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Anger Reduction

What do people who are openly angry, excessively perfectionist or passive-

aggressive have in common? They all lack the ability to handle anger energy
appropriately that result in undesirable personal and working relationship. Evolutionarily,
the emotion of anger is expressed when our physical survival are threatened. This
automatic expression of anger to fear is seemingly rendered obsolete in a civilized
society. Nevertheless, it persists and is transformed into a defense against the survival of
the ego self in addition to the physical self. One just has to walk the streets of cities to see
anger. Energy Psychology approaches the anger issue from an energy as well as mind
perspective. We believe unless the energy element of the issue is addressed, the solution
to anger problem will never be complete. During the lecture, you will learn:

The ancient wisdom about the connection between liver and anger energy.
The role of Energy and Awareness in the reduction of anger.
The energetic relationship between grief/fear (inward movement of energy) and
anger (outward movement of energy).
Why anger is the most unnecessary and avoidable emotion of the three reactive
Why being kind (an inner energy state) to you and others is best solution to anger.
The importance of meditation/mindfulness in the deactivation of anger complex.
The importance of self acceptance in breaking up the anger complex.
The relationship between anger energy and narcissistic (self) behavior.
How low self esteem people, being unable to express or exert themselves
adequately, accumulate anger energy.
How mishandling of anger energy could lead to the development of autoimmune

About the lecturer: Dr. Kun Wu is a M.I.T. trained medical scientist. As long as he could
remember, he was always low in energy because he was afflicted with Post-polio syndrome and
Fibromyalgia. Twenty years ago, he abandoned his research career and spent full time to find a
solution to his energy problems. Gradually, he was guided to the field of energy healing. His
traditional research experience helps him have a balanced approach to the subjects of subtle
energy. He has personally experienced the benefit of healing energy as he healed himself of
fibromaylgia using Energy Healing. Recently, he found Ching Chi Institute in Houston where
education, research and teaching on the subject of life energy can be performed concurrently.

Date & Time: March 8 from 1:00 pm to 2:30pm.

Fee: $10 suggested donation.
Location: Unity Bay Area Houston, 1911 Highway 3 South,
League City, TX 77573