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(From G12 - 52 Successful Cell Groups Topic)
Ps. Cesar Castellanos

Genesis 1

God did not need to turn to pre-existent materials to create the universe. Rather He
did all things with His own power and with the purpose of providing humanity all the
necessary elements for happiness. The only requirement God had for man was to protect
his relationship with Him. All this happiness was interrupted when man chose his own
ways to try to find it in his own strength, having moved God and His Word to the side.
From that moment on, mankind has been wandering through the world, without having a
fixed goal to follow.

God created the heavens and the earth and made them perfect The state of chaos in
which earth found itself (disorderly and empty) could have been the result of the judgment
of God upon Lucifer. This is an allegory concerning the spiritual state in which people who
have given room to sin in their lives find themselves. Just as the Holy Spirit in an act of
mercy, moved through the chaos to restore the earth, He moves now to restore the lives
of those who are under the chaos of sin.

We can compare the order of creation with the steps God uses to restore a life.

1. First day: WIN (Genesis 1:3)

Nothing existed before God spoke. The Word is Spirit and it is invisible. In other
words, out of the invisible and spiritual, God created the material and visible. This can
only happen through the authority that accompanied the Word declared by God.

The Fathers first act of mercy was creating light Everyone who is submerged in the
darkness of sin needs the light of the revelation of the Word. We can see an example of
this in Saul of Tarsus, who, blinded by sin; persecuted Christians on his way to
Damascus, until he encountered the light of Jesus. After this experience, Saul (now Paul)
expressed that God had entrusted him with the mission of opening the eyes of the
Gentiles so they would convert from darkness to Sight from the power of Satan to God
(Acts 26; 18a).In his call to ministry. God placed a desire in Paul's heart to win multitudes
of people for Christ. This burden became even greater when his spiritual eyes were
opened and he was finally able to see the end awaiting those who remain distant from
God. For this reason, Paul always spoke about the importance of winning the lost Gods
light shines upon you as well. Your life has a purpose. Think about the number of people
that will be lost if you do not reproduce this light in others.


(Genesis 1:6-7)
God used the expanse to separate the waters. After Paul received the light of the
revelation of Jesus Christ, he was separated for three days in a spiritual retreat
(Encounter). During this lapse of time, God imparted His life in Paul and subjected his
human nature. During consolidation, people are assured of their salvation, they receive
healing in their hearts, deliverance from bondages of oppression, fullness of the Holy
Spirit, and their eyes are opened to receive the Vision.


(Genesis 1:11-12)
God's productive power took action on the third day when He created the seed that
produced every tree and plant. Every person who has been redeemed by the blood of
Jesus and has gone through an Encounter (three-day retreat) must receive spiritual
training through the School of Leaders and the School of Ministry. There the disciple will
learn about faith, which is the seed for multiplication.


(Genesis 1:16)
The sun, moon and stars are a prototype of the three fundamental networks within the
G12 ministry. When Joseph dreamed that the sun, moon and stars bowed before him, his
father, Jacob, gave him the interpretation: the sun represented man; the moon, the
woman; and the stars, the youth (Genesis 37:9-1O).These are the three networks with
which a pastor can develop the ministry; the Men, Women and Youth Nets.


(Genesis 1:22)
The fish represent multiplication. The Lord told Peter; I will make you a fisher of men.
After a whole night without being able to fish anything, the Master told him, Cast your
net" Peter was obedient and he witnessed his first miraculous catch. The book of Acts
tells us about Peters first sermon in which he casts the net and three thousand Jews
convert God wants to give each ministry evangelistic strategies through which they can
win people


(Genesis 1:27-28)
God sees man and woman as one. The image and likeness of God is represented in the
couple. The calling and blessings of God were given to both. Even though Adam
experienced a time of loneliness, God did not bless him until the moment he had a wife.
The blessing was given to both of them because to God, the husband and wife are as

God created the earth and all that is in it with the purpose of providing human beings
with happiness in every area of their lives. The only requirement God demands is for man
to protect and keep his relationship with Him. Even though man interrupted these
blessings when he chose his own ways and wanted to find happiness in his own strength,
the Father extended His love towards man so that each person s could be restored
through Jesus Christ.

1. Reflect upon your life, and in an act of sincerity, identify the areas in which you have
chosen your own ways without considering Gods direction.
2. Visualize Jesus on the Cross and ask Him for forgiveness. Experience genuine
repentance for having failed Him.
3. Commit yourself to restoring your relationship with God, and do not settle for anything
less than the blessings He wants to give you.
4. Make the decision to get actively involved in the Men, Women and/or Youth Nets. Be a
leader that makes a difference and multiply in your ministry.