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Murky Water: Causes and Cures

Murky water is a term commonly used to describe pond or lake water that is cloudy, grey, brown, green,
muddy, hazy or otherwise filled with suspended particles consisting of some combination of organic and
inorganic particles. In general, murky water is unpleasant to look at and can come with unpleasant
There are a number of causes for murky water including unbalanced nutrient or pH levels and excessive
amounts of animal or plant waste in pond water. The Supers Choice line of pond maintenance products
includes a variety of environmentally friendly pond treatment products that are ideal for clearing murky
water and improving the overall biological balance of lakes and ponds.

Understanding Causes of Murky Water in Ponds

General causes for these problems include high levels of phosphates and nitrates from fertilizer runoff,
decaying organic plant debris, fish waste, and a lack of beneficial pond bacteria. Murky water can be
classified as two general types:
1.Organic - Murky water may be caused by a natural buildup of organic wastes. These wastes float as
suspended solids in the water column and create the appearance of murky water. The heavier particles
settle to the bottom and create bottom sludge (muck). Supers Choice beneficial pond bacteria will
naturally and effectively eliminate these decaying organic wastes. This results in clean and clear water,
as well as reduced bottom sludge.
2.Inorganic - Murky water is also created by mud & clay particles in an earthen pond. The lighter mud &
clay particles float as suspended solids. Supers Choice Water Clarifier (Flocculant) will pull these
suspended particles together and settle them to the bottom of the pond.

How to Clear Murky Water in Ponds and Lakes

There are a number of products in the Supers Choice line of pond cleaning products are designed to
improve water clarity and eliminate murky water. These products are manufactured with natural, safe
and effective and contain no harsh chemicals. These pond treatments are ideal for use in golf course
ponds and irrigation lakes.
Every pond is different but most often the best results are achieved when multiple products are used in
conjunction with each other.
Beneficial Pond Bacteria
Supers Choice Pond Bacteria is a 100% natural formulation of beneficial pond bacteria cultures and
natural ingredients, designed to eliminate organic wastes from irrigation lakes and ornamental ponds.
This results in the elimination of murky water, bottom sludge, problem-nutrients and odors.
Concentrated Water Clarifier (Flocculant)
This product works by pulling together small, suspended particles that are too light to sink to the bottom
of the pond and thus remain suspended throughout the water column - causing murky water. Once
these smaller particles are pulled together to create larger particles, they are then heavy enough to
settle to the bottom of the pond - creating clear water. This concentrated water clarifier will remove both
inorganic particles (mud and clay), as well as organic particles (decaying plants and animal wastes)
from pond water.