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1. Arms straight out to sides, parallel
to ground, fingers spread as wide .,'-'.
as r;ossible,' make small circles, up, .~:"~~
back, down and forward with Breath -.". :
.. t:;:\:::::::;== I
of Fire for 2-3 minutes. To end, \/.
inhale, bring fingep:ips to shoulders
and exhale. Relax quietly and notice I
the change.

2. In Rock Pose, hands in Venus Lock
behind the back, bend "and place fore-
...... ~
head on the ground. Inhale in 3 equal
parts, bringing the arms 1/3 of the
way up on each, and exhale as yOu I
bring them down again for 2-3 minuteS.
To end, inhale with arms up, hold,
exhale aImS down and relax in the
r;osition, feeling good. '!his exercise
connects all meridians, shifts nerve,
heart and glandular balance and im-
proves circulation.

I .

3. Still sitting on heels, begin with
palms on knees, aImS straight. Inhale
and bring the aImS up to 30° , inhale
again and bring them parallel to the
ground, and inhale once rore, filling
the lungs and bringing the arinsto
60° up, in 3 equal partS~ Exhale
them down. To end, inhale anns to
60°, hold and exhale down.
-------~ I
4. Palms' together at heart ceilter,
fingers r;ointing up, foreiu:ms parallel
to the ground. Press palms firmly
together and inhale in 4 equal parts
to canpletely fill the lungs.
exhale ccmpletely in 4 equal parts
as you silently chant
Sa.. Ta. Na. Ma.
with each stroke. Continue for 2-
3 minutes. To end, inhale, hold and
press the palms together as firmly as
r;ossible with tension in all parts
of the body. Exhale and relax in
this position. Qle minute is suffic-
ient if you press very hard and breathe
very deeply or you can do it for up
to 5 minutes to maintain a high energy
level throughout, the day.

' . He also reccmnends massaging the bcdy with oil before showering..-....-.... to your own Unknown.. God. mind. Isn't that simple? ....) July 14 & 18. learn never to wake "-. up without meditation and without re- / I .. it.. a thing you must do: Pray in the evening.1 \ \' lating to your own Unknown . Keep the I I \ \ \ \ account clear. I / I . day to day and walk away with the prec- I ious gift of life.. I it for 40 days (and meditate daily). .eyes and pray from Don't 2 to5 or 10 minutes.....' -/. " . . A cold shower cleanses the aura and produces powerful energy.. ".. I And at the end of the day.. . i . try to stop it . I / . .. . automatically In the morning you are fresh with am:" bition. .'.0- ". Try " .pick a place where you can close your. PRAYER: My friend.): I '" . And if the morning dawns on you again.. I " ". ' ..your God. Bhaj an teaches covering the thighs Yogi with pants because the bcdy I S Ca _ t<B I balance is regulated there.- I -. get up (and live) moment to moment... \ knows if tomorrow shall natural I to want to freak out somewhere. ... .. give your- self to God and to sleep.\ I . I . . And never sleep without meditation and \. \ \ ! see the day with God and then God will take care of it. 'lbe wearing of white or light I I I { clothing amplifies the aura. (A couple of I minutes of the Mul Mantra will do it.\ relating .- I . . /. (At I that time) your energy gets out of balance. ../ / ".. \ \ 1 I on every part during the shower as well \ I \: 6.." . ~tart the day with God... '" .I 91 I I 5. I \ \ \ . ..".. and massaging it . who ... and see Wat happens to your state of . --~- ~ . -Life is a precious gift! There is a very important must.. 1975 I I . . when the sun starts setting. . ".- ." I ----- --.. . ... . In the evening." I . I- f ." I ..