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1 Impact of Job Stress on Employee Job Satisfaction Dec-16

2 The Impact of Job Stress on Employee Job 2013

Satisfaction:A Study on Private Colleges of Pakistan

3 Impact of Job Stress on Consumer Satisfaction with 2014

Role of Mediating Variables (Employee Satisfaction
and Employee Performance): A Study of Punjab
Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Sahiwal, Pakistan

4 Teachers Job Satisfaction And Its Relationship with May-16

Organizational Commitment In Ethiopian Primary
Schools: Focus On Primary Schools Of Bonga Town



6 The Impact of Job Stress on Employee Job Satisfaction 2011

A Study on Telecommunication Sector of Pakistan
Author Place Methodology
MUHAMMAD RIAZ Okara. Pak Sample size consists of 100 nurses
NAZIR AHMAD of DHQ Hospital of Okara.

Muttie ur Rehman Sargodha . Pak A sample of 150 employees from

Rabbia Irum the private colleges of Pakistan
Namra Tahir was used for this analysis.
Zara Ijaz
Uzma Noor
Ume Salma

Raja Irfan Sabir Sahiwal . Pak In a sample of 600 respondents,

Naeem Akhtar 300 employees &300 consumer of
Usman Zakir Rescue 1122 will be used.
Iram Nadeem
Asad Ur Rehman

Bekalu Ferede Tefera Bonga Town 118 teachers were selected from six
Abebe Hunde Burichew primary schools using simple
Teferi Getahun random sampling technique &
participated in the study.

Richa N. AGARWAL1 Delhi The sample size was 250 & the
study was conducted software
engineers in and around Delhi NCR,
Bengaluru and Pune.

Muhammad Mansoor Pakistan A sample of 134 employee from

Sabtain Fida the telecom sector from Pakistan
Saima Nasir was used for this analysis.
Zubair Ahmad
Techniques for analysis Independent Dependent Moderating
Reliability Statistics Job Stress Employee Job
Correlations Satisfaction

ANOVA Job Stress Employee Job

Coefficientsa Satisfaction

Correlation Job Stress Consumer

Regression satisfaction

Correlation job satisfaction Organizational

t-test. Commitment

Correlation Stress job satisfaction

ANOVA job Commitment
ANOVA Job Stress Employee Job
Coefficients Satisfaction
Instruments Mediating Findings
Yes The result of the study shows that
job stress positively impact on
employee job satisfaction.

Yes results contradicted that stress is

positively related to employees job
satisfaction which dont support
previous study on stress

Yes Employee satisfaction 1) Findings of this research is that

employee performance fake calls and job stress has an
impact on job satisfaction &
also indicate that extra working
hours,low salaries and job stress
are the factor which is decreasing
the job satisfaction.
2) Findings of this research will be
used for Rescue 1122 employee's
and consumer awareness.

Yes 1) Positive relationship between

teachers'job satisfaction &
organizational commitment.
2) Positive relationships between
scores of demographic variables,
job satisfaction & organizational

Yes The results show that there is not

relation of stress to job satisfaction
&job commitment and indirectly it is
having any relation with attrition.

Yes This study find that stress which

negatively related to employees
job satisfaction and support
previous study.
Limitations Future research
only one hospitalis conducted for survey 1.To better understand the impact
sample size is limited. of job stress on employee job
satisfaction the further study
can be conducted with a large
number of sample sizes among
3 the nursing sector.
2.The same study can be
conducted on nursing sector
in other city of Pakistan.
3.The same study can be
conducted in private hospitals
of Okara.

Used many other factors to measure 1.To better understand the impact
the employee job satisfaction & of job stress on employee job
assume many other variables for satisfaction the further study
employee job satisfation can be conducted with a large
number of sample sizes
2.The same study can be
conducted in Govt. colleges of

The study supports the various factors area of study should be change
of job stress has the most significant more independence variables can be
and strong impact on employee added

- Further research for better understanding

of the nature of the relationship between
teachers demographic variables, job
satisfaction & organizational commitment
in developing countries.

1) Researcher had taken three cities as Further generates interest to explore and
they are the hub of IT sector. study some other factors like training,
2) Time constraint as the study took career growth,location, leadership etc.& its
three years .and as the IT industry is and attrition.
very dynamic researcher could not
include other cities.

1) Data has been collected through Further research is necessary to explore

questionnaire;cross sectional nature of deeper into the causes of stress & its effect
the study is the major limitation. on employees job satisfaction in telecom
2) only role conflict, workload & physical sector of Pakistan.
environment as a predictor of employee
job satisfaction