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Pelham~Windham News
Volume 15 Number 27 March 31, 2017 12 Pages

Curious Creatures Fill

Some Things are the Nesmith Library
Just Not Meant to be ....
Today that statement relates to your Pelham~Windham News as this will
be the last edition that you and your neighbors will receive. Our staff has
taken tremendous pride in bringing you news and community events for
nearly 15 years. It has been a great journey to get to know the wonderful
folks of both towns, but the internet and social media have changed how

Staff photos by Len Lathrop

everyone gets information. Now everyone has an internet connection in
their homes, and most have phones that keep them on the information
While we can still be better reporters of the news for you, we cant be the
first ones to report. While we strived to remain competitive, the bottom
line that we could not overcome was the sentiment from many businesses
that we dont believe in print. Advertising dollars were what financed the
paper and kept us viable. Unfortunately, more and more often we heard
from banks to car dealers and real estate companies to retail stores and even
big box outlets that they didnt need to advertise with us.
It has been great working with everyone in both towns, but, as we all
know, if you cannot pay the bills, you are forced to make tough decisions.
In saying farewell, I want to thank everyone who has worked for us and
with us along the way. Overlooking anyone is a final error I dont want to Elena Manning is turned from little girl to cute puppy with face paint.
commit, thus, just goodbye.
by Len Lathrop
Best Regards, Nesmith Library was standing room only on Saturday as the
FLOW (Friends of the Library of Windham) group hosted a Pet
Shop Party. Prior to the live animal show from Curious Creatures,
stuffed animals were receiving medical care and faces were being
painted, Clifford was glad-handing everyone under 3 feet tall.
Craft tables were bustling and who doesnt love creatures from the
Len Lathrop If your name is Sonic, most would know youre a hedgehog.
continue to page 8 for more pictures- Curious Creatures
Editor and Publisher

Windham High School Principal Unexpectedly Resigns

by Barbara OBrien appreciation to the staff with which he has worked in Windham during the past six years. They are an
Windham High School Principal Bob Dawson has unexpectedly tendered his resignation from that amazing group of educators, Dawson commented. I will always be a Jaguar.
position, effective June 30 of this year. Former Superintendent Tina McCoy commended Dawson for his efforts and accomplishments at
Dawson is the sixth principal to hold that job since the high school opened to students in September Windham High School. Bob Dawson has demonstrated genuine dedication to the students and staff
2019. Prior to being appointed as principal in the spring of 2015, Dawson served members of Windham High School, she said. He should be very proud of his
as assistant principal at the high school for four years prior to getting the nod as Courtesy photo accomplishments. While I know he will be sorely missed, I wish him all the best
principal. going forward, McCoy added. McCoy said she did not know where Dawson
Although Dawson is choosing not to give details of why hes chosen to resign would be headed next.
from Windham High School, he did comment that this past year has been the McCoy will be taking on the job of school superintendent in Raymond, N.H.,
most stressful and difficult year of my life. Dawson also said he made the choice at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year. After many years of service to the
to resign after consulting with his family, religious leaders and other counsel. The school district, in various capacities, she left Windham this past June 30. McCoy is
decision to leave the Windham School District came after many sleepless nights, a Windham resident and has been for many years.
he said, adding that it was totally his choice to leave the school district. School board member Daniel Popovici-Muller, who served as chairman for the
There was talk around town that Dawson had been put on administrative leave past year, said, I am grateful for Bobs service to the Windham School District
earlier this year, but those discussions were not confirmed by either Dawson or and I wish him the best in his future endeavors. Popovici-Muller said he was not
members of SAU 95 administration. The rumors of why Dawson chose to resign aware of Dawsons future plans.
circulated among residents about the same time Superintendent Richard Langlois School Board Chairman Rob Breton also spoke of his feelings after learning that
informed the school board that numerous organizations (clubs) at Windham High Dawson was calling it quits. Mr. Dawson will be missed, Breton said. I was
School had been disbanded last fall without his prior knowledge. Langlois took on very surprised and disappointed to hear that he chose to resign, but, as he has
the superintendents job this past July 1. stated, his reasons are personal. I respect that, Breton said, and wish him all
The first principal of Windham High School was Richard Manley, who served the best in the next chapter of his life. As was echoed by other members of the
in that capacity for only one year, then stepped down to take on the job of social school board, Breton said, I am not aware of what his future plans are.
studies teacher. Manley is no longer an employee of the Windham School District. Bobs resignation is a significant loss to our district and, specifically, the kids,
The second principal at Windham High School was Tom Murphy, who stayed on Windham High School Principal Bob Dawson has School Board Vice-Chairman Dennis Senibaldi said. Just spend an hour at the
the job for three years, earning the title of New Hampshire High School Principal resigned from the job he has held for the past two high school and you will see how much the kids love him.
of the Year for 2012. He, subsequently, resigned from Windham to return to years. His resignation takes effect June 30. In correspondence from Dawson on March 26, four days after he resigned from
his alma mater in Massachusetts. Ryan Kaplan was the next in line to serve as the job of high school principal, he stated that he had not yet accepted a new
principal, assuming the duties for about a year and a half. Kaplan left the high position. He said he would prefer to let his letters to the staff and parents speak for
school and took on administrative duties at the SAU for about six months. Filling in at Windham High themselves. I know this will become public, but I prefer it to remain as private as possible, he said.
School during that interim time was Kori Becht, who currently holds the job of assistant superintendent As there are only three months until the new school year begins, on July 1, administrators will be fast-
for SAU 95. It was after this brief time that Dawson was given the principals job, as of July 1, 2015. tracking the search for a new high school principal. Once the search period has ended and interviews
Dawson said that it is his goal to continue his career in a school that shares many of the same goals and are conducted, the finalists will address residents in a public forum. The current assistant principal at
values as exist at Windham High School. Dawson thanks the Windham community for its dedication to Windham High School is Matthew Malila, who took on that job July 1, 2015.
students and for providing such extraordinary opportunities for all levels of students. He also expressed

Editors note: This is the story of a resilient little owl who touched the hearts of the Szarek family of Island Pond Road in Pelham as told by mom, Toni.

An Owl Named Pelham Returns Home in Good Health

During the midst of the Blizzard of than the other, and its pupils being available 24/7, injured birds like Pelham are given a second
March 2017, ny husband, Jonathan, dilated less. Afraid that the bird chance. They were instrumental in our owls recovery.
exited our garage and opened the had been hurt out in the storm Jane had three scheduled releases the same day our bird was
large door of the barn that stands right or had perhaps flown into a to come home. She released a Coopers Hawk and a Barred Owl
next to our house. As he was moving window when stuck indoors, in Salem, and then came over to Pelham for our owls release.
around inside the barn, he saw a white we knew we had to contact a Jane arrived at our house with a trail of raptor enthusiasts and
flash in his peripheral vision. When wildlife rehabilitator to see what photographers. Sienna stood right next to Jane while everyone got
he turned to look to figure out what it we should do as we didnt want to watch our owl take off from Janes hands and land only a short
was, it vanished out the door. It didnt to release the bird if it was hurt. distance away into the safety of a pine tree. The bird looked around
make a sound. We did some research and came and got its bearings, then flew off into the branches of one of the
He went on with his storm-related up with a list of oldest maple trees
errands out in the barn. Later, he rehabilitators in in Pelham, located
exited the barn and then went through the area, however, across the road.
the open garage door, and through one particular Jane observed
Courtesy photos

another open door that led into a rehabilitator that the owl
large room currently in final stages stood out among could be nesting
of renovation. Before going into the the rest. I read within some of
main/heated part of our house, he an article about the hollows of that
noticed some movement in the corner. Jane Kelly of On tree, and that was
Turning on some lights, he saw a The Wing. The why it is important
pair of eyes staring back at him. It was an owl. The flash he had amazingly dedicated raptor rehabilitator and educator to release her back
seen was the bird flying out through the open barn door as it must seemed so passionate about her work and her birds. home.
have gone in through the open garage door and into the house. I knew I had found the right person to talk to about It was an
Jonathan came inside and got the rest of the family to see. the owl. I called Jane first thing in the morning and incredibly special
Jonathan, myself, and our 9-year-old daughter Sienna stood there we talked. Jane conferred with some colleagues and opportunity
marveling at the bird and tried to figure out why it was inside the decided it would be best for the bird to be checked for all of us to
house. We all realized that the storm was far too strong to put the out before being released. Jonathan drove the bird witness this whole
bird back out in. We decided it would be safer kept inside until out to her facility in Epping, N.H., and delivered our process and gain
the storm passed and that wed let the owl go the next day when owl right into her hands. The whole family, as well as an even greater
conditions were much more favorable. many owl and raptor enthusiasts, were able to watch appreciation for
I grabbed my camera and took a few shots of the bird before our birds rehabilitation progress through Janes social media posts owls, raptors and all the work that Jane does for these awesome
Jonathan gently netted her with a butterfly net and placed her in a and updates up until our bird, named Pelham, was ready to be birds. We all walked away so satisfied knowing that Pelham is
pet carrier. When I downloaded the photos of the owl, I noticed released back on our property. Thanks to the caring team from the healthy and back home. in our neighborhood.
something wasnt right. One of the owls eyes seemed closed more Veterinary Emergency and Surgery Hospital of Brentwood, N.H.,
2 - March 31, 2017 | Pelham - Windham News

Windham Scouts Celebrate World Thinking Day

submitted by Taylor Mendes Courtesy photo
On Sunday,
March 12, 100-
plus members
of Windham
Girl Scouts
celebrated Girl

Accolades Scouts 105th

birthday and
participated in
several 2017
The following local students have been named to the Deans List World Thinking
at Stonehill College. From Pelham, Kristen Nevins, Class of 2018, Day activities
and from Windham, Courtney Walsh, Class of 2018 and Lindsey to celebrate
Woronka, Class of 2018. international
The College of Saint Rose is proud that Holly Kathios of Pelham friendship and
is one of 205 Saint Rose student-athletes who have been named fundraise to
to the Northeast-10 Conference Commissioners Honor Roll, a support projects
recognition of outstanding academic achievement. Kathios is a impacting 10
sophomore on the Golden Knights softball million Girl
team. Guides and Girl Scouts around the world. Thank you to all the girls who brought a coin to contribute to the World Thinking Day Fund to support
Jaime Cleasby of Windham is a member of Girl Scouts worldwide.
the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institutes Softball Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence and character, who make the world a better place. Windham Girl Scouts belongs to the Girls
Team. The Environmental Engineering major Scouts of the Green and White Mountains council that serves New Hampshire and Vermont. To learn about Girl Scouts visit
helped the Engineers to a great start with a 9-3
record after 12 spring break games.

How They Voted

Here are some important votes taken by your state representatives in Hillsborough District 37 (Hudson Rice, Kimberly Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
and Pelham) and Rockingham District 7 (Windham). In some instances the Yea or Nay will be changed Schleien, Eric Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
to another term to avoid confusion as to the intent of the vote. Presiding refers to the speaker who only Smith, Gregory Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
votes in a tie. Ulery, Jordan Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
HB 478 Prohibiting Discrimination based on Gender Identity. The bill also defines gender identity Ober, Lynne Republican Hillsborough 37 Excused*
as being a persons gender-related identity, appearance or behavior, whether or not that gender-related Representatives for Windham
identity, appearance or behavior is different from that traditionally associated with the persons physiology Bates, David Republican Rockingham 7 OTP
or assigned sex at birth. In simple terms, the bill would provide civil rights protections for a person who Griffin, Mary Republican Rockingham 7 OTP
physiologically is of one gender but self identifies as another gender. Proponents assert the bill is needed Kolodziej, Walter Republican Rockingham 7 OTP
alleging transgender individuals are discriminated against in employment, housing and the use of public McMahon, Charles Republican Rockingham 7 OTP
facilities. Opponents, who dubbed the legislation the Bathroom Bill, allege the bill would violate the *Excused denotes illness
privacy of public bathrooms, locker rooms and shower rooms in that individuals could gain access to SB12 - repealing the licensing requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver. The act has
these facilities by claiming they identified as members of the opposite sex. On March 9 the NH House been referred to as the Constitutional Carry Law. Proponents assert the act restores the right of all law-
voted Table the bill, 187-179. To Table can be construed as a vote against the bill. Not To Table can be abiding New Hampshire citizens to discretely carry a firearm and replaces suitable with the plain
construed as a vote for the bill. Going forward, as it would take a two-third vote to remove the bill from language of not prohibited by state or federal law; in describing the citizens right to carry. Proponents
the table, HB 478 is ostensibly dead. note that Vermont has always had a similar law. Opponents claimed the present laws permitting process
Representatives for Hudson and Pelham for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver has worked sufficiently for nearly a century and offered some
Dyer, Caleb Libertarian Hillsborough 37 Not To Table valid safeguards to the community. On Feb. 9, the NH House voted OTP (Ought to Pass), 200-97. OTP
Schleien, Eric Republican Hillsborough 37 Not To Table can be construed as a vote for the bill. ITL (Inexpedient to Legislate) can be construed as a vote Against
Hellwig, Steve Republican Hillsborough 37 To Table the Bill. On Feb. 22, the governor signed the bill into law.
Ober, Lynne Republican Hillsborough 37 To Table Representatives for Hudson and Pelham
Ober, Russell Republican Hillsborough 37 To Table Dyer, Caleb Libertarian Hillsborough 37 OTP
Prout, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37 To Table Ober, Lynne Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
Renzullo, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37 To Table Ober, Russell Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
Rice, Kimberly Republican Hillsborough 37 To Table Prout, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
Smith, Gregory Republican Hillsborough 37 To Table Renzullo, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
Ulery, Jordan Republican Hillsborough 37 To Table Rice, Kimberly Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
Jasper, Shawn Republican Hillsborough 37 Presiding Schleien, Eric Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
Representatives For Windham Smith, Gregory Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
McMahon, Charles Republican Rockingham 7 Not To Table Ulery, Jordan Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP
Bates, David Republican Rockingham 7 To Table Hellwig, Steve Republican Hillsborough 37 Excused*
Griffin, Mary Republican Rockingham 7 To Table Jasper, Shawn Republican Hillsborough 37 Presiding
Kolodziej, Walter Republican Rockingham 7 To Table *Excused denotes illness
SB11 - prohibiting collective bargaining agreements that require employees to join or contribute Representatives for Litchfield
to a labor union - named the New Hampshire Right to Work Act. Proponents claimed the act would Byron, Frank Republican Hillsborough 20 OTP
increase jobs in NH, as well as give workers more freedom choosing a job. Opponents claimed the bill Lascelles, Richard Republican Hillsborough 20 OTP
is anti-union and would decrease workers wages. On Feb. 16 the NH House voted ITL (Inexpedient Proulx, Mark Republican Hillsborough 44 OTP
to Legislate), 200-177. ITL can be construed as a vote against the bill. OTP (Ought to Pass) can be SB10 An act relative to dairy farm relief. This bill creates a program to repay licensed milk producers
construed as a vote for the bill. In addition, the NH House then voted to indefinitely postpone (193-184) $2 million for losses they may have incurred during the 2016 drought. Proponents claim that many
SB11 which prevents, for the remainder of the session, consideration of any other bill dealing with the New Hampshire milk producers have suffered significant financial loss as a result of diminished crops
subject matter of SB11 (i.e., Right to Work). due to the drought during 2016. As a result, several milk producers have ceased milk production.
Representatives for Hudson and Pelham Proponents also claim these farms enhance our natural landscape from which our citizens derive
Dyer, Caleb Libertarian Hillsborough 37 OTP great pleasure and to which so many of our tourists are attracted. Also locally-produced milk is important
Hellwig, Steve Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP to the states ability to feed itself Opponents claimed the bill is simply a bailout, using taxpayer
Jasper, Shawn Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP money, of a specific group of private businesses. Opponents assert that weather conditions affect many
Ober, Russell Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP businesses and should be considered a part of doing business. They also question whether this will set
Prout, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP a precedent for the taxpayers subsidizing many other weather-affected businesses like skiing, travel,
Renzullo, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37 OTP and landscaping, to name but a few. On March 23, the NH House voted OPT/A (Ought to Pass with
Amendment), 257-96. Yea can be construed as a vote for the bill. Nay can be construed as a vote against
the bill. Provided the senate agrees to the amendment, the bill will proceed to the governor for signature.

One Community.... Representatives for Hudson and Pelham

Smith, Gregory
Dyer, Caleb
Republican Hillsborough 37 Yea
Libertarian Hillsborough 37 Nay
Four Levels of Care Hellwig, Steve
Ober, Russell
Republican Hillsborough 37 Nay
Republican Hillsborough 37 Nay
Prout, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37 Nay
Renzullo, Andrew Republican Hillsborough 37 Nay
Schleien, Eric Republican Hillsborough 37 Nay
Ulery, Jordan Republican Hillsborough 37 Nay
Rehabilitation Jasper, Shawn Republican Hillsborough 37 Presiding
Private suites Ober, Lynne Republican Hillsborough 37 Excused*
Rice, Kimberly Republican Hillsborough 37 Excused*
State-of-the-art rehab gym *Excused denotes illness
203 Lowell Road, Hudson NH 03051 Representatives for Windham
Memory Care Assisted Living
Bates, David Republican Rockingham 7 Nay
Kolodziej, Walter Republican Rockingham 7 Nay
Griffin, Mary Republican Rockingham 7 Yea
Specialized programs McMahon, Charles Republican Rockingham 7 Yea
Open concept, feeling of home
Pelham Fire Log
Traditional Assisted Living March 13: 3:35 a.m. Medical alarm activation, Terrace Circle. 10:31 a.m. Mutual aid to Windham for
medical emergency. 1:17 p.m. Medical emergency, Brandy Lane. 4:24 p.m. Investigate report of smoke
24 private suites in the area, Carriage Circle. 4:39 p.m. Structure fire, Mammoth Road.
Worry-free living March 14: 3:45 a.m. Medical assistance, Greenwood Terrace. 6:29 a.m. Motor vehicle accident,
Mammoth Road. 7:35 a.m. Carbon monoxide alarm activation, Mammoth Road. 7:42 a.m. Motor
vehicle accident, Bush Hill Road. 10:44 a.m. Motor vehicle accident, Sherburne Road. 12:52 p.m.
Investigate fire alarm activation, Bridge Street. 1:26 p.m. Utility pole on house, Windham Road. 1:50
Long Term Care p.m. Tree on wires, Tallant Road. 4:14 p.m. Service call, Lane Road. 6:10 p.m. Investigate fire alarm
Compassionate & dedicated staff activation, Arlene Drive. 6:43 p.m. Medical emergency, Wellesley Drive. 7:19 p.m. Carbon monoxide
alarm activation, Millstone Road. 7:33 p.m. Fire alarm activation, Ladyslipper Avenue. 8:02 p.m.
Safe & caring environment Medical assistance, Mammoth Road.
March 15: 1:36 a.m. Medical emergency, Jonathan Road. 8:05 a.m. Medical emergency, Wyndridge
Circle. 8:52 a.m. Fire alarm
Fairview offers a continuum activation, Benoit Avenue.
Fairview Healthcare is an established member of care that is unlike any other 12:38 p.m. Medical emergency,
Leonard Drive.
of the healthcare community since 1951. community in the area. March 16: 10:41 a.m. Medical
emergency, Jericho Road. 12:17
p.m. Medical emergency, Marsh
Road. 2:09 p.m. Medical
assistance, Spruce Street.
Laurel Place AssistedLiving
March 17: 4:07 a.m. Medical
aid, Blackstone Circle.
March 18: 11:16 a.m. Medical
emergency, Winterberry Road.
2:40 p.m. Medical emergency,
Fairview Healthcare 603-882-5261 Marsh Road.
203 Lowell Road, Hudson, NH March 19: 12:49 a.m. Medical
aid, Hobbs Road. 10:23 a.m.
Service call, Old Gage Hill Road.
7:13 p.m. Carbon monoxide
alarm activation, Sawmill Road.
8:46 p.m. Medical emergency,
Bedard Avenue.
Pelham - Windham News | March 31, 2017 - 3

Not Just a Recipe

Local author celebrating People, Places and Food with her cookbook
by Doug Robinson from the women of her past.
Pats love of cooking takes her back to Pat, a longtime Pelham resident, took that love and reached out to the Area News Group and
her childhood. I can still remember the developed a weekly cooking column for all the readers of Pelham and Windham to enjoy. She would
warm fresh smells of baking fresh breads and publish those memories as well as share new recipes of her own.
wonderful muffins and creating masterful Pats column, Cooking with Patricia, became an instant success. Local residents would write to me
pies for the holiday seasons. My dad, Carlton as well as send to me e-mail requests for cooking help and suggestions. That was the beginning of my
Jackman, as well as all his brothers, loved pie, kitchen chat for my 10 years of writing for the newspaper.
recalls local author and Pelham-Windham News With her cookbook, Pat has taken her next step to bringing her love of cooking to a larger audience.
contributing writer, Pat Jackman Altomare. Bowtie Pasta with Prosciutto, Pine Nuts, and Spinach, Scallion Buttermilk Biscuits and My First
In her new book, Not Just a Recipe - Macaroni and Cheese Bake Off are a few of the wonderful recipes in her book. Some chapter titles
Celebrating People, Places and Food, Pat include Most Popular, Family, Holidays and Events, New Years to Christmas, and Introduction to
provides her best recipes from 10 years writing Traveling.
a newspaper food column, as well as many My favorite is Courtesy photos
home recipes from shared home cooks. chapter 5, said Pat.
At her grandmothers home, three generations All about the Cooks
of family farmed the land, harvested the and Food Chat is my
food, shared life with each other, and most of favorite because (it is)
all, cooked side by side. Together, with her a salute to the home
grandmother and her great grandmother, many cooks and foodies
meals were prepared for a family of 12 three that became devoted
times a day. readers and fans of my
I was the oldest girl of eight commented newspaper columns.
Pat, and when you are the oldest, you become The recipes in this
an assistant. I was cooking alongside my chapter are from the
mother when I was just 12 years old. I can personal collections of
still remember her teaching me my first cookie Not Just a Recipe - Celebrating People, Places and Food by these cooks, sent to me
recipe. I remember mom teaching me how to Pat Jackman Altomare of Pelham, former PWN columnist of to share with others.
make my fathers favorite pie: mincemeat. It Cooking with Patricia And it is that
would not be unusual for us to make 12 pies sharing, that The Strawberry Poppy Pie was one of Pats most popular recipes with PWN readers in 2005.
for one sitting during the holidays laughed Pat. togetherness, and that Since it is almost strawberry season, it is worth introducing again.
With my dad having five brothers, they all had their favorite pie, and we would bake them faithfully. bond which cooking The recipe can be found in the Archives section online at
Pat grew up on a farm and all the children learned to work the farm. I guess you could say we were creates. From humble
one of the first folks to really understand the benefits of garden to table quality, continued Pat. We had beginnings, tethered to
six acres of land and we grew corn, tomatoes and all of the wonderful vegetables that filled our vegetable her mother and grandmother in front of the stove, to the bringing of warmth and love to the dining room
stand. We were known for our fine produce. And that was back in the 1950s. table for everyone to enjoy is what Pat Jackman Altomares book Not Just a Recipe - Celebrating People,
In 2003, Pat found an old box of her mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers recipes. This box Places, and Food is all about. It is about dedication, commitment, love and family.
did not simply provide a collection of recipes. It represented the love of cooking, sharing and memories Pat has a blog/website for all to enjoy:

Recreation Coordinator Cheryl Haas Spotlighted as Employee of the Year

by Barbara OBrien children of the town, her own included, love Haas and the events
Windham Selectmen have named the towns Recreation she coordinates. I appreciate all that she does, Simmons said.
Coordinator Cheryl Haas as Employee of the Year for 2016. The I, too, have great appreciation for what you do, Selectman Ross
recognition award and ceremony were revived this year, following a McLeod told Haas.
hiatus of several years. The Employee of the Year award was presented during the
Haas has been employed as the coordinator for the towns selectmens meeting on March 13. Haas was accompanied by her
recreation department for the past 12 years. two young daughters and numerous friends and co-workers. I love
Selectman Joel Desilets said that the decision on which employee my job, Haas told those in attendance. Thanks for putting up with
to select as employee of the year was a difficult one, as there me and teaching me, she told Town Administrator David Sullivan,
are so many dedicated and qualified staff members from whom with whom she has worked for the past dozen years.
to choose. Desilets said he is consistently impressed with Haas Sullivan spoke of the many, many hours he and Haas have spent
dedication, professionalism and kindness. working together. She knows how much I appreciate what she has
Selectman Bruce Breton noted that the numerous events planned done, Sullivan said. She has repeatedly stepped up to the plate
by Haas for the community just keep getting bigger and better every when needed, he added. She is a tremendous employee and this
Windhams Town Employee of the Year Cheryl Haas (in the front row, accompanied year. award has been a long time coming!
by her two daughters) is recognized for her dedication during the past 12 years Selectman Jennifer Simmons commented on how much the
serving as the towns recreation coordinator. From left are: Back row Selectmen Joel
Desilets, Ross McLeod, Jennifer Simmons, Roger Hohenberger and Bruce Breton.

Principals Chosen for Two

Windham Schools
by Barbara OBrien principal and Christopher Hunt would be hired to
This past July, when Richard Langlois took on fill the job of Golden Brook principal.
the job of superintendent for SAU 95 in Windham, The vote to hire Morrow as Windham Middle
the school district was in the midst of numerous School principal and Hunt as the principal of
resignations and the subsequent hiring of new Golden Brook School was four in favor, zero
personnel. At the time, the principal at Windham opposed and one abstention. Voting in favor
Middle School and the principal at Windham of the hiring for both candidates were Daniel
Center School had both tendered letters of Popovici-Muller, Rob Breton, Dennis Senibaldi
resignation. Apparently, neither resignation was and Tom Murray; newly elected school board
expected. member Keleigh McAllister abstained from voting.
Being new to the Windham School District, Hunt, who grew up in Windham and attended
Langlois decided to appoint interim principals for local schools, is currently the principal of
the 2016-2017 school year. Brenda Morrow, who Derry Village School. He also has previous
was the assistant principal at Windham Middle administrative experience in Londonderry, where
School, was given the principals job on an interim he, reportedly, worked with Poulin in years past.
basis. Golden Brook Principal Rory OConnor Hunts late mother, Alice Hunt, served for many
was transferred to Windham Center School on years in the Windham Town Clerks Office.
a permanent basis, and Golden Brook Assistant As the result of Bob Dawsons recent resignation
Principal Deanna Poulin moved up to serve as as principal of Windham High School, the school
interim principal at Golden Brook. district will have two new principals beginning in
Just recently, the interim positions were July, as well as two principals (Rory OConnor and
reviewed and decisions were made as to who Brenda Morrow) who will be starting their second
would serve as principals at Windham Middle years in those positions.
School and Golden Brook for the 2017-2018
school year. On Langlois recommendation,
Morrow was

Your BMW and MINI Service Alternative

hired to stay
on as principal
at Windham
School. As
for Golden
Brook School,
however, it
was decided One Industrial Drive
that Poulin (Rt. 111, Hudson, NH
would return
to her job
as assistant


Competitors shown are subject to change. 2016 Feld Entertainment, Inc.
4 - March 31, 2017 | Pelham-Windham News

The Word Around Town...

Letters to our Editor
School Renovations on Hold -- No Bonds, No Building complication with the bond issue is exactly the type of risk the Governor was referring to.
The town will have to either resolve this question in court or wait for the legislature to pass Do Your
When a serious winter storm was forecast for Tuesday, March 14, moving Windhams
a law to provide some remedy. Both of these options take time and will keep the school
town election may have seemed like a common sense course of action to take for the sake building project in limbo.
of public safety. However, that decision has seriously complicated the plans for the school Senator Woodburn filed a bill (SB 248) in the Senate to ratify the results of all the
renovation project. It will now be virtually impossible to proceed according to the schedule elections which were moved because of the snow storm. That legislation was intended to I guess it comes as no surprise
set in the carefully planned timetable. be the solution for the dilemma that Windham (and other towns) now faces. However, that some students in this country
Why the delay after so many people worked so hard for so long to get the towns approval that bill had a public hearing and executive session in the Senate Election Law Committee want to get homework banned.
for a plan that would meet the school districts facilities needs? Because before bonds can (chaired by our Senator, Regina Birdsell) and it was changed. The committee adopted an When I was a student I would
be issued to fund the building project, the bound counsel must certify that the bonds are amendment to turn that legislation into a study committee. Consequently, there is no have loved to have no homework.
free from legal risk. Although many insisted the law is clear - that the Town Moderator longer any legislation pending to ratify the results of the election. SB 248 will probably be I mean in order to get into the
has the authority to reschedule an election, the reality is, that is not the case. If it were that amended again, but it is not going to happen very quickly. Right now that bill is still in the college of your dreams you need
clear Windham would not be in the predicament we now find ourselves in. There are stark Senate so the House cannot take any action on it until the Senators decide what they are to have good grades, a part-time
differences of opinion over the legality of moving the election and until that question is going to do with it. job, community service, and play
resolved definitively, no bond counsel will certify these bonds and the project will not move Based on my conversations with the Speaker of the House, the Chair of the House a sport. I get that this basically
forward. Election Law Committee, the Secretary of State, other legislators, and the testimony at the ruins your teenage years. Get
In spite of assurances by legal counsel that the Town Moderator had the authority to Senate hearing, it appears likely that the legislature may pass a law authorizing those towns over it.
move the election, the Secretary of State had said unequivocally we dont have snow days which did not hold their elections on the date set in statute, to hold special elections for
for elections, elections cannot be moved from the date set in law - the second Tuesday ratification of the bond votes. While it is possible that some other solution may be reached,
in March. The Governors statement was not quite as definitive, but he did strongly to avoid even more delays to the school building project, it would be wise for Windham to
recommend that all towns stay open for voting. Governor Sununu also cautioned that be prepared to hold a special election even if that ultimately does not have to happen.
if towns did make a decision to postpone their voting, it would be at their own risk.
The problem Windham now faces with its building project being on hold due to the Representative David Bates, Windham
All About

Are School Administrators Planning a Trip You know how they say life
gets better after high school? It

to Finland and Italy?

doesnt. College is more stressful
than high school because the
classes are harder and the
workload is increased. Then you
have to play a sport or join clubs
because it will look better on job
by Barbara OBrien One resident who was discussing the possible field trip, but did not want
applications. You cant afford to
A few weeks ago, Windham Superintendent Richard Langlois spoke to to be identified, said, our visionary superintendent is going to take 5 - 7 staff
just pay the high cost of college
the school board about a global initiative in which he was involved as a members to Italy and Finland on a summer tour to study a European curriculum
and not work for those four years,
superintendent in Massachusetts and that he wants to see take hold in New ... at $20-28 thousand dollars? This is ridiculous. Please, someone tell this
so you have to work more hours.
Hampshire. The program of which Langlois spoke involved the possibility of administration to take their professional development classes in Boston like
So, no, life does not get any
bringing Chinese students to stay with host families in Windham and attend the the rest of us. Its not like that city somehow comes up short on continuing ed.
easier after high school. The
local high school for a year. Langlois also mentioned the possibility of certain opportunities. Another resident suggested that the professional development be
consequences only increase. If
administrators taking a trip overseas, possibly to Finland and Italy, to study forms done via teleconferencing. It would be a lot less expensive, he said.
you dont pass in your homework
of education being conducted elsewhere, and to attend an international summit. An article in the Finnish magazine Independent, which details the fact that
in time, you fail it or you get
The international journey, which could possibly occur this coming summer, Finland will be the first country in the world to eliminate all subjects in their
points off every day its late. Thats
was on the agenda for the school boards March 25 meeting, but was tabled, as secondary education system, reveals what Windham educators are likely to be
if you have a good teacher. That
the meeting ran longer than anticipated, and Langlois was not in attendance. vetting during a trip to that country. Finlands education system is considered
is a teacher who is preparing you
In the meantime, rumors about the possible excursion are being bandied to be one of the best in the world. In international ratings, its always in the
for the real world. If you do your
about by many who keep track of school district happenings. Based on these top ten. However, the authorities there arent ready to rest on their laurels,
homework on time or at all you
conversations, the money for the trip would come out of the professional and theyve decided to carry through a real revolution in their school system.
fail the class. If you dont meet
development line item. The purpose of the trip would be to compare educational Finnish officials want to remove school subjects from the curriculum. There will
your deadlines at a job you get
systems. no longer be any classes in physics, math, literature, history or geography. The
fired. The more jobs you get fired
Based on information that was provided by EF Tours, the possible dates for head of the Department of Education in Helsinki, Marjo Kyllonen, explained the
from the harder it is to get a new
the trip would be July 2 through July 10, 2017; departing from and returning to changes. There are schools that are teaching in the old-fashioned way which
Bostons Logan Airport. The cost per person would be $3,845. Mention was was of benefit in the beginning of the 1900s - but the needs are not the same,
A teacher who does not care
made of four administrators possibly making the trip. That would total $15,380 and we need something fit for the 21st century, Kyllonen said.
about your future because they
for four people. Some people, however, are saying that plans are to take more Instead of individual subjects, students will study events and phenomena
sympathize with your present
than four administrators on the trip; perhaps as many as seven. The Finland trip in an interdisciplinary format. For example, the Second World War will be
will allow you to pass in your
needs to be squashed, said another resident. The school board should be able examined from the perspective of history, geography and math. And by taking
homework late or up until the
to intervene and put a stop to it. the course Working in a Caf, students will absorb a whole body of knowledge
end of the semester with no
The following is the itinerary for the upcoming trip to Finland and Italy, about the English language, economics and communication skills.
consequences, ensuring that you
according to EF (Education First) Tours. There was no information provided as to This system will be introduced for senior students, beginning at the age of 16.
will pass the class because you
how many school districts will participate. The general idea is that students ought to choose for themselves which topic or
did it.
Days 12: Fly to Finland - Meet your tour director at the airport in phenomenon they want to study, bearing in mind their ambitions for the future
In the real world you dont get
Helsinki and begin your stay with a walking tour of the city. Stand in awe of and their capabilities. In this way, no student will have to pass through an entire
a gold star for showing up on time
Temppeliaukio Churchs stone-hewn interior before tonights welcome dinner. course on physics or chemistry, while all the time thinking to them What do I
and for trying your very best. In
Day 3: Helsinki - Discover Finlands goals to promote equality, support need to know this for?
the real world you have deadlines,
lifelong learning and enhance the quality of education at all levels, during a The traditional format of teacher-pupil communication is also going to
quotas, and expectations that you
presentation from the Finnish National Board of Education. Then visit a local change. Students will no longer sit behind school desks and wait anxiously to
need to meet. Your corporate job
school to explore the successes and challenges Finnish educators experience be called upon to answer a question. Instead, they will work together in small
doesnt care if your parents are in
within the classroom. groups to discuss problems.
the middle of a messy divorce or
Day 4: Helsinki - Return to the Finnish National Board of Education, where The Finnish education system encourages collective work, which is why
your boyfriend is cheating on you.
you will attend workshops, interactive sessions, and TED-style talks to learn more the changes will also affect teachers. The school reform will require a great
They only care that the work that
about how Finland has become a world leader in education. deal of cooperation between teachers of different subjects. Around 70 percent
they are paying you to do is being
Day 5: Helsinki - Join your fellow educators for a reflection session. of teachers in Helsinki have already undertaken preparatory work in line with
completed in the time and with
Participate in a cultural activity to better understand daily life in Finland. Enjoy the new system for presenting information, and, as a result, theyll get a pay
the quality that they want you to
free time exploring the city. increase.
complete it in.
Day 6: Milan - Board your international flight to Milan, Italy, where you will According to the article, the changes in the educational system in Finland are
If students arent enforced to do
get warmed up for tomorrows Global Leadership Summit conference with a expected to be completed by 2020.
their homework, then they wont
welcome dinner. Following the trip to Finland, participants will head to Milan, Italy, to attend
learn the consequences of missing
Days 7-8 : Global Leadership Summit - Over the next two days, you will the Global Leadership Summit for two days, prior to heading back home.
deadlines. Its really a disservice.
hear from world-renowned topic experts, attend workshops, and network with It is anticipated that the subject of this potential trip abroad will be back on the
My generation is already bashed
educators as you explore the themes of education and the Future of Food. Learn agenda for the Tuesday, April 4, school board meeting. That meeting will begin at
for being soft, and yet its the
how to use the design thinking problem-solving method to integrate 21st century 7 p.m. in the Community Development Building, next to town hall. Public input
generations before mine that
skills and an innovative mindset into your classroom, school and district. is encouraged.
made us soft. I think its scary
Day 9 : Depart for home.
to think about how the younger
generations are going to react
when they are adults. Its going to
be a massive problem.
Anyways, as always, let me
know your thoughts, comments,
concerns, questions, compliments
and complaints by emailing them


and Child Care
Wills, Trusts
Powers of Attorney
Think Spring!
STEP 1 ~ the Building Blocks to social, emotional & academic acheivement ~
CRABGRASS CONTROL Ages 13 months to 6yrs - Open 7:00 am to 6:00 pm
PLUS FERTILIZER Private Country Setting,
12,500 sq. ft. cov.
Innovative, age appropriate curriculum
238 Central St, Unit 4 603.821.9052 Kathy Nolan, Sherry St. George
141 Kimball Hill Rd. Hudson, NH
& Karen Richards
SOLU-CAL Hudson, NH 880-ESCC (3722)

Royal Pets
Grass Seed
$ 3.89lb. BIG 50 lb. bag
NO Annual Rye Grass!

Treat your pet like royalty

FULL TIME Over 17 Years

Nancy Veillette Experience Bridgewood Plaza
Certified Veterinary Cell: 603-860-3893
Assistant Groomer (603) 635-9879 1794 Bridge St., # 11, Dracut, Mass.
5 LORI LANE, PELHAM, NH (Just over the Pelham line on Rte 38)
Pelham - Windham News | March 31, 2017 - 5

Good for the Community

Your Hometown Community Calendar
Third Thursdays thru June 15 Open to boys and girls, up to age 8! Egg hunt will up for one of our 15-minute sessions. Children Saturday, April 15
Every third Thursday of the month the Windham
Garden Club meets on the second floor of the
include thousands of candy and/or toy filled eggs.
Parents are expected to stay with their child. The
of all ages and reading levels are encouraged to
participate. Bring your own book or read one of 1 5th Eighth annual Styles & SMILES Breast
Cancer Charity Fashion Show will be
Windham Town Hall from 7 to 9 p.m. and features hunt starts promptly at 12 p.m. and typically is ours! Registration is required to guarantee a time presented at Windham High School Theater
various speakers. Meetings are open to the done in a very short order. Friends of the Library slot but drop-ins will be added that day if spots are at 6:30 p.m. Spring and Summer fashions
community and everyone is welcome to bring their in Pelham will hold a book and bakery sale from still available. for all ages, entertainment, cheer, raffle bidding
friends. Upcoming speakers and dates: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Crossroads Kindergarten & and refreshments. All are welcome. Doors open at
Tuesday, April 11
April 20: Learn about the status of Bobcats in Preschool will host a craft table for preschool 6 p.m., and admission is $10 or 2/$15. Proceeds
our area. Find where the increased sightings and aged children, First Congregational Church will 1 1th Book Discussion: The Things We Keep,
7 to 8 p.m., Pelham Public Library. Anna
benefit Avon39 Walk to End Breast Cancer national
captures are. offer hotdogs and cotton candy, Troop 25 will 501(c)3 charity. www.teambelladonna.
Forster, in the early stages of Alzheimers
May 20: Plant Sale and Raffle have popcorn sales and hot chocolate, the Girl
disease at only 38 years old, knows that Tuesday, April 18
May 24: The New Hampshire Federation of Scouts are will have a craft and selling their famous
Garden Clubs Annual Meeting. cookies! And much more! Parents are welcome
her family is doing what they believe to be best
when they take her to Rosalind House, an assisted
1 8th Cookbook Explorers: Light Spring
Dishes, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., Pelham Public
June 15: Windham Garden Club Summer to take photos with our Bunny. Bring your own
living facility. She also knows theres just one Library. Welcome spring with us by sharing
Solstice Awards Banquet basket or container for collecting eggs. (Rain/snow
other resident her age, Luke. What she does not a favorite spring dish. Come with a dish to
date: April 15)
Wednesday, April 5 expect is the love that blossoms between her and share and the recipe. All are welcome. Free.
5th The Womans Service Club of Windhams
next meeting will be held upstairs in th
Sunday, April 9
Antiques Road Show - Pelham Style,
Luke even as she resists her new life at Rosalind
House. As her disease steals more and more of her
Friday, April 21
Windham Town Hall. Luncheon begins 9 1:30 to 3:30 p.m., Pelham Public Library. memory, Anna fights to hold on to what she knows, 2 1st Registration ends for Pelham Mens
Softball League. All games are played at
at 11:30 a.m. followed by program and Come share with your neighbors about including her relationship with Luke. When Eve
Golden Brook Park, Newcomb Field on
meeting. Program will feature guest speaker, that cool, old thing that gives you so much Bennett is suddenly thrust into the role of single
Mondays, Tuesdays and/or Thursdays through
author Doug Zechel, who writes as K.D. Mason, joy. Awards will be given to the oldest item, and mother she finds herself putting her culinary
the summer starting at 6:30 p.m. Participants must
will talk about his series of compelling and item that has been in the family the longest. Tell us training to use at Rosalind house. When she meets
be 18 years of age. Games will last seven innings.
entertaining tales of mystery, romance and how you came by the item and why it is so special Anna and Luke she is moved by the bond the pair
Season games begin on May 1. Program fee. First
suspense set on the New Hampshire seacoast. to you. Due to space limitations, this is limited to has forged. But when a tragic incident leads Annas
come/first served basis and capped at 12 teams.
Guests welcome, bring a friend and neighbor! items no larger than a breadbox. And there wont and Lukes families to separate them, Eve finds
Register at or at
Come and enjoy and find out what we are about! be any professional appraisals we will leave that herself questioning what she is willing to risk to
contact membership chairman Sue Violi at 889- to the TV show. Refreshments will be served. We help them.
0578 for information. are looking forward to seeing all your treasures. Saturday, April 22 & Sunday, April 23
Tuesdays, April 11 thru May 23
Join the PHS Music Boosters at its annual Monday, April 10 Art for Kids program for beginners and beyond 22nd St. Patricks Womens Guild Penny
Sale will be held on in the Parish Center
Taste of Italy dinner to benefit the PHS Music
Department. This event is being held from 6 to 8
1 0th The Pelham School District will conduct
screenings for Pelham children, ages
(ages 6-12), 4 to 5 p.m., First Congregational
Church, basement classroom. No experience
at St. Patrick Parish, 12 Main St., Pelham,
Saturday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Sunday, 9
p.m. at St. Patricks Clubhouse, 12 Main St, Pelham. 2.5 to 5, who may have vision, hearing, needed for this class. Size of groups is limited; first
a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit our Blarney Stone Caf for
The meal includes a serving of either Chicken speech, motor or overall developmental come, first serve. Program fee. Registration form
mouthwatering food throughout the weekend.
Piccata or Parmesan, pasta with sauce, garden concerns and or an educational disability. The available at 6 Village Green or online at www.
Drawing Sunday at 3:30 p.m. (need not be present
salad with balsamic dressing, bread & butter, one purpose of the screening is to identify children Register online at
to win).
dessert and one drink. PHS Bands members will that may require special education and or related
provide the musical entertainment for your listening services. Child Find Program screenings will take Friday, April 28
Wednesday, April 12
enjoyment. Limited Take-Out dinners available.
Tickets: $12 Adults, $6 children and 10/under. To
place on at Pelham Elementary School, from 9 to
11:30 a.m. For more information or to schedule an 1 2th A Garden for Wildlife: Natural 2 8th Nutrition Workshop: The Power of
Protein, 1:30 to 2:30 p.m., Pelham Public
Landscaping for a Better Backyard, at 6:30
purchase advance tickets, contact a PHS Band appointment, contact Pelham Elementary School Library. Join us for our monthly nutrition
p.m., Pelham Public Library. Did you know
Member or call 635-3683. at 635-8875, ext. 5002 or e-mail tkaufmann@ workshop led by a former physical trainer
that the landscaping in your yard could be or and inspiration for healthy eating. Healthy
Fridays, thru April 7 habitat for wildlife? Do you want to learn how
Refreshments will be served.
7th St. Patricks Knights of Columbus of
Pelham will be serving Fish Bake Dinners
Mondays, April 10 & May 15
We are happy to announce that our Reading
to attract wildlife to your backyard? Or maybe
you have problems with wildlife around your Saturday, April 29
each Friday during Lent between 5 and 7
p.m. in the Parish Center located at 12 Main
Sessions With Macs are returning to the Nesmith
Library. Macs, a loveable cockapoo, is a Reading
home and want to know what to do. A volunteer
from the Speaking for Wildlife program will talk 2 9th Tea Tasting, 12:30 to 1:30 p.m., Pelham
Public Library. Earl Gray, Darjeeling,
St. Dinner consists of baked haddock, mashed Education Assistance Dog or R.E.A.D. Dog. Macs about A Garden for Wildlife, a 35-minute slide Assam, Ceylon. Come learn the subtle
potatoes, green beans, rolls and butter. Prices had been recovering from an injury, but is looking presentation that offers answers to these and other differences between these well known teas.
are $11 for adults, $10 for seniors/children. The forward to spending time at the library again. questions. You can learn how to help wildlife Did you know teas have personalities? And that
proceeds from these dinners go to various charities Fifteen-minute reading sessions will be available by altering your landscaping and gardening teas can be paired with certain foods? Learn teas
supported by this council. 3:15-5:15pm. Often, students find it intimidating practices. We will discuss choosing plants, relationships with food and desserts; understand
to read in front of classmates, but love to read to a gardening techniques, wildlife and habitats, use of teas history and its future. Registration required.
Saturday, April 8
non-judgmental, calming dog. A reading program, native plants, and issues such as invasive plants.
8th Pelham Parks and Recreation will host
its annual Easter Egg Hunt approximately
involving a dog as a listener, has the potential to Presentation includes handouts and other helpful
ease that fear. If you think your child would enjoy materials.
11a.m. to 1 p.m. on the Village Green.
reading with Macs, please call the library and sign

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Volunteer of the Year

Easter Margaret Case Called Remarkable
Services by Barbara OBrien
commented that Cases Volunteer of the Year Award could very well
be a lifetime achievement award.
Margaret Case, who has a very long history of serving the town Selectman Joel Desilets noted that Case has been an amazing
The First Congregational Church of Pelham United Church of Christ, of Windham, has been named as the 2016 Volunteer of the Year. inspiration for other generations of volunteers; something she
3 Main St., Pelham The award was presented to Case during the selectmens meeting continues to be.
on March 13. Selectman Jennifer Simmons, who has only been a board
Palm Sunday, April 9 Margaret Case and Tom Case, her husband of many years, have member for the past year, said she has already learned to value
Worship - 10 a.m. both served the residents on a volunteer basis for decades and their Cases opinion and dedication to the community.
Maundy Thursday, April 13 generosity is legend. Town Administrator David Sullivan noted that Margaret and
Simple Supper - 6-7 p.m. Selectman Roger Hohenberger told Mrs. Case that what Tom Case were one of the first couples that he met when he first
Service of Tenebrae - 7 p.m. she accomplished with the towns recreation department was took on the job more than a quarter of a century ago. They are
Good Friday, April 14 incredible. Case served as its director for 18 years. The the consummate volunteers, Sullivan said. There are very few
Church Open for Prayer from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. recreation department has grown into something of which to people who are as dedicated. Sullivan also said that Mrs. Case
Easter Sunday, April 16 be proud, Hohenberger said. Margaret Case is also a former epitomizes the concept of volunteerism. Whatever you do, you
Sunrise Service on the grounds of the Harris Pelham Inn - 6 a.m. selectman. do to the best!
Easter Worship - 10 a.m. Selectman Bruce Breton commented on Cases vast knowledge Upon accepting the award, Mrs. Case thanked her husband for
of the community. Youre one of the best fundraisers, I know, his never-ending cooperation and dedication. It takes a lot of
St. Matthew Catholic Church, 2 Searles Rd., Windham Breton told her. Case is renowned for raising money to refurbish work and coordination, she said, noting how much she enjoys
Holy Saturday, April 15 the town-owned Searles School and Chapel building, particularly her volunteer work. She also thanked the many staff members and
Easter Vigil Mass - 8 p.m. in regard to restoring the stained glass windows that grace the residents who have helped her through the years. Theyve always
Easter Sunday, April 16 more than century-old structure on Range Road. been there when I needed something, she said. They have been
Masses - 7:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. Selectman Ross McLeod told Case, The dedication and a godsend. People always go out of their way to help!
St. Patrick Church, 12 Main St., Pelham perseverance you have put into Searles is remarkable. McLeod
Holy Thursday, April 13
Mass of the Lords Supper - 7 p.m. in the church

Ross McLeod Named

Adoration following Mass until Midnight in the Parish Center
Good Friday, April 14
Confessions 12-2:45 p.m.
Adoration of the Cross - 3 p.m.
Stations of the Cross - 7 p.m.
Windham Selectmens Chairman
Holy Saturday, April 15
Easter Vigil - 8 p.m. by Barbara OBrien named to their positions as chairman and vice chairman by a
Note: No 3 p.m. Confessions and no 4 p.m. Mass Following the March 18 Town Election, Ross McLeod has been unanimous vote of 5 to 0.
Easter Sunday, April 16 named as chairman of the Windham Board of Selectmen. McLeod Also during the March 27 selectmens meeting, Joel Desilets, last
Masses - 8 a.m., 9:30 a.m., 11:30 a.m. served as vice chairman for the past year. He is in his second year years board chairman, and Bruce Breton were sworn into another
Note: No 6 p.m. Mass of a three-year term. three-year term by Town Clerk Nicole Bottai.
Getting the nod as vice chairman for the upcoming year was The current Windham Board of Selectmen is comprised of Ross
Jennifer Simmons. Simmons was elected to her first term as McLeod, Jennifer Simmons, Bruce Breton, Joel Desilets and Roger
selectman in March 2016. Both McLeod and Simmons were Hohenberger. The board is unchanged from last year.
6 - March 31, 2017 | Pelham - Windham News

School Operating Passive Recreation Area Smaller than Thought

Budget Gets by Barbara OBrien for the passive recreation area.

Voter Approval A year ago, voters in Windham approved spending up to $90,000 to

develop phase I of a passive recreation area in the town-owned Griffin
Sullivan said that he was offering three options to resolve the issue
surrounding the size of the area: 81 feet wide by 190 feet long, which would
Park. The area, located near the front of Griffin Park, was once a fenced reduce the cost of the project by $1,451; 85 feet wide by 181 feet long,
by Barbara OBrien skateboard facility; one that was eventually shut down because of behavior which would increase the cost by $1,498; or 85 feet wide by 190 feet long,
The nearly $50 million proposed Windham issues involving some of the youngsters that frequented the area. After the which would mean an increase in cost of $2,735. Sullivan said he was
School District operating budget for the 2017- skateboard park was closed, most of the equipment was sold off or given recommending the third option (85 feet by 190 feet). I recommend the
2018 school year has resounding been approved away. The area then sat unused for several years. maximum space available, he said. The additional cost would be due to
by the voters who turned out to cast their ballots. About two years ago, a group of residents came up with the concept of increased excavation and more base material being required.
The annual election was postponed from Tuesday, turning the unused area into a passive recreational park. Public hearings Selectman Roger Hohenberger said he believes the board of selectmen was
March 14 until Saturday, March 18, due to a late were held on the idea, a community survey was conducted and, eventually, remiss in its responsibility by not checking out the size of the area themselves.
season storm that left more than 24 inches of a proposal was designed. Due to the estimated cost of the project, the plan Shame on this board for not doing due diligence, he said. We should have
snow in the area. was split into two phases. A request for bid proposals was sent out through gone out there with a tape measure. Hohenberger said he thinks selectmen
Superintendent Richard Langlois, who took the towns recreation department. Finally, a bid was awarded to Groundhog need to take a much closer look at the whole project before moving ahead. I
on the job this past July, said this years budget Construction for $89,500 for phase I of the project. Subsequently, selectmen dont feel comfortable, Hohenberger said, adding that he wants members of
preparations were a collaborative process approved another $3,000 for a change order. the recreation committee to provide additional information to selectmen.
throughout, and decisions on where money During the selectmens meeting on March 13, Town Administrator David I have full confidence in the phase I plan, Selectman Joel Desilets said.
should be spent were solely based on evidence. Sullivan said that work had begun and the cement pad that was underneath Im opting for the most economical option, Selectman Ross McLeod
The intent is to optimize student achievement, the skateboard park was in the process of being removed. There was a added.
Langlois said, adding that the process used was problem, however, one that was discovered once the contractor began Selectman Jennifer Simmons said she still had multiple questions about the
very transparent and open to public scrutiny. A work in the area. According to Sullivan, the actual area set aside for passive plan.
finance committee was also formed this past year recreation is smaller than thought. Based on the original plans for Griffin The plan has the same layout; the same scope, Sullivan said. Theres just
to assist with the process. Langlois credits the Park, which, reportedly changed over the years, the area in question should a change in size. In order to make up the difference in size, it is likely that
recent changes in budget preparations with the have been 90 feet wide by 181 feet long. Turns out, however, that the area is the stone planters and the area for the gazebo would need to be narrower.
success of the proposed budget. actually only 81 feet wide by 175 feet long. After further discussion, selectmen finally decided unanimously to go
The operating budget for next year, which This was a surprise to many, Selectman Joel Desilets said. with option 1 for the change in size (81 feet wide by 190 feet long), thereby
begins on July 1, shows an approximate The engineer should have measured this himself, Sullivan said, rather saving $1,451 off the overall cost of the project. The major reason selectmen
3.24-percent increase over the current years than relying on old plans. decided to move forward at this point is to avoid delaying the construction
operating budget. Next years budget stands at Selectman Bruce Breton said the original park plans changed 10 times over company, which is under contract and has already started the approved work.
$49,995,312. If the proposed budget had failed the years. We need to take a step back, he said, referring to current plans
to gain a majority of votes, a default budget of
$49,211,740 would have been implemented. The
2017-2018 school district operating budget was
approved by a vote of 2,284 in favor to 1,185
opposed. A simple majority vote was required for
School District Business Administrator William Womans Service Club
to Offer Two Academic Scholarships
Hickey, who is also serving his first year in that
capacity in Windham, said the tax impact of the
newly approved budget and other monied warrant
articles would total about $1.88 per $1,000
assessed property valuation. On a median-priced community. The scholarships are awarded conditionally upon graduation.
submitted by Ruth Coole They are presented the first week of January 2018, once the recipients have
Windham property ($375,000), this would mean The Womans Service Club of Windham will award two $2,000
a tax increase for 2017 of $705. This does not successfully completed their first college semesters.
scholarships in May 2017. Applicants must be Windham residents who Applications are on the club website: www.
include any increases on the town side of the are graduating high school seniors. The scholarships are awarded on the
ledger. and Windham High School website.
basis of academic achievement and demonstrated service to school and Applications must be received no later than April 24.

Note to readers: With ratification of election results an issue on the state level because towns moved their election dates, this bond issue could be affected.

School Construction Project

Finally Gets a Green Light
by Barbara OBrien addition to Golden Brook School were nearly successful last year, the
Space issues have been a major problem for the Windham School District concept didnt quite meet the 60 percent majority vote required for a bond
for at least the past decade. Several attempts to convince voters to approve issue.
renovations, as well as new construction, have met with failure. Although On March 18 of this year, however, those proposing the construction
the proposal for renovations to Windham Middle School and a new project had just cause for celebration. When the votes were finally tallied
that evening, the school construction project had passed muster by 2,205
votes to 1,356 votes; for a narrow margin of 61.9 percent of the ballots cast.
Antique & Vintage making
Ingrid Nichols, of Banwell Architects, spoke in regard to the victory. This
is a much better plan at a lower cost. It is a full-district plan, Nichols said

Furniture, Paints beautiful

It will alleviate space issues at all four of Windhams schools. Nichols also
noted that the time to complete the construction had been reduced from last
years estimate of three years to a current timeline of 26 months.
Gifts, Home Decor & smiles The estimated cost of the construction project totals no more than
$38,907,102. Building and grounds committee Chairman Rob St. Laurent
Window Treatments everyday said that the project has been well-vetted and that the committee and
administrators have been working with a very reputable contractor.
Open Tuesday - Saturday 10-5 According to recent information that was distributed, Golden Brook
Sunday 12-4 School will increase from 33 to 61 classrooms, once the project is
completed, with an estimate of 15 children per class at the kindergarten level
up to 20 students per class in the fourth grade. According to Nichols, once
completed three years from now, there will be approximately 100 excess
122 Bridge St (Rt. 38) Pelham, NH seats available (based on current population growth estimates). Windham
Middle School will increase from 29 to 31 classrooms, with approximately
(603) 635-8034
22 Bridge St (Rt. 38) Pelham, NH 25 students per class in grades seven and eight. Sixth graders will move
Next to True Value
(603) 635-8034Hardware 952-4848 46 Lowell Rd, Windham 1533 Lakeview Ave, Dracut 978-957-7170
down to Windham Center School to join the fifth graders. Currently students
in grades four through six are at Center School. Golden Brook will house
students in pre-school through fourth grade; for a total of nearly 1,000

Take $10 OFF Your $50 Purchase With Ad, One discount
Do You Have the Right Plan? students.
Business Administrator William Hickey, who took on the job last
per person, per purchase, Expires 12-31-2016 LIFE - HEALTH - MEDICARE July, said that the total cost of the proposed construction project,

including interest paid on the $38,907,102 bond for a period of 20
years, would amount to approximately $51,219,788. According
to Hickey, the tax impact for the first full year of the bond payment
(principal and interest) would be an estimated $1.37 per $1,000
Insurance Solutions Provided assessed property valuation. The impact would decline over

Find us online! Karen A. Archer

Independent Licensed Agent
603-553-9040 subsequent years, according to Hickey. Also, 10 years from now, in
877-728-9593 2027, the high school bond will be fully paid.
Paint & Sip with us on Friday and Saturday nights! Londonderry, NH Article 3, which also pertained to school construction, but was
separated out from the main project in order to give voters more

Ask about our GIVE-AWAY!

71 Bridge St.,Pelham, NH 603-751-8008 Lifee / Health / Dental / Long Term Care / Medicare / Disability choice, asked voters to raise and appropriate $547,000 to expand the
Sav lb.
$1.50 proposed new gymnasium at Golden Brook School
by 2,000 square feet (up to 9,000 square feet).
SALEM, NH 236 N. Broadway, Rte. 28 603-894-6328 Family Pack - Bone In The proposal also included a 500-seat telescoping
bleacher section and two sideways basketball
Family Pack Family Pack - Thin Sliced
CENTER CUT courts. However, the 60 percent majority vote
CHICKEN LEG1/4's PORK CHOPS CHICKEN CUTLETS required for passage was not achieved, nor was a
simple 50 percent majority. The actual vote was
59 $1.88 $2.99
We reserve the right to limit quantities. EBT, MC, VISA, AMEX, DISCOVER accepted. Not responsible for typographical errors.

/ lb /lb. /lb. 2,026 opposed and 1,492 in favor. Article 3 did

SAVE 61 lb not have the full support of the school board.
Article 4 also related to the construction project
and required a 60 percent majority vote. This
Home of McKinnon's Best Beef Plain or Seasoned Vernon Manor article included enhancements to the proposed
BONELESS CHUCK BONELESS LEG athletic field at Windham Middle School. The
SPIRAL HAMS field, which will be located behind the middle
of LAMB school, atop the new leach field, is proposed as
BUTCHER SHOP! $3.99 /lb. $1.79 /lb. a practice field in the main construction project.
See ALL our specials at:
Sale Dates: Friday, March 31, 2017- Thursday, April 6, 2017
$4.49 /lb. The separate warrant article 4 would have enlarged
the practice field to a full-size soccer field, with
McKinnon's Own natural grass, a sprinkler system and a four-foot
Frenched USDA Choice - Family Pack Sliced to Order
high fence on all four sides, with a 12-foot-high
LAMB RIB CHOPS STEWING BEEF McKINNON'S ROAST BEEF HONEY ROASTED TURKEY net, an emergency vehicle driveway and additional

$9.99 /lb. $3.99 /lb. $6.49 SAVE 50 lb

/lb. $5.99 SAVE $1 lb
/lb. to Order!
Sliced handicapped parking spaces; all at a cost of
$345,000. Article 4 did receive more than a
majority of the votes cast, but did not achieve the
Heat & Eat! 60 percent required. The actual number of votes
Chobani Calfia Farms Italiano - Imported (1,790 yes to 1,743 no) was only 50.79 percent of
GREEK YOGURT ALMOND MILKS PARMA PROSCIUTTO CHICKEN, BROCCOLI & ZITI the total votes cast. Article 4 also did not have the
88 5.3 oz. $3.49 48 oz. $13.49 /lb.
$5.49 /lb. full support of the school board.
It is expected that work on the approved
SAVE 26 SAVE 50 SAVE 50 lb
construction project will get underway after
school adjourns for the summer. Building and
Fresh - Atlantic Fresh - USA Oven Ready! Olivia's Organic ground committee member Cynthia Finn, who
SALMON FILLETS FLOUNDER FILLETS WHOOPIE PIES SALADS worked diligently on getting information about the

$9.99 /lb. $7.99

SAVE $1 lb
/lb. $3.99 4 Pack $4.49 construction project out to voters, said she was
absolutely ecstatic about the victory. We did
it, she said. We finally did it!
Pelham - Windham News | March 31, 2017 - 7

Three Windham High School Art Students Achieve National Recognition

submitted by Windham High School unexpected. It is wonderful that she is being recognized, which also more. Since 1923, the awards have recognized and encouraged
The Scholastic Art Awards of New Hampshire has announced 23 shows off her amazing ability. Susie is one of those kids who seems millions of students, including Truman Capote, Philip Pearlstein,
New Hampshire honorees in the National Scholastic Art Awards. to be committed to everything, and whatever she puts her mind to Sylvia Plath, Andy Warhol and John Updike, who won when they
Three Windham High School students received honors this year, turns out so well. were teens. In more recent years, famous names such as Stephen
the most from any school in the state, and the first from WHS so Susie, who will attend Lehigh University this coming fall as a King, Myla Goldberg, Zac Posen, Lena Dunham and Richard
honored. Honorees include seniors Madison Workman in the scholarship track athlete to study English and political science, was Linklater have become alumni of the program. An award signifies
drawing and illustration category, Susan Poore in ceramics and glass, a bit in shock when she found out. I spent close to two months to parents, teachers, the community and colleges that a student is
and Willem Shattuck in photography. working on that piece last year, based on how intricate it was. I an accomplished artist or writer. The awards offer opportunities
Senior Madison Workman received the highest possible honor, a started over a few times; it was a long process. Even though the for creative teens to earn recognition, exhibition, publication and
National Gold Medal, for her drawing, Wet Lights on a City Street. class went on to other projects, Mrs. Robbins kept encouraging scholarships.
Madi is eligible to travel with her teachers and family to New York me, and kept telling me that it would be an incredible piece at the Windham Fine Arts Director Alan Dust spoke to what the awards
City on June 8 and she will receive her award during a ceremony at end. Her support has meant so much to me. The award recognizes mean to the Windham School District. The pieces receiving
world-famous Carnegie Hall. the hours I spent in the pottery room, and the determination I put recognition are of such high quality, it is hard to believe they were
WHS Art Teacher Hannah Cole-Dahar was thrilled to receive the in to complete it, which is a really nice feeling. I think that is true done by students at such a young age. Windham has always looked
news. Madi is an incredibly talented and dedicated artist. She of artists. Awards recognize the time they put in to make a piece at the arts as a core subject, and provided our students in grades
pushes the boundaries of her subjects and media. The level of her something they are truly proud of. I dont think art is something I from kindergarten to high school with strong programs in the arts.
abilities and her understanding of the intent behind a work of art is will focus on in college, but art is something that will always be a These awards are specific to the students, but they can be shared by
well beyond her years. I am so proud of her! She is sure to continue part of my life. our visual arts teachers in all grades, as well as the entire district and
to create amazing work when she goes away to art school and Willem Shattuck will receive a National Silver Medal for his even the town of Windham. We should be very proud of these fine
beyond. photo, On the Edge, and will receive his medal this spring as well. teenagers.
Madi was thrilled as well. The piece is an abstract pastel based Will spoke about what the photo means to him, as well as the honor.
on the view out the windshield of my car on a rainy day. The award I am really grateful for the opportunity to be recognized. Without
means everything. Hearing I won made me more confident, and these awards, artists might not realize where an award can bring
gave me a belief that art is a path that I can follow. Art, for me, is them. For me, Im not planning to pursue a career in art. If I didnt
my way of expressing myself, and helps me grow as a human being, win this award, I might not realize that my art is good. This gives me
and as a person in general. When I first went into Mrs. Coles class, I confidence in my work. Without Mrs. Cole, none of these awards
would just draw for fun. She helped me transition from just drawing would happen. She puts students ahead of herself. She is there
to being an artist. I learned to focus on the more detailed aspects for us, and wants us to succeed. Will is planning to attend Keene
of art. She also taught me so much about technique. I feel like Im State College to study environmental science or criminal justice after
not going to remember Carnegie Hall. I feel like Im not going to be enlisting in the Air National Guard this summer.
able to speak. Mrs. Cole was equally happy about Will receiving the honor for
Madi will continue her studies next fall at the NH Institute of his work. For the last four years Willem has dedicated himself
Art, where she plans to pursue a Bachelor in Fine Arts degree. She to learning the artistry and the science of photography. Although
received a significant scholarship based on the Gold Key award Willem will not be going to school for photography, I am sure that
in the same competition in February. She is also a member of the it will continue to be a lifelong passion, and I cant wait to see his
NHIAA state championship WHS cheerleading team. work in the future.
Susan Poore will receive a National Silver Medal for her sculpture, The work of all three students will be displayed at Windham High
Inscribed Elephant. Susies medal will be awarded at a ceremony School over the next few months.
later this spring at Windham High. Ceramics Teacher Janet Robbins According to the awards program website, The Scholastic Art
was pleasantly surprised by the honor. Susie is such a well- and Writing Awards recognize student achievement in the visual
rounded student. She created this piece as the third project in an and literary arts in 29 categories, including editorial cartoon, poetry,
introductory ceramics class, so for her to receive this award is a bit graphic design, fashion, science fiction, video game design and

Pelham High Students Attend FBLA

Talk to
State Leadership Conference
Send authenticSushi,Thaiand
your NowopenforLUNCH
stories &DINNERserving
Courtesy photos

photos to DeliveryandCateringAvailable Join

30 Lowell Rd Hudson NH (603)889-0055

Pelham FBLA members join delegates from across the state at a recent conference.

Nia Manjunath

Samantha Passamonte and Kayla

DeLuca were awarded Whos Who in
Pelham FBLA was also recognized
as being the largest chapter in the state
based on registering by Dec. 15. In
addition, Pelham earned honor chapter
status due to the level of activity in the
Nia Manjunath won a seat on the state
leadership team for the second time. She
did a fabulous job representing herself
by giving a three-minute speech and
Samantha Passamonte and Kayla DeLuca later answering random questions all
submitted by Wendy Dorval, Pelham High School in front of 600 peers. Nias state officer
On March 23 and 24, the Pelham chapter platform encourages students to learn more about
of FBLA attended the Spring Leadership two- each others cultural heritages and roots. FBLA
day conference at the Radisson in Manchester. members will have to post an interesting fact
Besides being inspired by the events keynote about a cultural tradition or holiday that they
speaker, attendees joined 600 other FBLA celebrate on a designated blog. Students will then
members from around the state. Two Pelham have to comment on another students post. This
High School FBLA members (Nia Manjunath and will ensure that students are not only learning
Dharati Bhagat) ran campaigns for seats on the about their peers traditions, but they are also
state officer team. All attendees were busy in learning to respect others traditions as well. Nias
workshops, competitive events and networking. state officer responsibilities include attending
The awards ceremony was on Friday and below monthly meetings with five other state officers
are the students that were recognized by placing and continuing to organize our fall and spring
in their business event. conferences. Her campaign manager was FBLA
Robert Haverty, Impromptu Speaking, first president Josh Harris.
place; Josh Harris, Spreadsheet Applications, first Nia is also running for FBLA national treasurer.
place; Taylor McGee, Word Processing, first place; Her campaign speech in June will be in front of
Nia Manjunath, Public Speaking II, first place; more than 12,000 national FBLA members in
Cassidy Corbett, Word Processing, second place; Anaheim, Calif.
Kayla DeLuca, Computer Applications, second Thanks to the entire FBLA Pelham Chapter for
place; Abigail Joncas, Sales Presentation, second their continued involvement in Make a Wish and
place; Miranda Labonte, Job Interview, third March of Dimes that helped them win honor
place. chapter status.
8 - March 31, 2017 | Pelham - Windham News

Curious Creatures - continued from front page

Brendan from Curious Creatures keeps finding a large snake to show the Adelynn Logan isnt really sure about the big red dog known as Clifford. Five-year-old Ally Manning sits patiently waiting to see
children and their parents. how she will look as a doggie.

Pelham Warrant Pelham Cub Scouts Spring Ahead

Article 4 Void
by Jay Hobson
Warrant Article 4 passed at Pelhams town meeting two weeks
ago with 1,001 votes in favor to 386 votes against, but the entire
effort is void because of a law requiring notification of the residents
within the zone in question by the planning board when the article
was approved by that body. That was not done, according to Board
of Selectmen Chairman Douglas Viger and Selectman William

Courtesy photos
McDevitt at Tuesdays BOS meeting.
I would guess that people watching right now probably dont
know that that warrant article is effectively null and void, McDevitt
The article in question reads:
Are you in favor of the adoption of Amendment No. 3 as
proposed by the Pelham Planning Board to the Pelham Zoning
Ordinance, Article IX, Elderly Housing. This amendment eliminates
55+ housing but preserves 62+ Elderly housing, assisted living and Pinewood Derby winners
Congregate Care developments; Increases required land area from
10,000 to 15,000 square feet of usable land per unit; Increases
buffers to abutting properties from 50 to 100 feet with discretion
given to the Planning Board to require additional buffering; Requires
a clubhouse; Requires all units to be fully Americans with Disabilities
Act compliant.
McDevitt said that, due to an error in the planning department
certain legally required notification was not made.
He mentioned that the issue was brought to the selectmens
attention and legal action taken; he said that in any event,
regardless of the fact that it got 70 to 72 percent of the vote, it is as if
it didnt exist.
It is in the power of the selectmen to call for a special town
meeting to readdress the article, according to McDevitt.
He went on to explain that because the warrant article is void, that
the planning department will inevitably receive applications for 55+
He said that he did not think that the selectmen could take the
same article and put it to another vote. McDevitt said that if the
board desired, he would look into the matter with Town Attorney Crossover time for Webelo II Scouts
Welcome to the Blue and Gold Banquet.
John J. Ratigan and explore options that the town may have.
submitted by Adam J. Murphy Fish and Game Club to compete against each other for the fastest
It may not feel like spring outside, but the Pelham Cub Scouts are Pinewood Derby car. The competition was pretty stiff this year.
moving forward into 2017 at a record pace. The top racers with the fastest times will move onto the Nutfield
Late in January both Pack 610 and Pack 25 gathered at the Pelham district races in April of this year. For the first time Pelham will have
representation from a local kindergartner in the Lions rank.
The town of Pelham was one of many local towns to open up
Cub Scouts to children who were in kindergarten in 2016. This is
an entry-level program to show the kids what Scouting is all about.
Keegan Murphy is the towns sole Lion Scout, but he is not new to
the world of Scouting. He was an honorary Scout at the age of 2

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when his brother joined the Scouts in second grade as a Wolf Scout.
He is very hopeful that many of his future first grade classmates will
join him in the Tiger den starting in September. In February the Cub Scouts and families gathered to celebrate the
25 Main Street, Salem, NH birthday of the Cub Scout organization. The Blue and Gold Banquet
is one of the many exciting events on the Cub Scout calendar. The
603-898-2511 banquet is held in February, as this is the anniversary month of the
Personal, Business, Payroll & Tax Preparation Boy Scouts of America. The Boy Scouts of America began in 1910
and Cub Scouting started 20 years later. The banquet gets its name
from the Cub Scout colors - blue and gold. There were plenty of
tasty dishes and desserts to be had at this celebration.
Rounding out the first three months of the year, there was much
to celebrate. In the middle of March, the Webelo II Scouts were
honored as they ended one adventure and started off on their next

TARBOX one. We celebrated the Scout crossover where our fifth graders earn
their Arrow of Light. The Arrow of Light is the highest rank that a Cub
ROOFING Scout can achieve. This marks the end of their Cub Scout journey
but opens the door to their adventures into Boy Scouts. Council
commercial residential Akela Harry Burnham presided over the Arrow of Light ceremony.
Wayne Tarbox For anyone interested in learning what Scouting has to offer in the
10 Lowell Rd town of Pelham and what this organization does at a local level, find
Windham, NH 03087 603-289-1409 us on Facebook under Pack 610 Pelham NH.

25 Indian Rock Rd. #15 (rte 111), Windham, 1 mile off exit 3 rte 93

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Pelham - Windham News | March 31, 2017 - 9

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Breton Elected School Board Chairman

by Barbara OBrien four members to the audit committee, including Ken Eyring, Daniel
Following the Saturday, March 18, school board elections in Popovici-Muller, Rob Gustafson and Steve Bookless. A fifth member was
Windham; an annual event that was postponed several days due to a to be appointed after the election.
late season snowstorm, the new school board met for the first time on On March 25, Senibaldi made a motion to appoint himself and just
Saturday, March 25. sworn-in McAllister to the audit committee. The motion was seconded
Sworn in during the unusual Saturday afternoon meeting was by McAllister and, by a 3 to 2 vote, was approved. Its not clear, at this
newcomer Keleigh McAllister, who was elected following a four-person juncture, whether this vote removes Popovici-Muller from the audit
race for two open seats on the school board. Sworn in for a second-term committee. What was clear is that Popovici-Muller wants to remain
was Rob Breton. The results of the election were as follows: Rob Breton, on the audit committee. Popovici-Muller, who has one more year
2,235; Keleigh McAllister, 2,014; Ken Eyring, 1083; and Cynthia Finn, to serve during his first term on the school board, is also Windhams
1,031. In all, 3,606 voters participated in the election. A total of 10,360 financial director and is a Certified Public Accountant. Voting to
residents are registered to vote in Windham; 73 of whom registered for appoint Senibaldi and McAllister to the audit committee were Senibaldi,
the first time on Election Day. Breton and McAllister. Popovici-Muller and Murray voted against the
Also, during the March 25 meeting, Rob Breton was elected as membership change. It is also not clear whether Eyring, who did not win
school board chairman. Breton served as vice chairman this past year. re-election to the school board, will be permitted to remain on the audit
Breton was elected as chairman by a vote of 3 to 2. Voting in favor of committee as a community member.
Breton serving as chairman for the next year were Rob Breton, Keleigh During the previous meeting, school board members said they wanted
McAllister and Dennis Senibaldi. Voting against his chairmanship was people on the audit committee who were already familiar with the
Tom Murray and former Chairman Daniel Popovici-Muller. recent internal controls audit, so that time wouldnt be wasted getting
Selected as vice chairman was Senibaldi. Senibaldi was re-elected to anyone up to speed. As a result of some of the clarifications still needed,
a second term on the school board last March. He also served for one it is likely that this topic will come up for further discussion during the
term on the board of selectmen. Senibaldi was elected as vice chairman school boards next meeting on Tuesday, April 4. Public comment will
by a 3 to 2 margin. Voting against Senibaldi being vice chairman were be allowed.
Popovici-Muller and Murray. Voting in favor of his serving as vice
chairman for the upcoming year were Senibaldi, Breton and McAllister. Rob Breton was elected to a second term on the Windham School Board.
School board members also decided to take action on the membership Most recently, he was named as school board chairman fo next year.
of the newly established audit committee, During a previous meeting, on
March 7, school board members voted unanimously (5 to 0) to appoint Courtesy photo

Domestic Assault Ends in Pelham DUI Crash

submitted by Pelham Police Department
On Friday, March 17, at approximately 12:50 a.m., the Salem Police Department reported its
officers were searching for a car that had crashed on Bridge Street in Pelham. Salem Police received a
call from a female passenger in the car. She stated she was fighting with the driver in Salem and that
he had assaulted her. She said he was driving drunk and refused to let her out of the car before they
crashed in Pelham.
Salem and Pelham officers found the crashed 2011 Honda Civic in the woods on Bridge Street at
the intersection of Balcom Road a short time later. The Civics front end was heavily damaged from
striking small trees and both airbags had deployed. The car was towed due to the damage. Neither
the driver nor the passenger was injured in the crash.
Pelham Officer Kasiske and Salem Officer Cummings spoke with the driver, Michael Mammola, Jr.,
28, of Methuen, Mass. Ofc. Kasiske observed indicators of impairment as they discussed the single
vehicle crash on the straight portion of Bridge Street. He requested field sobriety tests from Mammola
as a result. Mammola was arrested for Driving Under the Influence at the conclusion of the roadside
investigation. Officers interviewed the victim and determined that a significant assault took place in
Mammola submitted to a breath test at the Pelham Police Department. He was charged with
Aggravated DUI and was scheduled for arraignment at Salem District Court on March 31. Mammola
was bailed and transferred to the custody of the Salem Police Department to face assault charges.

Pelham Arrest Log

March 5: 11:06 a.m. Matthew Andrews, 36, Pelham, Theft by Controlled Drug, Transporting Drugs in a Vehicle, Yellow/Solid of Drugs in a Motor Vehicle.
Unauthorized Taking $0-$1,000, Violation of Restraining Order. Line Violation. 9:56 a.m. Thomas Valiquette, 52, Hampton, March 18: 3:11 a.m. Allison Walton, 22, Dracut, Mass., Driving
March 6: 7:17 a.m. Michael Strules, 27, Salem, Violation of Hindering Apprehension/Prosecution. 6:43 p.m. Brook Cutelis, 35, Under the Influence.
Protective Order. 10:15 p.m. Jason Kasilowski, 41, Lowell, Mass., Woodstock, Ga., Deal/Possess Prescription Drugs. March 19: 12:49 a.m. Kerri Lemieux, 29, Pelham, Domestic
Bench Warrant. March 14: 2:23 a.m. Jared Stevens, 35, Hudson, Driving Under the Violence: Simple Assault. 4:01 a.m. Kerri Lemieux, 29, Pelham,
March 7: 11:54 a.m. Michael Georgoulis, 23, Pelham, Bench Influence. 9:11 p.m. Adiel Barrios, 31, Lawrence, Mass., Operating Breach of Bail.
Warrant. without a Valid License. March 21: 12:36 p.m. Cody Ludwig, 22, Pelham, Conduct after an
March 9: 3:43 p.m. Michael Taylor, 27, Pelham, Controlled Drug: March 17: 12:51 a.m. Michael Mammola, 28, Methuen, Mass., Motor Vehicle Accident, Transportation of Drugs in a Motor Vehicle,
Sale. Driving Under the Influence. 8:45 p.m. Leroy Rogers, 54, Billerica, Possession of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs, Criminal Mischief. 12:36
March 11: 12:59 a.m. Michael Minichino, 26, Pelham, Speeding, Mass., Possession Controlled/Narcotic Drugs, Transportation of p.m. Christopher Ludwig, 53, Pelham, Hindering Apprehension/
Dui-Impairment, Yellow/Solid Line Violation. Drugs in a Motor Vehicle. 10:49 p.m. Thomas Beauchamp, 29, Prosecution.
1:19 a.m. Ciara Corcoran, 21, Lowell, Mass., Possession of Manchester, Possession of Controlled/Narcotic Drugs, Transportation
10 - March 31, 2017 | Pelham - Windham News

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Comments expressed in this column are the sole views of those callers and do not reflect the views of the Pelham~Windham News or its advertisers. Town and school officials encourage
readers to seek out assistance directly to resolve any problems or issues. The Pelham~Windham News editorial staff holds the right to refuse any comment deemed inappropriate.

Thumbs up. A grateful thumbs up to my abuse as Ken did for the district. I assume we voters. moderator moving the election is ridiculous.
neighbor for checking to be sure this old lady was will be back to millions of dollars in unaccounted Now we dont get our renovation done as and
ok during the snow storm. It warms my heart to for equipment and empty data closets will be Thumbs down to me. I want to apologize for when expected. If Peter did the right thing, the
have such wonderful caring people in the world. returning now in the near future. tailgating near Nissan on Route 111 on Friday safe thing, then you must think its okay that our
Thank you for being you! the 24h. Again, I apologize; I was in a bad mood students will continue to be crowded in their
Thumbs up to the Windham PTA for all you and should not have taken it out on anybody else. schools. The bond part of moving the election
Thumbs down to the Windham varsity Thumbs down to me. should have been considered. Windham cant get
cheer team for leaving the Winter Sports
Awards Ceremony, to practice, after being SPRING Oil Burner Tune Up Special $125 Thumbs up. Congratulations to Rob
a bond and that falls on Peter regardless of your
support for him.
acknowledged on stage. Im sure that extra Tune-up your furnace or boiler NOW OIL Breton and Keleigh McAllister for WSB!
half hour really made the difference because GAS and SAVE on next winters fuel bills Way to trounce! Now we finally have Thumbs down to Rob Breton, Dennis
when the awards were over the girls were a reasonable and sane majority! Votes Senibaldi, Keleigh McAllister for appointing
already in the lobby enjoying their ice WE WORK ON ALL TYPES OF HEATING EQUIPMENT! will now go in favor of the kids instead Senibaldi and McAllister to the WSB Audit
cream sundaes. This was a night to show
respect and to congratulate all the winter
Dave Chadwick Home Heating Services of personal agendas! Committee. Both have said there is nothing to
see here, move along. Here comes the cover
athletes that worked so hard all season SERVICE REPAIR INSTALLATION 24 HOURS/7 DAYS Thumbs down to Peter Griffin up! Where is the outrage from Heather Petro and
who, by moving the election, caused
and it seems the varsity cheer team didnt Over 30 years of experience - Fully Insured Danyelle Stuckart and their Windham Link?
quite understand that. Although everyone All Brands
problems. A bond for the school
that attended had to sit patiently and High Efficiency Hot Water Boilers , Furnaces & Water Heaters Available renovation cant proceed and the start to Thank you for your submissions. All comments, thumbs
painfully and watch another cheer video. 603-635-2012 SeniorDiscounts 603-204-8581 the project cant happen as scheduled. up or down, are anonymous and not written by the
Congratulations on exemplifying leadership Costs will go up with these delays. Pelham~Windham News staff. Thumbs comments can be
and great School Spirit! sent via telephone, 880-1516 or emailed to us at thumbs@
Thumbs down to Sen. Regina Birdsell. Her When submitting a Thumbs com-
do for our students and staff. You are an amazing
Thumbs down to not reelecting Ken Eyring election law bill wanted cops to check on voters. ment, please specify that you would like it printed in the
group of women that motivate and inspire all!
to the Windham School Board. Apparently the Dont make it harder for people to vote. Our Pelham~Windham News. No names are necessary. Please
Windham network decided getting their pals Thumbs down to Rep. Dyer who apparently police have other more important things to do. keep negative comments to the issue. Comments should be
into office and having tea party like school board ran as a Republican representing Hudson and kept to 100 words or less.
Thumbs down to former school board member
meetings where everyone pretends things are great amazingly discovered he is a Libertarian Free
Brockmeier. Your letter in support of the town
is more important to uncovering waste, fraud and Stater. He should have been honest with the

Support Taylor Kudalis, Kuster Opposes House Lending a Hand for

Miss Missouri IJM FCC Net Privacy College Preparation
submitted by the Nesmith Library Board of Trustees
Resolution Did you know that the Nesmith Library can help with
college preparation? Assistance is available at all steps along
submitted by Congresswoman Annie Kuster the way.
Tuesday, Congresswoman Annie Kuster (NH-02) released the First, the Teen Librarian offers full-length SAT practice tests
following statement on her vote against S.J. Res 34, which would several times a year. These tests are open to all Windham
roll back internet privacy protections put in place by the Federal residents of high school age. The tests are usually offered
Communications Commission last year: prior to College Board exam dates and are free of charge.
It is unacceptable that Republicans in Congress are trying to roll Plus, study guides for all AP exams, SAT and ACT exams are
back basic privacy protections for internet users. Instead of voting also available, as well as on-line study resources.
on a bill that will make it easier for Internet Service Providers to Worried about the cost of college? When it comes time
sell customers personal information, Congress should be working to start researching continuing education alternatives and
together to strengthen existing privacy protections for broadband funding options, we can provide direction.
users. Todays vote begs the question, who is Congress working for: Need help writing a winning college essay or learning how
Granite Staters and Americans who use the internet, or multi-million to put your academic resume into its best light? Well help
dollar Internet Service Providers? Im disappointed by todays vote with that, too.
and will continue to stand up for the right to online privacy. Finally, once you have been accepted and decided where
Congresswoman Kuster is a strong supporter of efforts to protect you want to go, there are many books available to help ease
Courtesy photo

consumers online. The resolution she opposed today would make your transition into college life--everything from decorating
it easier for broadband companies to sell their customers private your dorm room to learning how to interpret professorial
information for advertising purposes, without customer consent and expectations.
would prevent the FCC from ever enacting similar protections again One more way that Nesmith Library is branching out into
without further Congressional action. our community.

Town of Pelham
Building Permits Issued March 6-24
My name is Taylor Joan Kudalis, and I am the reigning Miss Appleyard Real Estate INV LLC, 33 Grouse Run, 36/10-191-27, Robert & Debra Tessitore, 63 Grouse Run, 36/10-191-22, 8 x 16
Missouri International Junior Miss 2017. I won the title March foundation only for future single family home. shed to be built under existing deck.
12. I will be heading to Nashville, Tenn., on July 2 to July 8. I will Kenneth & Katherine Lewis III, 10 Brunswick Circle, 42/10-210-6, Appleyard Real Estate INV LLC, 87 Grouse Run, 36/10-191-12,
be competing with woman from not only throughout the United pellet stove. foundation only for future single family home.
States, but the world! I have been competing in pageants for eight Town of Pelham, 6 Village Green, 22/7-238, demo old Parks & Rec William & Kristine Irwin, 64 Lannan Drive, 31/112-42-5, finish
years. Pageant scholarship has taken me from the small town of office. basement to be playroom/TV room.
Pelham, N.H., to St. Charles, Mo. I am currently in my senior year at David Demelo, 30 Bridge Street, #1, 41/10-280, Demelo Music - Elizabeth Toabe & Jonathan Cole, 8 Springdale Lane, 30/11-338,
Lindenwood University getting my Bachelor of Arts in studio art and retail store with lessons. septic system replacement (new).
minor in education. I also have been selected to participate in the Michael & Melissa Calhoun, 46 Grouse Run, 36/10-191-41, finish Silver Oaks Realty LLC, 33 Rolling Ridge Lane, 27/2-82-11, new
Disney College Program for fall of 2017. I am extremely involved bonus room above garage to be a media room. septic system.
in my university and community as a student ambassador, Kappa Pi Gregory & Marcia Nickerson, 28 Bluejay Lane, 20/3-130-10, 24 Skyview Estates LLC, 57, Aspen Drive, 32/1-146-22, foundation
member, Kappa Delta Pi member and Black Student Union member. foot above ground pool. only for future single family home.
I am also an advocate of Shriners Burn Victims Hospital in Boston and
the Little Bit Foundation.
I am currently looking for sponsors for the International Junior Miss
pageant. I have three jobs as well as being a full-time student. As an Windham Police Association Offers $2,500
Memorial Scholarship
official sponsor of Miss Missouri IJM 2017 you will receive advertising
on my Facebook page, as well as an advertisement in the program
book that is handed out to thousands. Any donations or services are
greatly appreciated. submitted by Sgt. Jessica Flynn, Windham Police Department qualities are encouraged to apply.
The Mark W. Knight Memorial Scholarship established in 2007 The Mark W. Knight Scholarship is open to all applicants;
to honor the life of Officer Knight and continue his legacy of however, preference will be given to the following students:


excellence, generosity and service. The Mark W. Knight Scholarship Enrolled full time at an accredited four-year college/university;
is annually rewarded to ambitious, driven and goal-oriented Declared criminal justice or law-related major;
individuals who are full-time declared criminal justice and/or law- Completed at least one year, with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or

M&G Office Resource & Management, Inc

related students and are currently attending a four-year college/ better;
university. Only applicants who have completed one year of study Demonstrated outstanding achievement; and
are eligible. This scholarship will be in the amount of $2,500. Fulfilled leadership roles, or who participated in community
eminder Financial need is considered, however, all students who display service.
Accountants, Tax Preparers,
academic achievement, a commitment to serving others (in school, All applicants must submit the following:
Bookkeeping the community or at home), a strong work ethic, and leadership A detailed essay no less than 500 words telling us about
Small Business & Personal Returns yourself, your long-term goals, and explanation of why you feel
Federal and All States you are the best candidate for the scholarship;

635 2133 Est 1996 57 Old Bridge Street, Pelham, NH

HIGH + DRY ROOFING Two letters of recommendation (one from school official, one
from community leader);

Copy of drivers license or state identification card;
CallMike Copy of college transcript for GPA and attendance verification;
Over 429-0328 and
Collins 37Years or
Home or cell phone number.
All applicants must submit their application by May 12.
Dentistry Experience Cell:494-8761 The scholarship committee will only review completed

for FullyInsured applications.

Applications may be brought to the Windham Police Department,

or mailed to the Windham Police Association, C/O Sgt. Jessica
Children Flynn, 2017 Scholarship Entry, 4 Fellows Rd., Windham, NH 03087.

At Collins Dentistry for Children we

believe in prevention and early treatment Bradley Tree & Landscape
ComprehensivePreventive&RestorativeCare Tree Removal
inaKidFriendlyEnvironment 51 Lake St, Nashua
Saturday Appointments Emergency Appointments
Stump Grinding
Digital X-Rays Nitrous Oxide Available Hospital Dentistry Sales: Service: Storm Damage Removal LENNOX 603-889-1991
603-882-4244 Hedge & Shrub Care
Us On
100 Bridge St. Pelham, NH 635-1166 Keep Warm This Winter! Call 603-886-1550
Pelham - Windham News | March 31, 2017 - 11

Windham Condominium Fire Leaves Family Homeless

Canobie Lake
Parks Spring
Job Fair to be

Photos by David S. Morin

Held Saturday,
April 8
Park Announces
Hundreds of Jobs
Available Across All
Firefighters respond to a 9-1-1 call at a multi-unit condominium building No injuries were reported.
on Brookview Road in Windham. submitted by Canobie Lake Park
Canobie Lake Parks annual Spring Job
Fair for the 2017 season will be held on
by David S. Morin Saturday, April 8, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at
A fire in a multi-unit condominium building on the Park in Salem.
March 25 in Windham left one family temporarily Canobie is looking for hundreds of
homeless. Windham firefighters were called to 32 quality guest-service-centric individuals
Brookview Road just after 5:30 p.m. a 9-1-1 call to fill a variety of available positions in
reported smoke in the building. No sign of a fire was anticipation of the parks grand opening
showing from the outside building upon arrival of on Saturday, May 6. Interviewers will be
firefighters. looking for candidates to fill positions that
Upon investigating number 32 Brookview, include ride and game attendants, cashiers,
firefighters found a smoke condition in the unit and gate attendants, security officers and
searched the home finding no cause for the smoke. agents, EMTs, food service personnel, ride
Once firefighters determined no fire in the unit , crews mechanics, custodial attendants and many
began to search neighboring units. others.
As firefighters looked into the window of 30 We offer an exciting and fun place to
Brookview, they noticed heavy black smoke filling the work with competitive wages, employee
unit. Crews forced entry into the home and were met events and discounts, recognition awards
by heavy smoke and fire on the first floor centered in Hudson Lieutenant Greg Rich and Firefighter Brian Clarenbach work from the Hudson ladder truck during the fire. and much more, said Chris Nicoli,
the area of the kitchen. Canobies marketing and entertainment
With a serious fire in progress, a second alarm was manager. Were looking for talented,
requested bringing numerous fire companies from dedicated people who can work together
surrounding towns to the scene. The fire was brought in a team environment to provide a
under control shortly after 6 p.m. Crews remained memorable entertainment experience for
on the scene for some time opening up the walls and our guests every day.
wetting down the smoldering remains. What advice can he offer applicants?
The first floor of the home suffered fire, heat and Dress to impress and come with a positive
water damage. The second floor suffered smoke and attitude, said Nicoli. All park departments
water damage leaving the residence inhabitable. The will be represented at the job fair. For more
cause of the blaze remains under investigation. There information, visit the jobs section of the
were no injuries reported. parks website at
Firefighters from Hudson, Pelham, Londonderry,
Derry and Salem assisted Windham firefighters at the

Firefighters from Hudson, Pelham, Londonderry and Salem assisted with the two-alarm fire.

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12 - March 31, 2017

A Satisfying Finish to Pelhams Winter Sports Season

Staff photos by Craig Smith

The Pelham winter award winners share the spotlight.

Coach Shepard called this season possibly the best in Pelham girls basketball in 20 years.

The gymnastics team finished third in a competitive division.

who persevered through an injury by taking up much of the stage. For the boys team Drew Brown
The indoor track team takes the stage. and put in the hard work to make took home the first plaque for his great rookie performance this
a recovery and her choice was season. His Newcomer of the Year award was well earned especially
by Craig Smith none other than Caitlyn Riordan. with some of his play late in the season. Seniors Kyle Frank and Joe
The winter sports season has come to a close for each of the Following Riordans award, Kress returned to give two Python Pride Pantaleo would also receive awards for their outstanding play and
Pelham High School athletic programs. Some, like the gymnastics awards away to students who he deemed deserved the spotlight were also recognized for being selected to the All-State teams. Frank
team, shocked the state by achieving the lofty goals they set for for the hard work they put in to the year and their contributions in gave a little grin at the mention that he scored a few buckets at the
themselves at the beginning of the season; others fell short, but made keeping their teams composed and diligent. The awards were given All-Star game.
great strides when it came to growth and experience. On March 27, to Abigail Joncas of basketball and John Msaddi of indoor track. For the girls basketball team Coach Shepard expressed his pride
it didnt matter where these young athletes fell in terms of standings The hockey team started the team recognition and Coach Connors in the junior varsity program, lamenting that he could not give them
or competition because it was a night dedicated to each of them. extended his joy that Pelham was able to team up with Nashua awards as well. They nearly went undefeated this season, and that
The Winter Awards Night was a special evening where coaches South in order to keep the program alive. He praised the players kind of winning percentage insinuates that the transition progress
recognize the talented young men and women that make the Pelham by saying, we were lucky to have them because they are our best next year might be a little more fluid than for other teams in the
community so enviable. players. He capped off his speech by expressing how great the division. This has been the best season in 20 years --maybe the
Athletic Director Todd Kress started the festivities with a few athletes were in character as well as talent before handing out three history of this program, coach said and its hard to disagree with
kind words, emphasizing how far the school has come in terms plaques. Johnny Pinksten, Ian Birmingham and Bobby Haverty him. He then gave awards to Sarah Ratcliffe, Danielle Sirois and
of state perception. It was not that long ago that Pelham was just would receive the awards. Lilly Shlimon.
another small school destined to lose, but through hard work and Logan Ashley and Olivia Parks would highlight the swim team by The winter spirit organization got an opportunity afterward to
keen decision making, now the Pythons are expected to compete earning plaques. Their hard work was evident all season long and it extend admiration for the hard work of its competitors. Jessica
with the best of the best and have earned the respect of the other was a great moment to see them recognized for it on dry land. The Anderson and Brianna Meehan would take away a pair of plaques
schools throughout their divisions. Every one of these athletes has seniors were also recognized and great pride was displayed for all for their contributions this year. Coach Letendre had high praise
represented the team, themselves and the community so well, Kress that they accomplished even though they would be moving on to for the young adults that worked so hard for the program, and they
said in an effort to convey the high quality in character that these bigger and better things in the upcoming year. brought so much energy and enthusiasm to their craft that it was
students have demonstrated all year long. He added, None of these The wrestling team was next highlighted by the incredible impossible to look away.
teams in any of their games has received a negative comment. Their personal achievement by athlete Zach Koch for earning his 100th Capping off the night would be the gymnastics program under
sportsmanship is great. win of his career this year. The team was incredibly proud to be able Coach Nicole Denomme. The best thing I ever did was hire her,
After the praise that Kress showered the athletes with it was time to witness so much talent, and Koch would earn a plaque from the Kress said as he invited the team to step in front of the crowd. The
for awards to be given out with trainer Erin Tufts presiding over the coaches for his hard work. Alex Becker and Mike Grossman would team took third overall in a stacked division this season under the
first. Tufts gave out the Athletic Comeback Award to the student also receive awards for their commitment and work ethic throughout tutelage of Denomme, and both the athletes and the school are
the year. grateful for her presence and her ability to raise these young women
As the indoor track coaches came to the stage it became obvious to their full potential. It was not so long ago that the program was
Ed Hurrell Free Estimates that there would have to be more than a two or three awards finishing at the bottom of the standings, but now they are nearly
Pelham, NH Fully Insured considering just how many individuals there were. For the women, neck and neck with both Pinkerton and Londonderry. Dakota
Amira Eid, Monique Millette, and Olivia OToole would receive Cummings and Lauren Lavallee would take home plaques, with
awards and, for the men, Lavallee earning the first rookie of the year award in the programs
Cameron Starr, Rami Eid, and history.
David Ouijami. As always its been a season of highs and lows, yet it is easy to
GOOD WORK GOOD RATES The basketball teams remember just why so many remain involved in the athletics of this
QUICK SERVICE followed the track team and school. Each of these athletes is truly a positive representative of

Before (603) 893-6902 After

Junk Car although they didnt quite have the community, and, although only a few will win awards, each is

Removal the numbers of the indoor track

team, they still managed to
pivotal to the success of their respective programs.

make an intimidating presence

DiPrete Promotions, Inc.
285 Tables
Concord, NH ForSomeCarsandTrucks!

GUN SHOW Murrays Auto

15 Loudon Rd
April 8-9, 2017 Recycling
55HallRd.Londonderry,NH Windham Gymnast Earns Gold at
Saturday 9-5
I-93 Exit 14, Rt 9 East
Sunday 9-2
We Sell Parts
NH State Level 4 Sectionals
Monday-Saturday8am-5pm New England Gymnastics Training Center of Hudson competed in the NH State Level 4 Sectionals on
Admission $9.00 (603) 225-3846 PleasementionAreaNewsGroupAd March 12. Addyson Quaglietta of Windham had a fantastic meet, taking home the gold medal in the
9-year-old division with a 36.95
all-around score. On her way
to victory, she achieved first
place on three events, scoring
an 8.85 on vault, 9.55 on bars
and 9.55 on floor. She also
nabbed second-place honors
on beam with a 9.0. Addyson
is the daughter of Shawn and
Laura Quaglietta of Windham.
The team is looking
forward to the upcoming state
championship meet which will
be held at Sanborn High School
on April 2.

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