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College Bound..?

Group Acht
By: Alan Butler, Preston Saelee, Maria Martinez, Brenda Jarquin
Getting Started...

Senior Year of High School…

- Take SAT and/or ACT
- Ask for letters of recommendation
- Talk to teacher or guidance counselor to help get scholarships (30 +)
- Submit college applications early if possible
How does college increase confidence?

College increases confidence by ..

- Believing in yourself
- All experiences become more useful such as in class discussions your
culture and language difference would bring more perspective in the class
discussion ( which would boost your confidence since you would feel
smart about knowing something someone might not)
How does college expand opportunities?

College expands opportunities …

- Working for bigger companies
- Traveling a little more
- Having friends that become political leaders, doctors and etc
- College is unique but nobody will have the same experience but you can
make the best out of it
How does college offer exposure to diversity?

Offer exposure to diversity …

- Being surrounded to different culture and religions
- Makes you more open minded and eyes to not just think someone is only
white, black,mexican, and etc by their looks
- It challenges your mind to know more and when you start a job you can be
more open to people because that will help you get by
How does college Bring new friends,learning
experiences, and freedom?

College brings new friends, learning experience, and freedom …

- Many doors open up and you can try many new things
- You chose to do homework, going to class and taking notes because you
want to
- You aren’t being forced to do anything because it is on you if you want to
get something out of college
What is meant by access to college?

Access to college is for everyone which is why they try to make it affordable. As
a teenager we dream big and college is a way to expand your imagination to
inspire you to make it possible. There is a lot of support for low income
students and their is support services that can help so everyone has a chance.
If you are an active participant then you will have a lot of benefits with the
experiences youll have and meeting new people from different cultures and
How is the divwersity in College of Lake
How is the campus at UCLA and how are
they with you?
Making high school count

Introduction 1:

Taking the harder classes in high school so you're well prepared for college.

Taking higher classes makes your application look good.
Making high school count

Introduction 2:

Do things you enjoy like math, science, art etc.

Lead people and try to become a leader.
High school classes

Take hard classes in high school and go beyond what high school graduation
requires. Take classes that have college credits. Try to go beyond what is
required so colleges will see that you are a hard worker.
High school classes

Focus on your grades it will always make things better like entering a college.
A transcript is very important part in college application. Also good grades will
make you stand out if you were to enter a college or just trying to get a job.
Extracurricular activities

Volunteering for a hospital is a great way for extracurricular activities. Helping
out at the theatre is also a great way to earn credits. You can also work for the
school during lunch and get paid. You can also join school groups and get
credits for joining and putting effort into it.
leadership activities

Leadership you can help out during or help setting up for an upcoming rally. It
can make colleges recognize what type of student you are. It will make you
stand out from the crowd.
Standardized tests

Taking the act or sat will make you look better. It will also be a bonus if you do
very well. Taking the sat is good because some good requires it. The more you
try taking the act or pat the colleges will realize that you are a hard working and
chances are you will be accepted.
Standardized tests

Taking ap exams is good because you get college credits. Taking test that are
not required shows colleges you are different and one of a kind.
Exploring College Options: Introduction

Junior and senior year the students start learning more about colleges to see
what they want to attend. Students should list 10 different colleges in either
safty, match and reach options. Students should visit their top target colleges
and local colleges to get sense of them and see if they want to attend that
Two Year vs 4 years
A 2 year college

➢ Associate's degree
A 4 year college
➢ Flexible - part times
➢ Specialized degrees- dental, ➔ Bachelor's degree
police etc. ➔ More options - extra curricular,
➢ Transfer opportunity study abroad
➢ Flexible during school. ➔ Career flexibility
➔ Grad school-Med,Law,
Public School Vs Private School

Public school Private school

❖ Publicly founded ● Privately founded
❖ Class size would be large ● Class sizes would be smaller
❖ More affordable
University vs Liberal Arts

➢ Undergrad+grad programs
Liberal arts
➢ Pre professional degrees
➢ Lots of research ➔ Smaller and mostly only
➢ Large classes undergrad
➢ Discussions+lectures ➔ Fewer research opportunities
➢ Division 1 sports ➔ About 20 students per
class(Very discussion based)
➔ Division 111 sports (Both
Nonprofit Vs For-profit

● National universities
For profit
● Focus more on education
● 65% graduate with their ❖ Focus more on making profit
degree for owners and shareholders
❖ More expensive (High-tuition
❖ 28% graduate with their
Non-selected vs Selected vs Highly selective

Non-selected Selective Highly selected

➔ Meet minimum ➔ More Applicants ➔ Grades: A-, A
requirement ➔ Grades: B, B+ ➔ 30 Percent are
➔ Minimum ➔ 34 percent are highly selective
GPA/SAT selected
Applying to College

● You have control on essays and recommendations
○ Show personality in Essay
○ If you have a talent express yourself
● Get GREAT Recommendations
○ Have people show who you are
○ Make sure they are qualified(No moms, families, or friends… they don’t care about them
they are unimportant)
Sal Kahn’s Story
you be
willing to
make your
unique to
get into a
that you
want to go
Overview on Applying
● What will be presented?
○ Biographical
○ Essays
○ Overview of who you are and what you are doing(Doing something worth your and their
○ Activities
○ Transcript
○ Schools need many letters of education
○ Standardized Testing
○ Special Talents
■ Samples of work
Overview: Applying to College
How can
this video
help you in
Requirements For State

● A-G requirements
○ Basic classes needed to take to apply
○ SAT or ACT test score
○ High School graduation
○ Application to apply
○ Min 2.0
Requirements for UC
● 15 A-G requirements with at least 11 completed by senior year
● Californians, 3.0 or better if you are not a resident of California, 3.4
● SAT Score and ACT score
● Application Complete
● Personal Statements complete
Importance of Letters of Rec.
A letter of recommendation allows the insight of
someone who is not yourself write what they think is
amazing about you. The goal is to have someone in
authority who likes you and has a lot of experience with
you so they can write about a lot of pros.
Admissions Essays and
The whole point of the essay is to get an idea of who you
are and for you to really brag about yourself and show your
importance to the society and what importance you will be
to the campus society.

If the college feels like you are important or they wants to
just get a better or more clear impression they will set up
an interview to see if you are qualified or if you could fit
campus life.
Cost of Applying
● CSU=55$
● UC’s- 70$
● Private- 85$
● Some applications are free such as Concordia
and Grand Canyon due to them being known as a
new school
What You Want to Apply To

The purpose of applying to college is to further your education but unlike high
School, you are not zoned to a certain district so you can apply to anywhere
you would like. People are always told to apply to 3 different groups of
schools: the best schools for your major, your favorite schools, and finally
your back up schools. This helps to narrow down in which schools you would
be willing to go to.
Overview: Paying for College
1. Parents or You can afford it
2. Financial Aid(Not everyone qualifies but it does help)
3. Scholarships(Not guaranteed money and they can
decline you)
4. Work(You can often times work full time and got to
college full time to pay for your college)
5. Student Loans(Never go away, until you pay them off)
Sal Kahn’s Story on Paying
for College
How can
Sal Kahn’s
way of
help inform
you how to
Moral of His Story

Strategies for Affording College

● Set aside money every month for college
● Savings/investments for college
○ No retirement
● Explore all areas of possible ways to afford(YOU DO RESEARCH)
● Federal Student Loans and Federal Parent Loan
○ Rate on student loan is a lower interest rate
○ Don’t put your parents in debt
○ Parents can borrow way more money

● Average Graduation rate
● Average percentage of needs met
● The form of Financial AID(% given as free money vs. % given as loans)
● Merit- Based AID(money given for being a good student)
and CSS

FASFA is a grant that will give you money if you are a low income family. It is
recommended that everyone applies because if you do not apply for FASFA,
you cannot apply for CSS which gives more money than FASFA. THIS IS FREE

This is a program that is related to college and allows students to go to school
full time while working part time. For example, you can take 16 units and then
work as a tutor and get paid that way.
Loans and Financial Aid
If in need for money and you cannot afford it you can either: apply for Financial
Aid or take a student loan.

Community College
Merced College
● California publicans have to accept you
● You are not required to take sat or act
● Extremely cheaper than a university
● You are being taught by professors instead of
● Vocational degree by attending community

In 1855 farmers of the lowlands didn’t have much in common with miners from
mountains and wanted to petition to split and form a new county. Once the
petition was granted, on July 1,1963 the Merced Community College District
became effective for all purposes.
Cost per year

Total - $2,779

- Comprised of $1,104 for tuition
- $1,638 for books and supplies and $37 for other fees
● Out of state the total cost is approximately $7,771 which is 179.6% higher
than California residents
State schools
1.California state university, Sacramento

2.Fun facts: 1. 300 acres. 2. Has 3,500 trees. 3. Founded in 1947.

3.School offers: Art and Nursing.

4.History: The school was built in 1947. The mascot is herky the hornet.

5.Cost for each semester:It cost 5,472 for each semester.

6.Sac state would be a great choice because it don’t cost much to go there.

7.The campus is secured by securities 24 hours. The subjects there seems interesting to me.

8.Dorms: 12,700 on campus and 11,494 off-campus. You can live off-campus if wanted too.
California College system: UC
Facts Theres many majors this school offers but two majors this
school offers would be Music and Art majors. I think that
● Ucla is known worldwide for
this school is a good choice because this UC has a great
its academic, research, health
way of showing that the education you get there for your
care, cultural, etc..
major is important.
● In UCLA 92% of the students
History: UCLA was founded in 1881. It became a university
live in Uni housings
on May 23,1919. The Uc is the second biggest campus to
● 38% of the undergraduates
enroll in. It was formerly called the “Southern Branch” and it
receive pell grants among the
consisted of a 25 acre campus when it was being formed. In
highest percentage of any
th mid 1920s the college was to small for the many
top-tier universities in the
students that were being enrolled and they decided to move
to a bigger acre worth $1 million.
Campus life in UCLA is always in motion. Students start to join clubs start
business, run organizations and are involved with the community.
Something interesting that I found was that they have annual festivals to
start the new school year. There is room and board in this college in with the
residence halls it cost about $15,069 and with an off campus apartment it’s
about $ 10,653. At the Uc it’s not mandatory for freshman to live on the
campus but some students do.