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Performing Arts
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March 15, 2017

Dear Member of the 2017 Senior Project Panel:

Miss Kylie LaFrenais, a senior at Santa Susana High School, approached me to be her Senior Advisor in May of
2016. Kylie has been very diligent and successful in her efforts to complete her project. Focusing on music as her
inspiration, Kylie has choreographed and arranged music for a medley of Broadways Matilda. This is an immense
undertaking and requires time and tremendous organization skills. I commend Kylie for her diligence and her talents
in completing her work.

For her project, Kylie was given the medley, which is sometimes hard when its not your choice. She followed
through with the arranger to make sure we had the right music for it. She taught the choreography and was a great
teacher leader.. She helped to pick and coordinate the ordering of the costumes as well as the soloists. Work as a
director of your peers is immensely frustrating at times. Kylie has been extremely mature, patient, and direct with
her peers and has their complete respect.

Kylie has been a performer for all of her life and wants to continue doing so in her future. She has gained much
knowledge of music and performance during these years, and it has been my pride and pleasure to watch her grow
into such a performer. It has also been to my joy that she has grown so much as a person, and I am delighted to say
that she is a wonderful and levelheaded young lady.

Her musical talent is evident in her ability to adapt to multiple situations within the classroom. She is helpful and
willing to practice outside of school time and work with others to improve their skills and works hard to achieve her
goals. Kylie gets noticed often, not only for her amazing performance ability but also for her outgoing personality. I
highly recommend her for any position of leadership and/or performance.

It has been a pleasure to be Kylie LaFrenaiss advisor. She has been consistent on her check-ins and deadlines.
She stays in communication with me and is in the process of completing her project with finesse. I wish her much
luck on her Panel Presentation.


Bevin S. Abbe