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It is a technical document which provides c) Oxidizer

comprehensive information on a controlled d) Dormant
product. 10. These chemical are said to be __________,
a) Safety Data Slip because when mixed may create hazardous
b) Safety Data Sheet conditions
c) Spontaneity Data Slip a) Stable
d) Safety Date Sheet b) Unstable
2. In what language must the text in SDS be c) Incompatible
transcribed? d) Compatible
a) Spanish 11. A chemical reaction in which smaller
b) Chinese molecules combine with themselves to form
c) English larger molecules is
d) French a) Addition
3. How many sections does a SDS contain? b) Substitution
a) 13 c) Oxidation-reduction
b) 14 d) Polymerization
c) 15 12. An adverse effect on a human form a single
d) 16 exposure
4. NFPA stands for a) Acute effect
a) National Fire Protection Association b) Cute effect
b) National Finance & Procurement c) Lethal effect
Agency d) Fatal effect
c) New Federalist Peoples Army 13. An adverse effect on a human from pronged
d) Neo Freudians Political Associaton or repeated exposure
5. WHMIS stands for a) Acute effect
a) Workplace Hibernation Materials b) Chronic effect
Information System c) Lethal effect
b) Workplace Hazardous Materials d) Fatal effect
Information System 14. ____________ is a substance or agent
c) Water Hazard Mixing System capable of causing or producing cancer in
d) Workplace Hazardous Matter humans or animals
International Society a) Mutagen
6. CAS stands for b) Teratogen
a) Colonial Affiliates Society c) Carcinogen
b) Colonel A. Sanders d) Antigen
c) Chemical Abstract Service 15. ____________ is a substance or agent
d) Chemical Activist Society capable of altering genetic material in a
7. ____________ is a substance which will living organism.
cause death of 50% of the experimental a) Mutagen
animals b) Teratogen
a) LA 50 c) Carcinogen
b) LB 50 d) Antigen
c) LC 50 16. ____________ is a substance or agent to
d) LD 50 which exposure to a pregnant female can
8. It is a route of exposure wherein the result in malfunction to the skeleton of the
product/chemical has gone through the fetus.
victims respiratory tract a) Mutagen
a) Inhalation b) Teratogen
b) Dermal c) Carcinogen
c) Ingestion d) Antigen
d) Digestion 17. IMDG stands for
9. A chemical that decomposes spontaneously a) International Marine Dry Goods
under normal temperatures, pressures, and b) International Marine Data Guide
mechanical shock is said to be c) International Maritime Dangerous
a) Stable Goods
b) Unstable
d) International Maritime Data Guide b) Safety Data Sheet
18. HMIS stands for c) Spontaneity Data Slip
a) Hazardous Matter Implementation d) Safety Date Sheet
System 20. In the discussion, the SDS used was for
b) Highly Mechanized Industrial what chemical?
System a) Crystal violet
c) Hot Metal Injection System b) Sarin
d) Hazardous Material Identification c) Sodium
Index d) Sulphuric acid
19. MSDS is formerly known as
a) Safety Data Slip