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Pests have always been a huge problem, not only in the Philippines but also all over the world. Controlling and eradicating pests is easy with the use of chemically made
pesticides. But the problem is, we dont put into consideration that using chemically made-pesticides have a harmful effect on the human health and nature. This study is
presented to know the feasibility of Manufacturing and Selling of Kakawatecide Organic Pesticide in Calumpit Bulacan. The proposed business will sell 100% organic
pesticide to residents of Calumpit, Bulacan and near by places. The results of the survey conducted for the business showed that 294 out of 376 respondents or 78% are
willing to try the proposed product and 228 out of 376 respondents or 61% are willing to buy the proposed product. They mostly consider the safety and price as factors in
buying a organic pesticide. In line with the findings, the Manufacturing and Selling of Kakawatecide Organic Pesticide is feasible and viable because of the favorable
projected income for the next five years.


Kakawatecide Organic Pesticide is invented by MDC Organics

Company. It is mainly made from Madre de Cacao or Kakawate leaves
and Water. Kakawate leaves contains a chemical substance called The feasibility study determined the viability of manufacturing and selling
Coumarins that is a good source of chemical substance that can kill of Kakawatecide Organic Pesticide made from Madre de Cacao (Kakawate) in
almost all type of insects. Kakawate leaves can also use as an organic Barangay Corazon, Calumpit, Bulacan.
fertilizer for farm. Kakawatecide Organic Pesticide is 100% organically
made. It is eco-friendly and has no harmful chemical like Chemical 1. What will be the TOWS analysis of the business?
Pesticide. It doesnt leave harmful residues that destroys environment 2. Who will be the competitors of the business in the target market?
and extremely harmful to human and animal health. 3. What is the current demand and supply condition in this particular
The target market of the study is the residents of Calumpit, Bulacan also industry?
the near by barangay, cities, and provinces. 4. Who will be the target market of the proposed product?
The proponents aim to minimize the usage of chemical pesticides due to 5. What are the mission and vision of the business?
its harmful effect and provide affordable and safe organic pesticides to 6. Who are the promoters, originators, and managers of the proposed
consumers and took it as an opportunity to show that our generation has business?
grown more health conscious and environmentally aware. 7. What is the technical specification of the product?
8. What are the raw materials needed for the product?


With 600,000 investments

With this demand, the business with the the business will generate
tota P306, 584.72 for the first
Respondents are allowed to answer more than Capital of P600, 000 for the production canyear of operation and will
one of the given choices and also they are supply 27.25% of the demand, which is increase 237% on the next
allowed not to answer the questionnaire. equivalent to 28,800 units. year.


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1. The production and distribution of Kakawatecide Organic Pesticide in Based on the findings and conclusion gathered from the data, the
Calumpit, Bulacan is feasible in terms of marketing aspect, management proponents would like to recommend the following items to the people who
aspect, technical aspect, financial aspect, and socio-economic aspect. wanted to pursue the same business endeavor.
2. In terms of marketing aspect, the proposed market is feasible based on the 1. Be passionate to conduct a feasibility study to have an
assurance if a business will be able to survive and make
results of the data gathered, that the target market is not satisfied with the
competitors product that are out in the market. 2. Be sharp-eyed of the diverse in trends of the business world
3. In terms of management aspect, the proposed business is feasible because it to come up on a good idea about business.
will be competent as possible, the mission and vision will be the strength of 3. To supply the gap of the demand and supply, the capital of
the business to achieve the goals and objectives, the manpower requirement the business should be increased.
is attained because of the compensation that will be given to them. 4. Marketing strategies should be planned efficiently and
4. In terms of technical aspect, the different activities concerning the effectively. With the existing competitors, a new business
formation of the business is all set operationally feasible. should have unique marketing strategy to be able to take the
5. In terms of financial aspect, the different source of capital and financial attention of the consumers. In pursuing same line of
business, the proponents recommend to offer something
requirement is achieved to be used in the business to prove that the business
new to the market.
is feasible. 5. Always consider the socio-economic aspect of a business. A
In terms of socio-economic aspect, the proposed business is feasible because aside from its business should not always focus on making profits but also
usage to control pests, it will provide a big contribution to the community such as give importance on how can it improve the society and life of
employment and thorough taxes, it will help the countrys economy the people around it.