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World History Diorama / Scale Model Rubric

Which civilization are you researching? ____________________________________________________

Which of the five characteristics of a civilization will you be researching? (Choose One)

Stable Food Supply Specialization of Labor

System of Government Highly Developed Culture
Social Levels

CATEGORY 4 3 2 1
The project is neat and The project is neat. Time The project is falling The project looks
complete. The project goes and effort are evident. apart but can be thrown together and
above and beyond to depict life The project uses only repaired. The messy. Uses no
Construction in the Ancient civilization. school provided project lacks materials to complete.
materials. materials in
completing the

Each item has a detailed label or Each item has a label Each item has a One or more items is
explanation explaining what the explaining what each label, but some lack not labeled.
Labels artifact is and how it relates to artifact is and how it some required
the old and new cultures. relates to the created information.

Artifact created is historically Artifact created is Artifact created is Student made a poor
accurate and fits the work that it historically accurate but acceptable but does attempt at the artifact-
Accuracy is meant to supplement. may not have been not supplement the obviously put together
mentioned in the work work that it is in a hasty fashion or
or might lack relevance. meant to highlight. not complete.

Presenters are articulate. The Presentation is lacking Presentation is Presentation is lacking

presentation holds the interest in one of the elements lacking in two in all of the elements of
of the audience and takes place of a high quality elements of a high a high quality
to Groups
smoothly. Presenters answer presentation. quality presentation.
questions correctly. presentation.

Depicts 4 or more items about Depicts 3 items about Depicts 2 items Depicts 1 item that
life in the Ancient civilization life in the Ancient about life in the about life in the
Scene/Habitat that is accurate civilization that is Ancient civilization Ancient civilization and
accurate that is fairly it is not accurate.

Rubric Score: _______ X 5 = Assignment Score: _______