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ALL OR NOTHING AT ALL JACK vawenwel and Music by a eee aa AS. a A RECORDS FEATURED oN COLUMBI wy FRANK SINATRA ym HARRY JAMES aAnp HIS ORCHESTRA 3 All Or Nothing At All goreana sosic oy Key of C (B-D>) JACK LAWRENCE and ARTHUR ALTMAN Moderato —s—, |. Ree of espress. Gm) @ ae Refrain stowly, with muck repression, [oca} OR NOTHING AT Ga sa} love never ap - pealed your heart _ nev "er could Onl ee yield to me, Then ‘Td rather have _noth- ing A OR NOTH-ING AT ALLL PP Pe EP aT. Copyright MCNXL by LEEDS MUSIC CORPORATION, R.K.O. Bldg., Radio City, New York, N.Y. International Copyright Secured Mate tn U.S.A. au ights Reserved ia (Gm) oO & (Gm) love there is. in on, Why be-gin then (Gas) a rs) @ er © ery for some-thing that might have been, Nod rath-er have noth-ing = But, please, don't bring your lips so close to. my ; = nf espress. a Bf w aw (bel Don't smile or I'll be _ lost be-yond re - ——3;— & Gs | ez] ——— = oo The kiss in your eyes, the touch of your hand makes me 3 3, ae a AN ur Nothhax evel re (em) [7] [Ex] [Options fom oy fw ——— under the spell of your call, ———__ —— fe = | = Am Gn FG BD) be caught in the see, T've got "to say: NO! > molto espress. re m@ —'@ of a @ a + OR NOTH ING AT ALL! zee | Se = == |F pee sees = + Z = = All Of Nothing ete-3