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Name Title of Song

Worksheet: Who am I?

Instructions: From what you have learned about your character from outside and inside
research, complete the following statement as a template to open your imagination:

If I were that character, and what happened to that character

happened to me, I would . . .

Start with the name of your character and one known situation your character encounters
in the script. Then create a way you would handle that situation or an action you would
take if you were that character. Do this for five to ten different situations. Here are some

If I were Anna in The King and I, and I were a mother, I would tuck my son into
bed every night with a good night kiss.

If I were Lancelot in Camelot, and I were secretly in love, I would imagine my

loves head on the pillow next to mine.

If I were Claude in The Bakers Wife, and my wife left me, I wouldnt be able to
bake because of my grief.

If I were Lizzie in 110 in the Shade, and a man told me I was beautiful, I would
treat him like the liar he is for making fun of me.