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Beasts cea 7 MLS uk ds “COCOANUT GROVE ” ah Featured by Fred MacMurray in the Paramount Picture“Cocoanut Grove” You Leave Me Breathless Words by Music by RALPH FREED FREDERICK HOLLANDER Molto Moderato i mf ‘Tune Uke & a 6éE i aF Bb F Bho Voice i Es ffs Ive seen the fa-mous Rem- brandts,the © love-ly Mo-na Li 7 F a or Gm7 Edin F Edim Ive been told the for - tunes they are a seen the great Ni- ag 7 Fr Symbols for Guitars Piang Score by Geo, W. Terry Copyright MOMXXXVIII by Famous Muste Oorporation, 1619 Broadway, New York, N International Copyright Secured Made in U.S. A. AIL Rights Revereed Any arrangement or adaptation of this compostiton without the consent of the publisher ts an tafringement of copyright ie += Fh dim. Ea a Refrain + = ly = you heav- en breath-less, me You leave thing, —= z You Leave Me Breathirss-#