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No. English text string Explanation Suggested Edit
1. she could develop 3rd para., "Force" is rather a word for she could
unbelievable page 5 physical constants. Also an develop
force/konnte sie unusual collocation here. unbelievable
unwahrscheinliche strength
Kräfte entwickeln
2. always gawked 2nd para., Idiom is “out the window” always gawked
out of her window page 6 in Am. Eng., and we’ve out her window
been consistent.
3. Hucky peered 1st para., “through door” is missing Hucky peered
through door page 8 the definite article through the
4. They talked about 2nd para., “fuses which” requires a They talked
the fuses which page 11 preceding comma in Am. about the fuses
constantly English, or a “that” that constantly
5. Lilli stood up and 4th para., “disappeared” is overused. Lilli stood up and
disappeared page 11 When someone suddenly vanished
disappears, “to vanish”
better conveys the
6. Falk looked to the 2nd para., The correct preposition is Falk looked at
spaz page 14 “at” the spaz
7. Maybe you'll just 2nd para., “stop by couple of times” is Maybe you'll just
stop by couple of page 14 missing the indefinite stop by a couple
times for article. of times for
breakfast breakfast
8. Hucky stood in the 1st para., In “Hucky stood in the Hucky stood in
kitchen, doing the page 15 kitchen, doing” the comma the kitchen
dishes, should disappear before doing the dishes,
“doing” as it creates a
parenthetical text
9. an open shirt/ein 4th para., “open shirt” sounds vague. an open-neck
offenes Hemd page 16 The piece of garment is shirt OR an
mostly known as “an open- open-necked
neck shirt” and variants. shirt.
10. it matted to 3rd para., “it [hair] matted to it became
dreadlocks/und page 17 dreadlocks” doesn’t sound matted into
sie verfilzten zu idiomatically well dreadlocks
Dreadlocks conveyed
11. Especially since he 3rd para., “since” here sounds mainly because
owed her 250 page 18 ambiguous as “from the he owed her 250
marks. date” or “because.” It is marks

“and” as a conjunction for It started to drizzle. Hucky looked out 2nd para. “out of the window” as out the window of the window page 31 explained in 2. eggs. “to get” is incorrect here He had come to get the piano and page 20 because he had come to get help to bring had brought get help to “bring” it.. Am Fenster stehen can Hucky still stood at his window page 35 take either preposition by his window “at” as in “at one’s window” or “by” as “by one’s window.. 13. Hucky still stood 1st para. 20.. It started to 7th para. she had forgotten 5th para. and they page 24 simultaneous actions drizzle as they tried to hoist should be replaced by “as” tried to hoist without a comma 17. To not OR similar combine two instances of “to bring. “sanding machines” are a stand with sanding machines page 51 most commonly known in sanders industry as “sanders” 21. bread. a stand with 1st para.” a periphrasis would help. A salesman 3rd para. “wegen”. “bread and knick-knack” vegetables. 12. not the piano with carrying straps to “take it” anywhere. “salesman” is nowadays An associate . “mathematics” is known in and math page 22 the U.. eggs.. or at least be capitalized to match the brevity of “Sozi”. bread and page 31 require the Oxford comma. Need to stop by at 2nd para. simply as “math” 15.. 14. 1st para. fruit. and mathematics 7th para. “welfare” should add Need to stop by welfare page 20 “Admin’ or “Services” for at Welfare clarification.. fruit. 19.. English No. He had come to 1st para.S.. the aid of Actually the original uses carrying straps the prep.” The latter stresses adjacency as is usually the case throughout the book. and knick-knack knick-knack 18. English text string Explanation Suggested Edit Location the latter. vegetables.. “the text” is a literal she had the text page 24 translation forgotten the lyrics 16.

compartment wall. 26. He sat the water 4th para... 23. had been taken 1st para. The adverb “diagonally” as at an angle Falk sat Plum page 116 in schräg setzen is less behind Falk sat . and flashing lights 28.. “and waited” is better she stood five away and waited page 70 conveyed by a progressive feet away while form. picture on sometimes 35. then came a 1st para. others on crates in 4th para. The verb “to put” is more He put the water canister down in page 89 natural. chair. English No. sirens and flashing lights page 82 comma may go.. some of had been taken into custody." said 1st para. panting 29. Paragraph reads very Hucky sat down the rocking chair page 91 repetitious. waiting OR 25.. “Cargo bay” ot in the cargo area “cargo area” will do. Some in the rocking and rocked back rearrangement could help. gentle as a lamb 1st para. “and panted” is taking the wall and panted page 83 place at the moment.. Some of them 27. as she caressed 30. my God the granny page 69 interjected “Oh.. “baking tin” is more known A baking sheet apple page 91 as “baking sheet” or with apple “cookie sheet” in Am. 1st para.. Hucky sat down in 4th para. “the hold” is more for others on crates the hold page 74 ships... sirens. the compartment 4th para. “and caressed” is in gentle as a lamb and caressed page 85 progress. my God” 24. Diagonally behind 1st para. some of them the pause. A baking tin with 5th para. “My God” is usually Oh. Perhaps a young American It would be to find them page 95 rocker would say “kickass kickass fun to fun” to come up with find them Mordsgaudi 34. Not a series. This and forth which motion had a had a calming soothing effect effect on him on him 32. “photo” should be then came a photo on page 113 “picture” as a syn. English text string Explanation Suggested Edit Location walked through page 51 referred to as “associate” 22. 5th para. page 77 them” requires a period for into custody. "My God.. Suddenly. she stood five feet 7th para. “into custody.. Eng. Second Suddenly. It would be a riot. 33. canister in 31..

page 146 requires a period for the newspaper. gnawing on a 5th para. from the second 1st para..... and crystal clear 1st para. “crystal clear” is one crystal-clear solos page 117 concept that needs hyphenation 37. Some synonyms replace it here and there. either 45. looked annoyed page 151 progressive form. 44. “bell which” requires a their emergency bell which could page 161 comma bell. The onomatopoeia for Hic… hiccup is not “hick” which is a rustic peasant.. “and looked annoyed” is a the store.. and eyes closed. Hick… 2nd para. English text string Explanation Suggested Edit Location idiomatic. He had also never 3rd para. their emergency 1st para. looking annoyed 43.. English No.. Cause it sucks 7th para. Because we all know a gnawing on a drum bone page 165 duck was served... 3rd para. otherwise page 166 requires a period for the Otherwise pause 48. the store and 3rd para. Kugelblitz page 129 pause with some playing. beside him pause in between Beside him 42. Adjective “crazy” is You’re nuts Page 155 overused. “closed. “Cause” might use an 'Cause page 136 apostrophe 41. You’re crazy 4th para. a country bumpkin . beside him” reading a newspaper. A period is required for the Hucky stopped playing. Plum 36. So did and Plum as well rephrasing also Kugelblitz and Plum 40. which could 46. reading a 1st para. otherwise” and eyes closed. then she would 3rd para. Hucky stopped 1st para. After a negation comes He had never eaten truffles page 156 “either” eaten truffles. “alright” is wrong spelling then she would look alright page 122 look all right 39. wouldn’t crispy leg OR “roast leg” or “drumstick” gnawing on a be better than “drum duck leg bone”? 47. “shop” should be “store” from the second- hand shop where page 119 for consistency hand store 38... “newspaper.