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Date-Sheet for Science Courses Under Graduate

Programme Part-II/III/IV (III/V/VIIth Semester) Examination Nov/Dec-2016
Students Admitted under erstwhile FYUP in Year-2013
MAIN SUBJECT :- Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Botany, Chemistry, *Computer
Science, *Electronics Science,*Food Technology, Geology, Home Science,
*Instrumentation, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physical Education and Sports
Science, Physics, *Polymer Science, Statistics, Zoology.
Subject Sem. Unique Description
Paper Code

24th November Thursday

Computer Science VII 2341701 Artificial Intelligence

Electronics Science VII 2511701 Power Electronics

Food Technology VII 2201701 Food Quality Management

Instrumentation VII 2511701 8051 and Advance Microcontrollers

Polymer Science VII 1141701 Fiber Manufacturing Technology

25th November, Friday

Anthropology V 2151501 Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge: Anthropological Perspectives
Biochemistry V 2491501 Hormones: Biochemistry and Function
Biomedical Science V 2581501 Introduction to Biopharmacology and Pharmacokinetics
Botany V 2161501 Ecology and Phytogeography
Chemistry V 2171501 Theory Inorganic: d-Block Elements, Coordination Chemistry,
Lanthanides & Actinides
Computer Science V 2341501 Probability Theory and Statistical Computing
Electronics Science V 2511501 Microprocessors
Food Technology V 2201505 Differential Equations
Geology V 2191501 Hydrogeology
Home Science V 2201501 Indian Textile Heritage
Instrumentation V 2511505 Microprocessor
Mathematics V 2351501 Algebra-IV (Group Theory-II)
Microbiology V 2531501 Immunology
Physical Education V 2551501 Yoga
and Sports Science
Physics V 2221501 Quantum Mechanics & Applications-I
Polymer Science V 1141501 Polymer Degradation
Statistics V 2371501 Statistical Inference-I
Zoology V 2231501 Animal Behaviour

26th November, Saturday

Anthropology III 2151301 Anthropological Genetics

Biochemistry III 2491301 Metabolism of Carbohydrates and Lipids

Biomedical Science III 2581301 Genome Organization and Function-I

Botany III 2161301 Archegoniates

Chemistry III 2171301 Section A:- Inorganic: Principles of metallurgy and Chemistry of S-
Block Element.
Section B: Physical: Chemical and lonic Equilibria
Computer Science III 2341301 Operating Systems

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Date-Sheet for Science Courses Under Graduate Programme Part-II/III/IV
(III/V/VIIth Semester) Examination Nov/Dec-2016 Contd
Subject Sem. Unique Description
Paper Code
26th November, Saturday Contd
Electronics Science III 2511301 Digital System Design
Food Technology III 2201301 Technology of Meat, Milk, Fish and Egg
Geology III 2191301 Sedimentology and Principles of Stratigraphy
Home Science III 2201304 Nutrition for Adults and Elderly
Instrumentation III 2511304 Digital Electronics
Mathematics III 2351301 Algebra-II (Group Theory-I)
Microbiology III 2531301 Microbial Physiology and Metabolism
Physical Education III 2551301 Gymnastics
and Sports Science
Physics III 2221301 Mathematical Physics-II
Polymer Science III 1141301 Polymer Rheology
Statistics III 2371301 Operations Research
Zoology III 2231301 Diversity and Distribution of Chordata

30th November, Wednesday

Anthropology V 2151502 Human Growth and Adaptation
Biochemistry V 2491502 Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Biomedical Science V 2581502 Medicinal Chemistry
Botany V 2161502 Plant Physiology
Chemistry V 2171502 Theory Organic: Carbohydrates, Spectroscopy and Dyes
Computer Science V 2341502 Theory of Computation
Electronics Science V 2511502 Electromagnetic Waves & Transmission Lines
Food Technology V 2201506 Advanced Food Chemistry
Geology V 2191502 Geophysics
Home Science V 2201502 Nutrition for Children and Adolescents
Instrumentation V 2511506 Analytical Instrumentation-I
Mathematics V 2351502 Analysis-V (Complex Analysis)
Microbiology V 2531502 Industrial Microbiology
Physical Education V 2551502 Sports Psychology
and Sports Science
Physics V 2221502 Electromagnetic Theory
Polymer Science V 1141502 Fiber Science and Rubber Technology
Statistics V 2371502 Linear Models
Zoology V 2231502 Concepts and Mechanisms of Evolution

2nd December, Friday

Anthropology III 2151302 Anthropological Theories of Society and Culture
Biochemistry III 2491302 Gene Organization and Replication and Repair
Biomedical Science III 2581302 Protein Chemistry and Function
Botany III 2161302 Morphology and Anatomy of Angiosperm
Chemistry III 2171302 Organic : Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Halogenated Hydrocarbons,
Alcohols and Phenols
Computer Science III 2341302 Data Communications and Computer Networks
Electronics Science III 2511302 C++ and Data Structures
Food Technology III 2201302 Technology of Cereals, pulses and Oilseeds
Geology III 2191302 Paleontology
Home Science III 2201305 Human Development: A Topical Approach
Instrumentation III 2511305 Industrial Instrumentation
Mathematics III 2351302 Analysis-II (Real Functions)
Microbiology III 2531302 Concepts of Genetics
Physical Education III 2551302 Health Education, First Aid and Rehabilitation
and Sports Science
Physics III 2221302 Digital Systems and Applications
Polymer Science III 1141302 Polymer Characterization
Statistics III 2371302 Survey Sampling
Zoology III 2231302 Fundamentals of Biochemistry

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Date-Sheet for Science Courses Under Graduate Programme Part-II/III/IV
(III/V/VIIth Semester) Examination Nov/Dec-2016 Contd
Subject Sem. Unique Description
Paper Code

3rd December, Saturday

Computer Science VII 2341702 Information Security
Electronics Science VII 2511702 Photonics
Food Technology VII 2201702 Food Packaging Technology
Instrumentation VII 2511702 Virtual Instrumentation
Polymer Science VII 1141702 Specialty Polymers

5th December, Monday

Anthropology V 2151503 Anthropology of India

Biochemistry V 2491503 Molecular Basis of Complex Human Diseases

Biomedical Science V 2581503 Biophysics

Botany V 2161503 Fundamentals of Molecular Biology

Chemistry V 2171503 Theory Physical: Phase Equilibria & Binary Solutions

Computer Science V 2341503 Computer Graphics

Electronics Science V 2511503 Communication Electronics

Food Technology V 2201507 Food Microbiology

Geology V 2191503 Remote Sensing and GIS

Home Science V 2201503 Physical Sciences

Instrumentation V 2511507 Biomedical Instrumentation-I

Mathematics V 2351503 Calculus-II (Multivariate Calculus)

Microbiology V 2531503 Recombinant DNA Technology

Physical Education V 2551503 Physical Activity & Sports Technology

and Sports Science
Physics V 2221503 Physics of Devices and Instruments

Polymer Science V 1143503 Polymers in Packing Technology

Statistics V 2372503 Applied Statistics-II

Zoology V 2231503 Immunology

7th December, Wednesday

Anthropology III 2151303 Kinship, Family, Marriage and Gender
Biochemistry III 2491303 Membrane Biology and Bioenergetics
Biomedical Science III 2581303 Human Physiology and Anatomy-II
Botany III 2161303 Plant resource Utilization
Chemistry III 2171303 Section A: Organic: Carbonyl Compounds and Carboxylic Acids
Section B: Physical: Chemical Kinetics and Catalysis
Computer Science III 2341303 Discrete Structures
Electronics Science III 2511303 Analog Electronics-I
Food Technology III 2201303 Bakery and Confectionary Technology
Geology III 2191303 Geomorphology
Home Science III 2201306 Fabric and Apparel Science
Instrumentation III 2511306 Quality Control Techniques
Mathematics III 2351303 Numerical Methods
Microbiology III 2531303 Virology
Physical and III 2551303 Methods of Teaching
Education and Sports
Physics III 2221303 Waves and Optics
Polymer Science III 1141303 Polymer Additives
Statistics III 2372303 Probability and Statistical Methods
Zoology III 2231303 Physiology: Controlling and Coordinating Systems

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Date-Sheet for Science Courses Under Graduate Programme Part-II/III/IV
(III/V/VIIth Semester) Examination Nov/Dec-2016 Contd
Subject Sem. Unique Description
Paper Code

8th December, Thursday

Anthropology V 2151504 Human Ecology: Social and Cultural Dimensions
Biochemistry V 2491504 Techniques for Cellular and Molecular Biology Research
Biomedical Science V 2581504 Immunobiology
Botany V 2161504 Analytical Techniques in Plant Science
Chemistry V 2171504 Theory Section A- Inorganic: Reactions Rates & Mechanism. Section-
B-Organic: Pharmaceuticals, Natural Products and Polymers
Geology V 2191504 Earth and Climate
Home Science V 2201504 Issues and Concerns in Sociology and Psychology
Mathematics V 2351504 Probability & Statistics
Microbiology V 2531504 Environmental Microbiology
Physical Education V 2551504 Game of Specialization- Athletics
and Sports Science
2551505 Game of Specialization- Badminton
2551506 Game of Specialization- Basketball
2551507 Game of Specialization-Cricket
2551508 Game of Specialization-Football
2551509 Game of Specialization-Gymnastics
2551510 Game of Specialization-Handball
2551511 Game of Specialization-Hockey
2551512 Game of Specialization-Judo
2551513 Game of Specialization-Kabaddi
2551514 Game of Specialization-Kho-Kho
2551515 Game of Specialization-Volleyball
2551516 Game of Specialization-Yoga
Physics V 2221504 Computer Programming & Numerical Analysis

2351505 Numerical Methods

(For those students who have studied one Chemistry paper in 3rd
or 4th Semester)
Statistics V 2371504 Stochastic Processes
Zoology V 2231504 Developmental Biology

*B. Tech Course.


Students who have failed in the IInd year, they can only appear for III semester as per date-


Delhi, the 6th October, 2016 O.S.D.-(EXAMINATIONS)

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