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OXFAM FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: FRAUD ALERT: Organisation claims to be an Oxfam subsidiary Oxfam International through its Malawi office would like to distance itself from an organisation named AXFARM and trading as a subsidiary of Oxfam. The general public is being informed and warned that AXFARM is using Oxfam name, Oxfam International logo and Oxfam Oxford House address to defraud people, companies and organisations. Oxfam is and will not be liable for any undertakings that any member of the general public will or has had with AXFARM or a Ms Linda Harden and a Mr Jay Smith — two unknown individuals sending emails on behalf of AXFARM and fraudulently using Oxfam registered details. Oxfam further warns individuals behind AXFARM that they are liable to legal action for unauthorised and fraudulent use and abuse of Oxfam registered details. The general public is therefore being informed that Oxfam is a registered charity in England and Wales and Scotland and is registered in Malawi through NGO Board and Congoma as Oxfam in Malawi and does NOT have subsidiaries in the country. We wish to appeal to any member of the general public who has any information regarding AXFARM to report to Oxfam in Malawi Country Director through contact details below or to any nearest police. IK John Makina Country Director Oxfam in Malawi! Green Heritage Building | City Centre Area 13 | Private Bag 8331 | Lilongwe | Tel +265 1770 489