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Harpers Ferry Newsletter - First In Freedom March 2017 Issue No.


From the CO Humbled, Excited to Work Quote Of the Month

With You!
Team HARPERS FERRY, The United
What an honor it is to be serving as your Com-
manding Officer! I am humbled and excited to States Navy is the
work with a great team of professionals from Sea-
man Recruits to Commanders. envy of every oth-
You have definitely demonstrated pride and pro-
fessionalism across the ranks. The ship is doing er navy in the
great due to your dedication and ownership. As
we press forward through this shipyard, please world. They don't
want to be like us-
keep SAFETY as your number one priority.
The steady strain of cleanliness, training and deck
plate presence is what will keep us successful in
getting out of the yards and through basic phase. -they want to be
Keep the press on and the motivation and dedica-
tion each of you has today will be necessary us. - Leighton
throughout the coming months. Do it safely. Do
Commanding Officer,
Cmdr. Tammy Royal your best. Make it right. Make the most of
each day.
Royal Takes Command of Harpers Ferry Inside This Issue
By Seaman Valentine Mulango, HFY Public Affairs From the CO P.1
Royal Takes Com-
SAN DIEGO Cmdr. mand of Harpers Ferry
Tammy Royal offi- P.1-2
cially relieved Cmdr.
Jon Rigby as com- Ombudsmen Con-
manding officer of tacts P.2
dock landing ship
USS Harpers Ferry Top Two Photos of the
(LSD 49) during a Month P.2
change of command ESG-3 Commander
ceremony on the Visits Troop Spaces
flight deck of USS P.2
Midway Museum,
Mar. 9. Harpers Ferry: 1995 In
During the ceremo- Retrospect P.3
ny, Rigby read his
orders and trans- This Month in Naval
ferred command to History P.3
Royal, who read her
She Got a NAM P.3
SAN DIEGO (Mar. 09, 2017) Cmdr. Tammy Royal (right) shakes hands orders, assumed
with Commander, Amphibious Squadron One, Capt. Patrick Foege (left) command, and ad- Contact Us P.3
after relieving Cmdr. Jon Rigby (center). dressed the audi-
ence as Command- Sailor Spotlight P.4
ing Officer of Harpers Ferry for the first time. I am excited to be your new commanding
Royal told herFerrian
Harpers new crew. Continue reading on page 2. No. 005 March 2017
Change of Command story contin- Rigby always says his amazing individ-
ues She (Royal) revealed her priori- ual accomplishment as a CO were only
ties include safety, professionalism and made possible by the group efforts of
responsibility. It is my responsibility to the many teams. (Rigby), your leader-
give you the tools, training and time and ship building those teams has been
to be able to trust you to go out and do absolutely inspiring, he said.
your job properly. As the new CO, Royal brings to Harp-
(Royal), welcome aboard and strap in ers Ferry a rich naval experience. She
for a thrilling ride leading the Sailors is the recipient of seven Navy Marine
and Marines of LSD 49 said Com- Corps Commendation Medals, a Joint
mander, Amphibious Squadron One, Achievement Medal and five Navy Ma-
Capt. Patrick Foege, guest speaker of rine Corps Achievement Medals. She
the ceremony. initially served nine years as an enlisted
Rigby, who will continue his naval car- electronics technician before being
reer at the Naval Surface Force, U.S. commissioned as an Ensign in 2000
Pacific Fleet, told the crew that they are through the enlisted to commissioning
in good hands. I have known (Royal) Cmdr. Royal addresses crew for the program.
for a long time. Apart from serving with first time as CO, Mar. 9, 2017 The Columbus, Georgia native is not a
her on several occasions, we even sat stranger to the LSD class of ships after
next to each other during the prospec- will take good care of you, he assured. serving on USS Rushmore (LSD 47)
tive commanding officer course. She Capt. Foege said in his remarks that and USS Fort McHenry (LSD 43).

Photos Of The Month Did You Know That

Today, women serve in every rank from sea-
man to admiral and have the opportunity to
serve in any occupation in the US Navy.

SAN DIEGO (Mar. 17, 2017) Electrician Mate 1st Class

Wade Nicolson and LTJG Julia Ryan deliver procedural
compliance training to sailors assigned to USS Harpers
Ferry (LSD 49) during a safety stand-down as Com-
manding Officer, Cmdr. Tammy Royal watches on. ESG-3 Commander Visits Troop Spaces

SAN DIEGO - Commander, Expeditionary Strike Group Three

(ESG-3), Rear Adm. Cathal OConnor (left) visited dock landing
ship USS Harpers Ferry to appraise ongoing Plan Maintenance
Availability (PMA) in troop spaces March 14. During the close to
one hour tour guided by Gunnery Sergeant Laura Munsell,
Commanding Officer, Cmdr. Tammy Royal (right) and Executive
SAN DIEGO (Mar. 03, 2017) Commanding Officer, Officer, Cmdr. Anthony Uniewski (center) took several questions
Cmdr. Jon Rigby (right), Prospective Commanding Of- from OConnor and ESG-3 Combat Cargo Officer, Capt. Rivera
ficer, Cmdr. Tammy Royal (left) and Commander Am- Ricardo regarding the PMA. Key spaces visited included Troop
phibious Squadron One, Capt. Patrick Foege (center) berthing compartments, Combat Cargo Commanders Office,
exit the vehicle storage area after touring shipboard armory and tag log office. OConnor wrapped up the visit with an
spaces to evaluate the progress of Plan Maintenance
indoor meeting with the Harpers Ferry triad.
Availability (PMA) on USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49).
The Harpers Ferrian 2 No. 005 March 2017
This Month in Harpers Ferry: 1995 In Retrospect
Naval History
March 1, 1942 - Naval Reserve pilot
Ensign William Tepuni, flying a
Lockheed Hudson reconnaissance,
light bombing and transport aircraft
(PBO) from VP-82 Squadron based
at Naval Air Station Argentia, New-
foundland, Canada, attacks and
sinks German submarine U 656
southwest of Newfoundland. It is the
first U-boat sunk by U.S. forces in
World War II.

March 20, 1833 - Honorable Ed-

mund Roberts, transported by USS
Peacock and accompanied by USS
Boxer, signs the Treaty of Amity,
with the King of Siam (now Thai-
land), which is the first treaty be- USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49), part of the Boxer Amphibious Ready Group, 13th Marine
tween the United States and an Expeditionary Unit team, is now operating in the U.S. 3rd Fleet area of operations.
Asian power.
On Jan. 7, 1995 USS Harpers Ferry was FCT Preps. from June 8-9; Underway for
commissioned during a ceremony at the final contract trials from June 19-23.
March 30, 2007 - USS Hawes (FFG
Navy Landing in Woldenburg Park in On July 7, LSD 49 departed San Diego for
53) provides medical assistance to
downtown New Orleans. Five days later, a Friends and Family Day Cruise. Six days
Liberian cargo vessel MV Harmony
she embarked two LCACs off the coast of later, USS Harpers Ferry entered the
while conducting Maritime Security
Panama City, Fla., for a transport to Camp NASSCO shipyard in San Diego for a three
Operations (MSO) in the southern
Pendleton, Calif. -month Post Shakedown Availability (PSA).
Persian Gulf.
On Jan. 25, the dock landing ship arrived Underway for sea trials from Oct. 17-18;
in Mazatlan, Mexico, for a two-day port Underway for TSTA II from Nov. 6-9.
visit. January 31, USS Harpers Ferry ar- November 9, The Harpers Ferry moored at
rived in its homeport of Naval Station San Broadway Pier in downtown San Diego for
Diego after a 20-day transit from New Orle- a three-day "Open House" in conjunction
ans, La. with the Veteran's Day weekend.
From March 20-24, the ship was underway From Nov. 13-17, the dock landing ship
for Combat Systems Ship's Qualification was underway off the coast of southern
Trials (CSSQT) in the SOCAL Op. Area. California for a TSTA II; Underway again
Underway for Type Training from April 3-7; from Nov. 27- Dec. 1; Underway for Opera-
Underway for Tailored Ship's Training tional Propulsion Plant Examination
Availability (TSTA) I from May 15-19, May (OPPE) from Dec. 13-15; Underway for
22-26 and May 30- June 2; Underway for TSTA III from Jan. 8-12.


CO, Cmdr. Tammy Royal

Editorial Adviser:

XO, Cmdr. Anthony R. Uniewski

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The Harpers Ferrian 3 No. 005 March 2017
On Spotlight this March:
Every month, The Harpers Ferrian throws a spotlight on four crew members onboard dock landing ship USS Harpers Ferry.
On the spotlight this March 2017 are Naval Officer LTJG Julia Ryan, Force Protection Officer; Quarter Master 1st Class
Rodolfo Espinoza from Navigation Department, Ships Serviceman 2nd Class Kristofer Wilson from Supply Dept., and Hospi-
tal Corpsman Jaclyn Anderson from Medical Department. They tell their best memories with LSD 49.

LTJG Julia Ryan (FPO) QM1 Rodolfo Espinoza (NAV)

My name is Julia My name is
Ryan and I have Rodolfo Espinoza
been a Naval Officer and I have been
for almost three a Navy Sailor for
years. I have been 13 Years. I have
on Harpers Ferry for been on Harpers
six months and my Ferry for over
four years and
home city and state
months. My home
is Virginia Beach, city and state is
Virginia. My favorite Chicago, Illinois
sport team is the and my favorite
Dallas Cowboys and sport team is the
my hobbies include Chicago Bears.
photography, hiking, My hobbies in-
running, and spend- clude spending
ing time with friends time with my fam-
and family. If I didn't ily, running and
join the Navy I would watching movies.
have or probably If I didn't join the
been a physician's Navy I would
assistant. My best have or probably
been an Astro-
memory with Harp-
naut. My best
ers Ferry was standing bridge watch underway! I am looking memory with Harpers Ferry is when I made Quarter Master
forward to getting out of the yards on time and returning to that First Class and less than two years later, obtained my gold
operational surface warfare officer life. chevrons for 12 years of consecutive good conduct.

SH2 Kristofer Wilson (Supply) HN Jaclyn Anderson (Medical)

My name is Kristofer My name is
Wilson and I have Jaclyn Anderson
been a Navy Sailor for and I have been a
four years and 11 Navy Sailor for
months. I have been two and a half
on the Harpers Ferry Years. I have
for four years and been on Harpers
eight months. My Ferry for 20
home city and state is months. My home
Memphis, Tennessee. city and state is
My favorite sport team Austin, Minneso-
is the Pittsburgh ta. My favorite
Steelers and my hob- sport team is the
bies are watching Minnesota Vi-
movies with my wife kings and my
and children. If I didn't hobbies are ANY-
join the Navy I would THING outside
have or probably been watching docu-
working toward Physi- mentaries, work-
cal therapy school. My ing out, and ad-
best memories with venturing to new
the Harpers Ferry places. If I didn't
dates back to the join the Navy I
2013 deployment would have or
when I obtained my probably been a
Enlisted Surface War- Special Needs Teacher or Physical Therapist. My best
fare Specialist (ESWS) pin, advanced to Petty Officer Third memory with Harpers Ferry was taking part in underway
Class and made Second Class a year later. replenishment during 2016 deployment!

The Harpers Ferrian 4 No. 005 March 2017