a product designed to by US. Tech machineries US Tech.
meet your expectation. In addition to translucent and strong panels,
V-Sky can match the corrugation of the existing roof. V-sky's products are designed to fully optimize corrosion resistance,
and to become the most durable, longest lasting fiberglass building
panels on the market today.

Why V-Sky?
V-Sky panels are strong, V-Sky offers a wide range of RESISTANT
durable and shatter resistant. manufacturing and technical FRP panels remain virtually
Long in-line feeder to output process with less human involvement. Automated & Programmed control panel.
They have a high strength to capabilities to meet specific unaffected in many chemical
modulus ratio and therefore. needs. V-Sky are available in a environments. Therell be no
wide range of colors, finishes rust, rot, scale or mildew.
GOOD WEATHERING and profiles are adaptable.
V-Sky panels have built-in UV DIFFUSED LIGHT V-Sky panels are naturally PROJECT APPLICATIONS
and weather protection. TRANSMISSION resilient and withstand large
There is no need to apply V-Sky panels are translucent deflections associated with
costly coatings or film. The panels that provide soft normal load and impact
outer exteriors of V-Sky are diffused transmitted light. conditions without suffering
coated by Dupont Melinex. damage.

Dupont Melinex
Sophisticated Construction
Gel Coat
for a long-life endurance
Fiberglass Matt V-Sky construction is one of a kind, one of the product in the market
that uses high quality material such as Dupont Melinex and
Japan resin
GEL COAT that brings:
Dupont Melinex - Surface smoothness and reflectivity Residential Industrial Public Space
* TYPE 3 - Durability and protection against UV, and any weather