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SOLTEQ® Equipment for Engineering Education & Research


HIS Flowmeter Measurement Apparatus (Model: FM 101) has been designed to introduce students to
T the operating characteristics of various types of flowmeter. The equipment consists of a venturi meter,
a rotameter and an orifice plate, installed in series configuration to permit direct comparison. A flow
control valve is provided to allow for variation of the flow rate through the circuit. Pressure tappings are incorporated
so that the head loss characteristics of each flow meter can be measured. These tappings are connected to an
eight-tube piezometer bank incorporating a manifold with air bleed valve.


The levels in the piezometer tubes to be adjusted to a The unit shall allow students to run experiments on the
convenient level using the air bleed valve. The circuit followings:
and piezometer are attached to a support framework

4 m The unit comes complete with the following items: a) Manometer board MANUAL The unit is supplied with Operating and Experiment Manuals in English giving full descriptions of the unit. summary of theory. rotameter and bench. SOLTEQ c) Orifice plate ♦ Determination of flow coefficient of a venturi meter d) Rotameter/variable area flowmeter & an orifice plate. OVERALL DIMENSION Height : 0. e) Flow regulating valve ♦ Establishment of the relationship between flow and differential pressure/fluid velocity for venturi meter f) 90º degree elbow and orifice plate.6 m Depth : 0. . experimental procedures and typical experimental results. SOLTEQ® Equipment for Engineering Education & Research ♦ Application of the Bernoulli’s equation for b) Venturi meter incompressible fluids. orifice plate. ♦ Comparison of flow measurement using venturi REQUIREMENTS meter. ♦ Calibration of a rotameter/variable area flowmeter.9 m SPECIFICATIONS Width : 0. Hydraulic Bench ♦ Determination of loss coefficient when fluid flow through 90º degree elbow.