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2013 High School Diploma 2013- 2017 Psychology/Education Degree
Honors student graduate In progress of completing a
from Chipman Forest Avenue Bachelor of Psychology, TESL
High School Certificate, and Education Degree at
Crandall University


07.13 8.15 Covered Bridge VIC 12.16 Shediac Bay Baptist Church
Information Consultant: Required excellent Active youth group leader for grades six to twelve
communication and interpersonal skills, and childrens ministry volunteer.
articulate direction and listening skills,
creative thinking for fundraising, and 09.16 04.17 Soma Church Team Member
exceptional organizational skills. Working with and for an on campus, student-lead
10.15 05.17 Crandall University
Yoga Class Instructor: lead regular, beginner 09.15 04.16 Crandall University
Christian based yoga classes. Education Senator: Acting as liaison between
students and student council and organizing
Crandall Student Association: Creative
activities and events.
planning of events, execution of activities,
and cooperation with student body.
05.14 Cumberland Bay Baptist Church
Student services: Requires excellent Volunteer art work with Daily Vacation Bible School
communication and service to students. and nursery room murals. Volunteer work with
junior church, during church service.
08.14 01.17 Personal Art Business
Commissioned Artist: Successful 04.14 06.15 Chipman Elementary School
independently run commissioned art Volunteered over various years for fundraising
business. support, art donations, fieldtrips, in class support,
art support, etc.
08.16 04.17 Residence Assistant
Responsible for spiritual growth, academic 07.14 08.15 Miss New Brunswick
success, wellness maintenance, and overall Volunteered time to over 50 events across New
positive experience at university of Brunswick including, Bathurst Veterans Complex,
Colburne House students. cancer relay for life, NB celebrations Fredericton,
Childrens wish foundation, etc.
04.2017- Boston Pizza REFERENCES
Crystal Knowles, Crandall Student Services.
04.2017- Play Caf Phone: (506) 227-7463
Dr. Stacie Reck, Professor of Crandall Education
Program. Email:
Excellent in creative thinking, leadership, Dr. Elissa Rodkey, Professor of Crandall
optimism, and adaptability. Psychology Program. Email:
Certified food handling Shelia and Edward Ferris, overseers of Miss NB
Certified First Aid and CPR events and mayor (now retired). Phone:339-6873