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JBT-1 Universal Tester

The JBT-1 Starter and Alternator Tester is an

all-in-one testing device that was designed for
PartsStores, Warehouses and Distribution Centers.
The tester provides the end user with capabilities
previously available only to OEM manufacturers.
JBT-1 Universal Tester

Solenoid Pull-in test, Voltage Drop and Contact
Test virtually every alternator available including
BSS, LIN & clutch pulley alternators with less than
40 test harness combinations
Built-in digital oscilloscope for analysis of rectifier/
diode & stator windings
Database is searchable by Part Number, Plug Num-
ber or Vehicle Application
Easy to operate touch screen with step-by-step
connection instructions aided by full color pictures

Alternator Testing Starter Testing

The platform supports the various computerized Comprehensive test of the starter and solenoid
serial communication protocols required to acti- functionality with the combination of measured
vate and test the alternator including BSS & LIN electrical values and optional shaft speed measure-
Built-in digital oscilloscope for analysis of rectifier/ ments
diode and stator winding condition. Also provides The computer controlled variable voltage starter
comprehensive measurement of regulator func- power supply tests solenoid pull-in with a pro-
tions and terminal output signals grammable voltage to detect weak and defective
The regulator terminal switching circuitry auto- solenoids
matically configures the test harness to match the Analysis of starter components with inertial load
required plug connections of the alternator and speed sensor. The optional sensor evaluates
Alternator leakage test checks for faulty alternator starter pinion engagement and timing
components such as missing or broken insulators, Measures solenoid contact voltage drop, pull coil
defective diodes and regulators & hold coil current, early model R terminal con-
nection - checks for contact chatter, pinion engage-
Software ment and speed
Printed Pass/Fail reports
Distribution of test specifications via internet &

Output Voltage 0 - 50 Volts Memory capacity equal to storage

available on the PC
Alternator Leakage 1 - 100 mAmp Starter Free Run Current 0 - 150 Amp

Solenoid Voltage drop 0 - 5 Volt Solenoid Current 0 - 100 Amp

Automatic Terminal Verification Starter Free Running Speed via Speed

5/9/2012 12:54

Starter Model : 210517092

Description: 12V, 0 KW, NEG, CW

Solenoid Installed: YES

MAG Switch Installed:

Test Results Table:

Free Run Current Amps 34.5 Pass
Free Run Speed RPM - -
Solenoid Pull Current Amps 12.2 Pass
Solenoid Hold Current Amps 5.3 Pass
Voltage Drop
Volt 0.1 Pass
(Solenoid Contact)
Contact Chatter Test Volts Pass Pass
Solenoid Closing Time mSec - -
Solenoid Open time mSec 450.0 Pass

Store ID:
Kalundu Trading [pty] ltd.
Store Location:
Halfway House, 1685
Telephone Number:
011 314 4233 -
4/4/2012 6:36

Alternator Model : 815512140

Description: 12V, 140A, CCW

Internal Voltage Regulator, Plug Code 371

Harness Code: 3005


Parameter: Units Value Status

Output Voltage (VSP) Volts 14.7 Pass
Alternator Charging Test - - -
Secondary Regulation Volts - -
RVC Voltage Set Point Volts - -
Stator Voltage Volts - -
Field Current Amps - -
Ripple Current Amps 3.0 Pass
Leakage Current mAmps 0.6 Pass
Lamp Status at Stop - ON Pass
Lamp Status at Run - OFF Pass
Feedback Frequency Hz - -
Feedback (Full Load) % PWM - -
Feedback (Min. Load) % PWM - -
COM Electrical Test - - -
COM Mechanical Test - - -
COM Temperature Test - - -
Manufacturer Data -
Alternator Data -

3 Curent Pattern

Store ID:
Kalundu Trading [pty] ltd.
Store Location:
PO Box 3135,
Telephone Number:
011 314 4233 -