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° If I Didnt Care Words and Musio by JACK LAWRENCE Moderato ro ye =) reco ie | ee ® a ae ane —I— If your heart's in ddubt, my love, Wor-ried a - bout my love, — or, - I B rs Be che te thas FP #8 FR He —— Then all your fear Is on-ly fool-ish fan-cy, dear, =I—, eo ¥ Names of chords for Ukulele and Banjo. imbols for Guitar ee ee Copyright MCMXXXIX by Chappell & Co. Ine. N.¥:6. International Copyright Secured Made in U.S.A. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Including pubile performance for profit Any arrangement or adaptation of this composition without the consent of she owner is an Infringement of copyright. 938-4 os Fe r . 2 Refrain slowly, with expression FRE Guitar tacet p- Hf He Guitar tacet If I did - nt —____ more than words can Ami, abs Fe phe eI Ami ty on — would I feel pit espressivo ee C-988-4 If 1 Didn't Care os ore A erase. ee ge a-wake all night And dream _—— — Bb Bb Fr Be Fe FRE guitar tacet ae ae long? “If did - nt i Be Bb Fe bbe Guitar tacet FRR iff — Would it be the femme Would ty, V1, _—_— with just your _—— c-088- 4 If I Didn't Care cmi.6 D7 309 mf tt Hs ae fess that this love be-yond com - pare? > > — cc —. or cr, ie Y ap me ae #f ae — Would all this be did- ut care ie Fe Wa. ob 1 6-988-4 If I Didn't Care