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SKS DROP - IN ‘Auto SEAR ENLARGED Views C onSTRUCTION MEASURE Menr's — AFTER BENDING SE VIEW Tools Nerepep: Il Vice &. HACK SAW 3.FILES 4, Vic EGRIP. 5. RULER MEASUREMENTS Berore Benpins MATE : T Top view Steer Metal Linch Lone + inch Woe To INCH THICK . NOTE: Some FILine, SIZEING Ano Fitting To YouR SKS MAY Be Necessary Tee SivE View Drawing OT fy Scale / Auto Sear PLAaceE MENT Resound Discowector Hammer Disc oWECTOR, SEAR Masazine Catch RevawerR Pia Magazine CatTcH Aura SEAR i. Make sura maqezing an¢ chamber ave encty. 2. Remova trigger: mechaniom hous!r=~ from rifle by putting earety on and depressing eaten behind triqaer guard. . 3. Ramove maanzine cateh retaining vin re 4, Siide out maa catch and spring B. Remove trigger spring, do nob replace. 6. S1ide out spar. 7, Slide auto sear in with tock end toward trigger, Must slide freely, ®. Replace sear ir originial poxition above auto’ sear, 9. Replace mag catch, apring and tetminer pin. + Replace trigger mochanian housing to clelei @afety must be on. + Remove receiver cover tnd iergn holt careier apeing. + Manually move bolt carrier back ond forth with trigger depressed. Hammer should Fall each time upon locking of bolt, 13. Remove finger from tricaer. Move bolt carrier back and forth. Hammer should not fall. 14. Replace bolt carrier snring and receiver cover . 18. Rock and for * OBTAINED BEFORE MANUFACURING THIS FULK AUTO SEAR. _-Paiok, BATE APPROVAL must BE HK Note : REBOEWP misconecton must Be RePAceD UNDER isconEcTOR, BUT ON Tor OF TRIGGER BAR.