This article deals with the death of Jamie Lubarr the brother of the
wife of my friend from Michigan State University in 1964, Richard
Jennings. The New York Times reported:

On December 26, 1982 a 32-year-old Manhattan man who was
walking with his date to a Christmas Eve party in Chelsea was
fatally shot by one of two men who accosted the couple, the
police said yesterday. The victim, Jamie Lubarr of 212 Grand
Street, was shot once in the chest shortly before 11 P.M. Friday by
a man who approached him outside 127 West 26th Street and
said, ''We're going to shoot you,'' according to Sgt. Raymond
O'Donnell, a police spokesman. Mr. Lubarr was taken to Bellevue
Hospital, where he died at about 7 A.M., Sergeant O'Donnell said.
The police said Mr. Lubarr was a partner in and production
manager for Jamie Lubarr Film Productions, which filmed
television documentaries and commercials.

On Jan. 16, 1983 25-year-old Waymon Darkins, of 2999 Eighth
Avenue, was arrested and charged with the Christmas Day murder
of Damon McQueen. The shotgun slaying followed an argument
involving a woman both men knew.

Last Tuesday, Mr. Darkins, who is being held on Rikers Island, was
charged with another murder - that of Jamie Lubarr, 32, a partner
in a production company, who was killed Christmas Eve. Mr.
Lubarr and a date were on their way to a party when they were
accosted by two men on West 26th Street, between the Avenue of
the Americas and Seventh Avenue. In March 2005 22 years later
he was back on the street.

Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore announced
that Waymon Darkins (DOB 02/18/58) of 166 Beach 30th Street,
Rockaway, Queens, New York, was sentenced today to Life
Without Parole in state prison on his conviction to two counts of
Murder in the First Degree and one count of Criminal Possession of
a Weapon in the Second Degree in the 2005 killing of Gustavo

On March 19th, 2005, the body of Gustavo Hincapie, a salesman
for a Queens door and window company, was found wrapped in
plastic and dumped behind a Mavis Tire Store on North Avenue in
New Rochelle. He was shot once in the head.

After a wide ranging and comprehensive investigation, that
stretched into Brooklyn, Queens and as far south as Georgia,
detectives from the New Rochelle Police Department found that
Darkins set up and killed Hincapie, to eliminate him as a witness
in a Queens, New York identity theft case. The woman who
directed the hit, Parys Johnson, has a federal conviction for
bank fraud and identity theft. Johnson worked as a real estate
agent and promised Darkins a reduced rate in rent in exchange
for the murder.

District Attorney Janet DiFiore commented after the verdict,
“Today’s sentence assures us that a dangerous, remorseless,
violent predicate felon has been held accountable for his actions.
Since the defendant has repeatedly demonstrated by his conduct
he has no place in society, he will spend the rest of his life in state

Nov 28, 2015 -

Just a few hours before he was shot dead, a former Rikers Island
inmate awaiting a $450,000 payout from the city told his mother
of a dark premonition. “He felt like something was going to
happen to him,” Robert Hinton’s mom Parys Johnson, 48, told the
Daily News. “We had this conversation. And his words to me were,
‘You know mom, if something happens to me, make sure (my
girlfriend) Michelle and the baby's all right.’” Hinton’s words
proved prophetic.

The 28-year-old who survived a brutal beating by correction
officers was shot in the head outside the Van Dyke Houses in
Brownsville Thursday night. Hinton was waiting on a $450,000
settlement from the city after he was beaten while he was an
inmate at Rikers. His mother believes he was killed by people
trying to steal that money. Hinton was likely weeks away from
receiving his nearly half-million dollar payout. Now his mother is
wondering who is going to receive it. She’s not convinced that his
pregnant girlfriend is carrying his child. "He loves her. Well, he
did, until he found out what she was doing,” Johnson said in an
exclusive interview inside her Bedford-Stuyvesant apartment.

“But he wanted to believe that that was his child.” Johnson said
she’s planning to ask for a paternity test. Hinton’s girlfriend
couldn’t be reached. He was killed outside the Van Dyke Houses.
“We'll find out, because my genes are strong,” she added. “All my
children look like me.” Hinton was killed three years after his
Rikers Island beatdown. Surveillance cameras captured a gang of
correction officers wailing away on the defenseless inmate while
he was hogtied in solitary confinement. Hinton suffered cracked
vertebrae and was barely recognizable after the savage
punishment for refusing to be transferred to a different cell
without first receiving his baloney sandwich lunch. A Rikers Island
captain and five correction officers were fired in January over the

Johnson said her son, a reputed Bloods gang member with a long
rap sheet, wanted out of the city and was considering moving to
Atlanta to open a club. “He was just looking forward to the
change, just finally getting out of here and getting to some place
where there's some peace,” Johnson said. “He wanted to have his
own business, but he didn't want to live anywhere near here.”
Johnson believes her son’s killing was carefully planned. He was
gunned down after delivering Thanksgiving leftovers from his
sister’s place in Coney Island to his wheelchair-bound great aunt,
his mother said. Cops are still hunting for the shooter.

“The whole thing sounds like a setup,” Johnson said. “It was a
matter of somebody saying, ‘Oh he's on his way. He just left his
sister's house, he's here, he's coming down.’ It was just so
planned. And those are people that we see every day. “For some
reason these people thought that he had money. He had money in
his pocket, but he hadn't received anything from the settlement
yet." “My son was not always a model citizen, but he was a good
person,” Johnson added. “As a child, he was the best kid I ever
had. No crying, no asking for a whole lot. Then he grew up. Things
change. People change.”

Assuming we are dealing with the same Parys Johnson she put out
contracts before. The question is what was her sentence for the
Gustavo Hincapie hit? She never did time for the murder it seems.
She was convicted of the following State charges: