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Social Studies LESSON PLAN 3.

3 (Memories)
Subject: Social Studies Grade: 1 Date: Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Critical Inquiry Question: What are memories? (Adapted from
SLOs: From the Program of Studies
1.2.1 appreciate how stories and events of the past connect their families and
communities to the present appreciate how the languages, traditions, celebrations, and stories of their
families, groups, and communities contribute to their sense of identity and belonging. acknowledge and respect symbols of heritage and traditions in their family and
1.2.2 analyze how their families and communities in the present are influence by events
or people of the past how have changes over time affected their families and communities in the

Instructional Objectives:
Understand what a memory is
Understand different people have different memories
Identify important memories from their past
Writing skills

Key Questions:
What makes a memory important?
Wilfred Gordon McDonald Partridge
Memory Triggers Presentation
I remember when, it made me feel windowpane

Ms. Jodi to work closely with Oliver, Joseph and Rose

Lesson Procedure:
Show memory triggers presentation
o Ask students to share with their desk buddy if a picture comes up that
makes them think of something
o Questions to think about:
When did you see this?
Does it make you think of a person or people?
Who is there?
What are you doing
How do you feel?
Ask students what do we call things that we remember?
Explain memories are things from the past
Invite students to join on carpet to read a story
Read Wilfred Gordon
After reading, ask students how people in the story described what memories
o Discuss phrases such as precious as gold and something warm
o Look at photos in the book and brainstorm the feelings that might be
attached to those memories (i.e. happy, sad, funny, proud, frustrating)
Ask students to return to desk
Explain their next task to add to their window is a windowpane about an
important memory to them
Display the prompts for them to think of
Have students complete windowpane (I remember whenIt made me feel)
Explain now that we know what memories are (i.e. things we remember from the
past), we will continue looking into the past to discover more about how things in
our lives and our families lives have changed.

Class discussion
Memories windowpane
Lesson Reflection: