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Stefani Wagner
Second Grade Teacher
Whitehills Elementary School
621 Pebblebrook Lane
Haxt Lawsing
East Lansing, MI48823 Pui:lic $clrr:*ls
stefani.wagner@elps. us
Phone (517) 333-7900
March 17,2017
To Whom It May Concern:

I am happy to write this letter on behalf of Ms. Molly Molly has been in my 2"d grade
classroom this year as a Michigan State University Intern. She began the school year in August by
helping me set-up the classroom to be ready for students and her year will come to an end at the end
of April. At that time she will have eamed the credentials to begin teaching in her own classroom.

Molly became apart of our classroom as a second teacher from the very beginning of the year. In the
first semester she taught whole group Reading Street, Math Expressions, and Writer's Workshop
lessons. Additionally, she worked with small groups, and helped students individually. Molly
planned her lessons ahead and put time in outside of school preparing. She also came early and
stayed late when necessary to be sure she was prepared. By February, Molly was ready to take on
teaching all subjects. She planned and executed all components of a day for six weeks. I watched her
excitement for teaching writing. She showed her personality and allowed students to connect with
her through the writing she shared. Molly's commitment to planning was also shown when she
brought in outside literature resources to use in her lessons that engaged students and created
excitement for learning

Students trustedMolly. I observed students sharing exciting moments from their lives with her and
they were also willing to bring concerns to her when they felt they needed help from a teacher.
Molly demonstrated she is willing to work with students and families of all backgrounds.

Molly was a valued member of our classroom. She demonstrated continuously wanting to improve
as a teacher. She set goals for herself and accepted feedback. When she focused in on specific areas I
saw improvement not only in those areas, but across all areas of her teaching.

Molly attended all district required professional development sessions and our building staff
meetings. She was also present for the two speech and language IEP's we had during the year. Molly
volunteered her time to help with the school yearbook committee which met after school.

Molly has gained a multitude of experiences teaching and working with students throughout this
year and is ready to use those skills in her own classroom. If you have any fuither questions or
would like to discuss any of this further, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at or by telephone at 517-333-7916.