 TASK 1

Mention 3 characteristics of Growth and development !

 Characteristic growth:

1. In found in meristem tissue (for plant)
2. The reproduction by mitosis
3. It has quantitative property

 Characteristic development:

1. It has quantitative property ( can’t be measured)
2. In found gamete
3. The reproduction by mitosis

 TASK 2

Discuss how the following factors affect the growth and
development of living things !

The Factors that influence growth & development :

1. Gene 5. Light

2. Hormone 6. Temperature

3. Food 7. Humidity

4. Water 8. Activity

 TASK 3

What is the difference between hemi metabolic metamorphosis
and homo metabolic metamorphosis and give each examples !

 Homo metabolic

Have four stages. Egg-larva-pupa-adult
Hatchling does not resemble adult closely, they usually have
different food, habit and habitat than the adults. (Example:
Frog and Butterfly)

 Hemi metabolic Have three stages. followed by a sexually reproducing generation. Egg-nymph-adult Hatchling closely resemble adult.  TASK 4 Explain the stages of metamorphosis in frogs in order ! A A. habit and habitat of the adults. Adult frog and young metamorph D. Often they share the same food. Tadpole with hind limb buds B. Tadpole with all legs  TASK 5 What is metagenesis ? The phenomenon in which one generation of certain plants and animals reproduces asexually. Eggs E. Tadpole with internal gills F. Also known as alternation of generations. Tadpole with hind legs C. The main difference usually they are wingless for the species whose adults have wings. .

ARCHEGONIUM C …………. Protonema F. MOSS PLANT B ………………. Describe the Moss metagenesis briefly G A. . Young Sporophyte D. Antheridium  5. Complete the Chart / Scheme Metagenesis of Mosses & Determine which gametophyt and sporophyt phase  Gametophyte SPORE A …………….2. Gametophyte G. SPERMA D ……… E ……………….. Spores E. Archegonium B. 5..1. Zygote C.

Sporangium C. Protonema B. Zygote E. Young gametophyte D. Antheridium C. Matur prothallus F. Complete the Chart / Scheme Metagenesis of Fern & Determine which gametophyt and sporophyt phase  Gametophyte F A. Young sporophyte  5. Developing sporophyte plant B. Sperm  TASK 6 .A. Sori on underside of leaflet D.3. Antheridium G. Ovum D. Archegonium E. Complete the Chart / Scheme Metagenesis of Fern & Determine which gametophyt and sporophyt phase  Gametophyte A. Matur sporophyte C. Mature sporophyte B. Archegonium  5. Sporangium E.4.

Medusa E.2. Medusa buds D. Planula larva G. 6. Describe the Obelia metagenesis Briefly G A E B F D C A. Feeding polyp (hydrant) C. Reproductive polyp or gonangium B.1. Complete the Chart / Scheme Metagenesis of Obelia sp . Young colony  6. Egg F.

Reproductive polyp or gonangium E. Medusa buds  4. Ovum B. Determine which phase of generative and vegetative phases !  Generative Adult medusa Ovum and sperma  Vegetative Zygote Young polyp Reproductive polyp or gonangium and feeding polyp Medusa buds .2.A. Adult polyp D. Zygote C.