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Child Labour, Its Causes, Laws and Our Responsibilty

Child Labour is defined as the work done as

part time or full time by the under age children
to at low payment or to pay debt taken by their
parents. Child labour is the worst crime in
world which destroys children future
completely and so the nations future too. A
Child has full right to live his childhood by
playing, studying and enjoying but due to
some selfish people they are forced to do work
as labour in unhealthy environment. Sometimes their real parents became their enemies because
they force their children for labour work either due to selfishness or fulfil their basic needs for
survival in the world.

Children are engaged in labour work that is completely not acceptable in order to make our
country healthy, wealthy and socially developed. Survey says that, poverty and shortage of good
primary schools are the main cause for child labour. Except that, mental state of parents also
affects this crime. Until a parent is not aware of harmful impacts of this crime child labour on
their children, it is almost impossible to end this crime. Extreme poor and rural areas are the
sources of this evil Child Labour or Child Slavery. This trend has developed in rural areas to
send their kids for work instead of sending them to school to get education.

There are so many places in Pakistan where this crime still exists like households, real estates,
hotel and restaurants, manufacturing plants, handicraft industry, entertainment industry, coal &
mines, etc. Some of them are too hazardous and dangerous for young ones which can physically
and mentally damage them like exploitative occupation of coal mines and industries of matchbox
and fireworks, but still children are working there in excess number.

Children are getting affected physically, mentally, socially, and morally due to this unacceptable
crime Child Labour. It has targeted many countries in the form of undeveloped economic
structure which has resulted in poverty, illiteracy, high population, corruption, unemployment,
criminal activities, etc.
The Employers Federation of Pakistan has also been very important in the struggle against child
labor. It has set up a Child Labor Cell which deals with this issue exclusively. The federation also
holds regular seminars to mobilize employers, workers and child laborers. It has also distributed
a newsletter on the subject. These Legal Aid Support Units have been set up mainly in Sindh.
They are situated in Hyderabad, Sukkur and Benazirabad to provide legal help to bonded
workers. Despite being provided with a sum of money as of 2013 these units have remained
inactive. The NCRCL, which has been operating since 1995, provides children with alternatives
to the labor extensive fields that hinder their basic rights. They are provided with education and
clothing. Their parents are given financial assistance to encourage them to send their children to
these centers.

Each and every citizen is responsible for this crime Child Labour either those who are taking
benefit of labour work for less pay or those who are ignoring working children. Until we all shall
not understand the harmful and dangerous effects of child labour, we cannot get rid of this.
Firstly, parents should change their thinking about importance of education that how much is this
important for their kids. We all should avoid child labour in our domestic area or work area and
if we find this crime happening somewhere, we should take necessary steps to stop this. There
is a power in Unity we should follow this rule in order to make our children happy, healthy and

Rashid Iqbal
Institute of Banking and Finance
BZU Multan